Bucs hire Mike Sullivan to run offense


Rebuffed on multiple occasions by teams who did to the Bucs what the Bucs historically have done to other teams (i.e., refuse to let position coaches who are under contract interview for coordinator jobs), new coach Greg Schiano finally has found someone to run his offense.

Giants quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan will get the job of offensive coordinator, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

Sullivan has coached Eli Manning for the last two seasons.  Before that, he coached the team’s wideouts for six years.

As a result, Sullivan brings a pair of Super Bowl wins to Tampa, where his job will be to do with Josh Freeman what he has helped do with Eli.

32 responses to “Bucs hire Mike Sullivan to run offense

  1. I great talent! I wish him much success in TB. He will bring an exciting offense to the Bucs, which means that should put a couple more fans in the stands.

  2. As a Giants fan, qb coaches never receive credit where credit is due or any other coaches involved. Great job with Eli, thanks for helping in another SB Win. Good Luck!

  3. #1 Bucs were the worst of teams for not letting coaches get interviews so no one in Tampa should. Complain
    #2 great hire for josh freeman and to lead some college coaches. Not just because of Eli. Eli played some awful games last year( remember Seattle)
    #3 isn’t this great. Last year the lockout was about to start. No free agency, no offseason workouts!!! Free agency starts in a month and Bucs have 60 million under the cap while others like raiders, steelers and other teams are having to cut players.

    I guess being “cheap” has put the Bucs in a prime position!!

  4. As a GIANTS fan I am sad to see Sullivan go, but this is a great opportunity for him, and this is a good hire for Tampa Bay.

    He will really help out Josh Freeman and some of the other young talent on the Bucs.

  5. As a Giant fan I can say this is a good sign for the Bucs. Happy to see the Giants as an exporter of talent. Will only benefit the league.

  6. Fifty bucks says some idiot on ESPN, or a NY/NJ newspaper, will say that this is a sign that Peyton needs one more year to rehab and Peyton will be taking over as Eli’s QB coach this season.

  7. Love this hire. I’ve been crying about the epic fails lately (local magazine reported up to 6 coaches turned us down aside from the ones that weren’t allowed to talk to us). But this is a good hire. Go Bucs!!!!

  8. Just for the record, it was only the Jon Gruden and Bruce Allen regime that restricted adancement by coaches. Call it what it was. Many of Tony Dungy’s coaches moved on to bigger things. Thank you to the Giants, see you next year.

    Yes, Go Bucs!!

  9. Finally some light shines on our Pewter Pirates! Josh Freemans breakout party is gonna set the whole town on fire!

  10. Always liked Freeman! Maybe with a good coach/OC he light actually mature into something! Unless of course this regime gets the swirls in a year or 2. Stability is a key component! I for one am concerned as to how Haley is going to “change” our offense. I have seen “change” the last 3 years and it only made things worse!

  11. I worked with a Mike Sullivan back in Jersey — an artist — who was a big Detroit Lions fan!

    Back in the days of Wayne Fontes and Barry Sanders.

  12. I wish you the best Coach Sullivan, thanks a lot for your great contributions to the New York Giants.

  13. beckzhere says: Feb 10, 2012 9:06 PM

    Freeman is no Manning. Good luck with that.

    You’re right, Freeman is better than Manning! With real coaching and a real offense, Josh will be back to 2010 form. Eli really is average.

  14. Is it just me, or is ELI MANNING the most over-rated 2 Superbowl winning QB ever? Hes a good QB, dont get me wrong, but this whole elite talk makes me laugh my head off. My bengals QB andy dalton is more elite than old eli!

  15. You can take a horse to the water, but you can’t make him drink. As far a I am concerned, watching the Bucs receivers for the past couple decades, even the man upstairs cannot help them out. The Bucs need a clean sweep and that starts at the top.

  16. And the Giants let him leave. They didn’t block him from this opportunity … it’s not how they treat their assistant coaches … which is why they always get good ones.

  17. Thanks Giants fans for giving us some hope! Makes me feel good that you loved Coach Sullivan.
    It’s not the fans fault that we can’t get any good coaches, but apparently we have one now!

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