Stanford, Baylor plan simultaneous pro days on March 22


Plenty of NFL scouts will want to take a close look at both Stanford quarterback Andrew Luck and Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III, but no scouts will attend both of their pro days.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reports that Luck and Griffin will both have pro days on Thursday, March 22.

The only team that really has a choice to make about who’s better, Luck or Griffin, is Indianapolis. The Colts will almost certainly draft one of the two quarterbacks first overall as the heir apparent to Peyton Manning, and for other teams the biggest question is how much they’d be willing to give up in a trade to the Rams to move into the No. 2 slot to select the quarterback the Colts don’t take.

At the moment, Luck appears to be the favorite to go first overall, but Griffin has made no secret that he’s viewing himself as a competitor to Luck and a strong candidate for the first pick. One of the competitions will be which player gets a better turnout for his pro day.

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  1. “One of the competitions will be which player gets a better turnout for his pro day.”

    i can almost guarantee you RG3 wins this “competition” – everyone and their mother knows the Colts are going with Luck, and they won’t even think about a trade scenario. Teams are not going to waste resources to overly scout a guy they have no chance of acquiring.

    The only question teams have is figuring out how much they’re willing to give up in order to get Griffin.

  2. “One of the competitions will be which player gets a better turnout for his pro day.”

    Not really. If people think the Colts take Luck #1 then of course there would be more people at RGIII pro day, but it wouldn’t mean Luck doesn’t go #1.

  3. Colts would be foolish to go with anyone other than Luck. He’s heads and tails above the rest of the class coming out.

    RGIII may indeed be the better athlete, and have much more playmaking ability with his legs, but You always go with the safer pick at #1 overall. It takes a quarterback to get you to the championship, not an athlete.

    These two remind me of Brees vs Vick coming out of the draft in 01. Vick (the athlete) was the one that was ahead, but you just knew Brees (the quarterback) would be the one making championship game appearances and Vick would play the more entertaining game.

  4. Luck is so much better than RGIII it’s not even funny. This whole “who will the Colts take” thing is a ridiculous ploy by the media to try and create some drama with the draft. Everybody and their grandma knows that Luck is the real deal and that the Colts will be drafting him in April.

  5. JESSETHEGREAT : That’s not even close, in regards to your comparison to Brees vs. Vick being similar to this situation. Vick was a highlight reel while in college and won a lot of football games, while Brees was questioned because of his size in the pass-happy Purdue offense.

    Both Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III are at least 6’2 and both have tremendous ability throwing the ball. Luck has been talked about for a long time while Griffin came out of left field and had a breakout season. Both quarterbacks (Luck and RG3) have impeccable accuracy and are competitors. Griffin might be the best run-pass threat to have come out in a long time, the kid is high-risk high-reward.

  6. if it turns out that RG3 is as accurate in the pocket or even comparable to the top tier qb’s wouldnt that make him the ultimate football weapon?

  7. The real reason the number of scouts won’t be a fair or real competition is that Stanford has more potential first round picks than Baylor so clearly I send my resources to Stanford over Baylor.

  8. I bet the Colts go to see RGIII.. That’ll be his chance to beat out Luck. It won’t happen though. Personally I hope the Colts do take RGIII so I can laugh at how mediocre their team is for the next 5 years.

  9. RGIII is being pigeon holed because of his decent running ability. People ignore the fact that he attempted and completed more passes for more yards, more TD’s, and less INT’s than Andrew Luck did. As good as Luck is, RGIII trumped him by a large margin in the passing department on a pass first team. He is a better passer from a pure standpoint. Also Luck played in a very protected system with over 50% runs and generally less than 3 WR’s in routes. Griffen dropped back to spread out fields.

    However, RGIII did not play against as good of competition. There is also a general feeling that RGIII’s WR’s were simply too fast for the competition that they faced in their league, giving him easy pickings downfield.

    If you are going to knock RGIII then it shouldn’t be based on him being a “running QB”. It should be based on Luck having played against better competition and in a more pro style offense where he made pre snap reads. But just in terms of accuracy and passing, RGIII is the man.

    And in all honesty both QB’s are the best prospects since Peyton Manning. They will go #1 and #2 if the Browns have any interest because the Rams want Blackmon or Kahlil and can have their choice at #4.

  10. Does it make any sense to have anyone watch Luck? After all, he’s been number 1 since – forever. If anyone shows for up for him, that would be proof that doubt has crept in. That said, he will have plenty viewers, as the scouts aren’t as sold as the other millions of “experts” who never saw him play or saw him once. There are 5 candidates just as good as Luck and they’ll get a chance to show it down the road.

  11. I must be the only person who thinks RG3 is too small to play QB in the NFL. He reminds me of… Cade McNown.

  12. cappa:

    RG3 is bigger than Drew Brees. He is about the same size as Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo, Jake Locker and Christian Ponder. And for all the talk of how big and strong Tim Tebow is, Tebow is only an inch taller than RG3, and is only 15 lbs. bigger (and RG3 will put on 5-10 pounds just by virtue of getting into an NFL strength/conditioning program and giving up track) and the same is true of Jay Cutler. So, RG3 is indistinguishable in size from 5 of the GOOD starting QBs in a 32 team league, plus 2 guys who were 1st round picks last year. If you want to extend it to some of the more questionable QBs (Michael Vick, Rex Grossman, John Beck, Colt McCoy, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Matt Hasselbeck, Kevin Kolb, Tarvaris Jackson) then there are a lot of guys that were no bigger than RG3 is or will be. Granted, there is a trend towards taller QBs as the model for NFL QB has trended away from guys like Joe Montana and Brett Favre and more towards Peyton (and Eli) Manning and Tom Brady. But the shorter, scrambling types aren’t going anywhere.

    All these ridiculous comparisons with RG3 are due to the fact that very few of you have actually seen the guy play. I give you credit: at least you didn’t compare a guy who threw for 10,000 yards in his career (and that was with his leaving a year of eligibility on the table) to Mike Vick.

    P.S. Cade McNown didn’t fail because he was small. He failed because he stunk. He wasn’t even that good in college. Who did UCLA actually BEAT while McNown was there? And the other frauds on that UCLA team … J.J. Stokes, Skip Hicks, Karim Abdul-Jabbar (the RB, not the basketball player), Freddie Mitchell … UGH! Marcedes Jones-Drew is basically the only good offensive player that UCLA has produced since Terry Donahue left.

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