Jackson may get extension, but Spiller wants to start


Earlier today, MDS pointed out that Bills G.M. Buddy Nix wants to extend the contract of running back Fred Jackson.

Running back C.J. Spiller undoubtedly is paying close attention.

Per a league source, Spiller wants to be the starter in 2012.  And if he’s not, well, things could get awkward.

Spiller got a taste of the top of the depth chart after Jackson suffered a season-ending leg injury last year.  The ninth overall pick in the 2010 draft finished the year with 561 yards rushing, and an average of 5.2 yards per carry.

It’s unclear what Spiller will do if he’s stuck behind Jackson in 2012.  But it could become a problem.

Of course, Spiller’s ability to be the starter will depend on what he does in offseason workouts, training camp, and the preseason.  But to the extent that reasonable minds can differ as to the abilities of the two players and if coach Chan Gailey reasonably believes Jackson remains the better man, Spiller could react unreasonably.

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  1. They probably should start him so it doesn’t look like the biggest waste of the 9th overall pick ever…

  2. This is a good problem to have, 2 guys that can start & play hard.

    Skooby lives, shoutout to 2BD / BZ / The range !!

  3. The GM and the Coach wants Spiller to start, he wasn’t starting because of his own doing. Spiller needs to prove he can carry the ball 20-25 times.

  4. I don’t think people realize how good Freddy Jackson truly was before the injury. He was the second leading-rusher in the NFL, he was JUST behind Matt Forte in total yards from scrimmage (and the two were both extremely far ahead of all other backs). Jackson is going to be 31 before next season, but he still has a good three years in him since he doesn’t have the load that most players his age had already had on them.

  5. The spiller who got beat out – and totally eclipsed – by Fjax and the Spiller of today are two different people. I’m sure the workload division nxt year reflects this.

    Fjax is a tough, very good back with great vision. Spiller is a superstar talent as a runner/receiver/and return man. That’s the facts.

  6. Bengals have some trade options for the Bills. They would probably give up one of their 1st rounders for him (thanks Raiders). Cmon over Spiller. That way Cinci doesn’t have to use the 1st rounder they trade, on a running back they’re not sure of. Spiller is proven.

  7. I wouldn’t say Spiller “earned” the right to start by any means. Fred Jackson was arguably the best running back of 2011 before his injury, and was also leading the league in rushing when he went down. Spiller doesn’t compare. With all the draft picks the Bills have wasted in recent years what is one more. Not to mention having two running backs is a necessity in the NFL these days.

  8. Why give a contract extension to a RB on the wrong side of 30 when you already have a high-paid young back on the roster?

    RB is the easiest position to find contributors with late round picks and/or undrafted players. Look at the recent Super Bowl teams.

  9. He can want to start all he wants, if he does end up starting it won’t be for Buffalo, Fred Jackson is on a whole different level than C.J., Jackson is by far the better back out of these two.

  10. Really, a Bronco fan trying to tell me what type of player Spiller is when he has a Fullback for a QB. Anyway, Spiller earned the right to share the workload in training camp and prove he can carry the ball, pick up the offense, and consistently contribute. Diffrence between Spiller and Jackson is Jackson makes holes, and Spiller explodes through open ones. Everthing else about the 2 is a wash, they have great hands for backs, Spiller was exceptional in PassPro through the end of the season, and both can contribute in the return game. Also, Spiller came in and played during the most tumultuos(Sp.) time for the offensive line. Give him a shot with Wood, Levitre and Urbik in their respective positions and I would expect to see some great production. Spiller has the make up, and the talent to be the next Marshall Faulk. If the Bills don’t sign a legit #2 for the Passing game, look for both Spiller and Jackson to have 1,000+ yards from scrimmage next year.

  11. Spiller has no reason to complain. He was given an opportunity to play as a rookie and did squat. That opened the door for Jackson to come in and show what he could do. Besides, I don’t see this as a problem, and i doubt if Gailey will, either. Why would you want a player on your team who doesn’t want to start? If both continue to impress during offseason workouts and in training camp, there’s this thing called “running back by committee” . . .

  12. Jackson used to be good. But after the injury he had at the point of the year he had it, I’d have to say spiller looks like the starter, atleast early on.

    If spiller was to be put on the block look for the pats to at least make an offer. Also wouldn’t be shocked if the lions or eagles didn’t make a pitch for spilled either if he is to be had.

  13. “starter” and “second string” is just semantics for the bills running backs next season. both of these guys will see plenty of touches. worry not, CJ

  14. Sure, kid, you can start… but first you need to:

    Block better on blitzing downs.
    Find the holes faster.
    Don’t fall down on first contact.
    Wait for your blocks on screen plays.

  15. <>

    Really? Did you live under a rock this season? All it takes is opportunity. Bush carried the full load this year, the first time he was afforded to do so. Same with Spiller once Jackson was out for the year.

  16. Fred Jackson will be 31 in a few days & coming off a broken leg. There’s no way you don’t give him a contract extension. As great a story he’s been you either let him play out his contract or he’s the one you trade. Spiller is locked up for another three years.

  17. It doesn’t matter who starts Jackson gets nicked every year…so they will both get a lot of work…remember Bills fans Thurman & Kenny! !!

  18. When I first saw that headline I was hoping they were talking about DeSean Jackson was getting an extension.

  19. IF FJAX is healthy – spiller should only sniff the field when fj is winded or they are killin’ someone (how frequently is that gonna be?)…C’MON MAN!

  20. Jackson was at the top of the league when he went out. There’s not much else he could have done to prove his value before the injury. Spiller played well filling in.

    Spiller will be the lead back eventually, that’s why they dropped Marshawn. Jackson is a good mentor and example to keep around though.

    There’s no way either of them get traded.

  21. This is a smoke screen for trading Fred. Play him in the pre season show everyone he is healthy, then ship him off to the the most desperate team for a 2nd round pick. It makes no sense to let a young RB burn thru his 1st contract without getting full reign. I love Fred, but like Lee Evans, the best thing the Bills could do for him is trade him to a playoff team that needs him.

  22. its true spiller struggled but he finally caught on last year when FJ got hurt.. before that? even matt forte wouldnt have gotten many carries the way FJ was playing…
    if spiller really has figured it out and we all know what fred can do, watch out….2500 total offense between them is possible…. it has to be cause we dont have a no. 1 wr right now… but we have 4 #3 wrs. lol

  23. Spiller can start when he learns how to block.

    It’s a two-running back league now. Besides, everybody gets injured.

    Neither one is going anywhere.

    Relax, it’s hockey season now.

    Sabres 6, Bruins 0.

  24. CJ has gotten many chances to start, and carry the ball. Do you think they really drafted a top 10 running back, and didn’t try to get him the ball?? Freddie won the position, because he is an ELITE running back. Every year they try and replace this guy, and every year he shows that he is the only consistent back on this team. Do the right thing Nix and get this guy signed for 3 or 4 years and let him finish in Buffalo as a starter. The starter he has deserved to be for 4 seasons now. CJ is a very nice compliment to Fred, it ends there.

  25. are bills fans really this stupid 2 trash spiller away so soon? lmao!! ah buffalo buffalo buffalo!! same fans who said they didnt need pat williams,antoine winfield nate clements jason peters marshawn lynch london fletcher takeo spikes and the list goes on. c.j. if your reading this,man im truly sorry u have 2 read this nonsense. hey atleast nobody complained about re-upping garrison sanborn,erik pears and rian lindell. playoff bound this year 4sure!!! yeeeehaw!

  26. .

    Over the past decade the Bills would be a contender for the worst drafting team in the NFL. Their aversion to anyone over 5’10” is perplexing.


  27. If the Bills were to trade a guy it’d have to be Jackson. Wrong side of 30, coming off injury, Spiller showed he could handle the starting job when Jackson went down. Teams need 2 rbs but it appeared that Gailey was setting Spiller up to fail early on. He wasn’t getting the touches then he was moved to WR. When Jackson went down their wasn’t a dropoff. Young guy whose going to get better or guy at the age where RB’s get taken out back. Shouldn’t be a tough decision. Then again it is the Bills.

  28. 6ball says: Feb 11, 2012 11:25 AM

    Over the past decade the Bills would be a contender for the worst drafting team in the NFL. Their aversion to anyone over 5’10″ is perplexing.


    sorry 6ball, 09′ was a GREAT draft, so was 10′. all the analysts agree. Eric Wood, Jarius Byrd, Andy Levitre in 09′, then Spiller, Easley, Wang, Moats in 10′ THEN, the 11′ draft is widely regarded as the best in the division, and top in the conference. Dareus, Aaron Williams, Kelvin Sheppard, Searcy and Hairston ALL proved themselves this year- do you even follow the draft or do you just listen to the parrots?

  29. I think Wang’s out of the league, Easley 0 regular season games, Moats is a special teams guy and a situational rusher at best. Spiller showed he can play when given the opportunity but other than that they got nothing out of Troup, Easley, Carrington, Wang, Easley, and very little from Moats. Last years draft is promising and if the franchise ever becomes relevant will be the turning point.

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