Andre Reed “exhausted” with Hall of Fame process

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Former Bills receiver Andre Reed has been a finalist for the Pro Football Hall of Fame for each of the last six years. And for each of the last six years, Reed has learned on the day before the Super Bowl that he was voted down.

Now Reed has reached the point where he’s just tired of the whole thing.

I can’t say any more about it,” Reed told the Buffalo News. “I’m so exhausted with it.”

Reed had planned to skip the festivities surrounding the Super Bowl this year but decided on Friday night to head to Indianapolis on Saturday, just in case he was asked to go on stage during the Hall of Fame announcement. But it didn’t work out, and Reed remains disappointed but careful not to say anything bad about the Hall of Fame process.

“I’m at a loss for words because I’ve said as much as I could say, politically, the way I want to say it,” Reed said. “I’m not going to go out and bash anybody. That’s not how I work. I don’t work like that.”

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  1. “I’m at a loss for words because I’ve said as much as I could say, politically, the way I want to say it,” Reed said. “I’m not going to go out and bash anybody. That’s not how I work. I don’t work like that.”

    If only you DIDN’T work like that, maybe you’d get in.

  2. Wouldn’t the simplest way to fix this be allowing more than 5 to be voted in? I think most people with common sense would realize this is the easiest way to break the gridlock. Allow 8 in per year or however many reach a percentage of votes such as 67% (or two thirds majority). All this stupid chatter can be gone with a simple change.

  3. If it REALLY bothers you then withdraw your name… if they still call it and finally enshrine you then pull a George C Scott and talk about your indian girlfriend.

    Stop whining! At least you’re nominated for 6 straight! That in of itself is an honor and is mor publicity then you’ll ever get for anything else.

  4. Sounds like he believes it’s his right to be inducted and they’re just “making him wait” unfairly.

    It’s not a right so stop crying. Don’t plan on being inducted, don’t sit each year and believe that someone owes you the honor. Accept it when/if it comes but don’t sit around believing that it’s owed to you.

  5. If anyone deserved to get in this year it was Andre Reed. A straight up team player, never selfish, never a showboat. One of the greatest WR’s ever!! Go Bills!!!!

  6. 1captain1:

    Why do you hate athletes? Is it because they have more money and fame than you will ever achieve in your own life?

  7. Never had back to back 1000 yard seasons,choked in the Super Bowl vs.Wash.,selfish me first attitude,documented party boy before Super Bowls.Just some of the reasons this guy DOES NOT BELONG in the HOF.

  8. I wish someone would come out and bash the process already. I would respect guys like Cris Carter and Reed a lot more if they came out and said, “You know what… I don’t even care anymore. The process is flawed and I don’t want to be voted into the Hall via a broken process.”

    Instead they have to continue to keep their mouths shut so the voters don’t get bent all in a tissy and never vote them in. What a joke. Is this really how Hall fo Famers should be decided?

  9. I love Andre Reed. You’ll get in at some point. Stop getting so frustrated. So many people won’t ever even know what it feels like to get nominated once. anyway, chill out man. Thank you so much for being such a beat through all the good years. Miss ya!

  10. “1captain1:
    Why do you hate athletes? Is it because they have more money and fame than you will ever achieve in your own life?”

    He’s looking to become a sportswriter so he parade his agenda and prejudices nationwide and get paid for it.

  11. dubaradhandi says:
    Feb 11, 2012 8:40 AM
    CC is not hall of famer. What did he ever won? Plus he talks too much.

    Ridiculous comment. CC is 4th in catches, 8th in yards, and 4th in TD receptions all-time. He most certainly is a hall of famer, should aleady be in. Reed doesn’t have a beef until CC is in, get in line…

  12. I cannot for the life of me figure out why these athletes care about what a room full of 44 old geeky windbags think about their career?

    Relax. You know how great your career was. Why do care what these dinosaurs think about anything?

    Not getting in doesn’t mean your career isn’t “validated”. It just means you don’t have to go to Canton Ohio every summer wearing a hideously colored sports coat in 85 degree heat.

  13. @realitypolice…the reason this matters so much is that being in the HOF crosses the span of time. It’s forever. It means that for the rest of their lives, they’ll be introduced as “hall of famer________________.” It puts their careers in historical perspective.
    Also, 85 degree heat in the summer……that would pass for a cold front in my part of the world. I’d love to sit outside on an August afternoon in the 85 degree “heat”.

  14. c.carter and a.reed are no ART MONK. so man up and wait your f****** turn. You never heard a peep out of Art Monk when he was passed over and over. so all I can say to both cry babies is COME ON MAN.!!!!!! LOL.

  15. Andre Reed definitely deserves to go in, but not before Cris Carter, who even though he hasn’t been waiting as long, was the more prolific player and was Reed’s contemporary and retired 2nd in every receiving category to Jerry Rice

  16. @gorilladunk:

    We’ll have to agree to disagree. I understand your position and know that most people agree with you and not me.

    To me, Halls of Fame are museums. And despite absolutely loving just about every sport imaginable, I simply don’t ascribe historical significance to games.

    I live in New York, and it always used to drive me crazy when Mike and the Mad Dog on WFAN would do 4 hour radio shows on who was the best player on the 1950 or whatever Yankee team.

    I understand that future generations will have better perspective of who the great players were by who carries that title. I just feel it is a deeply flawed and mostly irrelevant measurement.

    And I just don’t know why an athlete would care about that, especially in the context of how athletes are chosen for these Halls of Popularity.

    And the “honor” of being introduces as “Hall of Famer so and so” actually strikes me as being a little silly.

  17. i’d vote for andre reid before i would chris carter!
    carter pushes his cause every chance he gets,and he gets his espn buddies like berman to push it for him. he’d never get my vote he’s just too much of a tool and he does’nt deserve it!

  18. realitypolice and other haters (and yes, I do mean it when I say “haters” because it really does seem that you guys hate all pro athletes except Tim Tebow and Peyton Manning):

    Feel free to stop bashing pro athletes for wanting to get into the Hall of Fame when politicians cease treasuring the Nobel Peace Prize. Or when actors, directors and producers cease treasuring their endless stream of awards (Oscars, Golden Globes, SAG, DGA) and musicians stop angling for Grammys. It is funny: Hollywood types are anti-commercial, anti-audience, anti-middle America mainstream ON PURPOSE to win obscure awards for movies that no one ever sees or albums that no one ever hears AND ARE PROUD OF IT. By contrast, athletes WANT to be embraced by mainstream America by getting voted to the Pro Bowl, getting into the Hall of Fame etc. only to have folks like you say “shut up and play.” You folks will pay $12 for a movie ticket for $16 for a CD made by marginally talented “actors” and “singers” who hate your values and guts, remind you of it every chance they get, and could care less whether you see or hear their “work” or not (because they get paid regardless) but it is the athletes that you get to see on television FOR FREE and WHO NEED TO PERFORM WELL AND WIN in order to keep their jobs and get awards that you say “shut up and play … just take whatever you can get and be happy because it is more than what you deserve?” Yeah, that makes sense.

    The same folks who resent athletes are going to line up and pay good money – and lots of it – to see the next Tom Hanks or Julia Roberts movie or Madonna concert. Yeah, makes a lot of sense …

  19. Reed belongs, but Tim Brown should be in ahead of him and probably Cris Carter.

    Carter has the numbers and that’s it.

    And Carter is being sent a ‘message’…..too bad his legendary ego and selfishness won’t allow him to see that.

    But when guys like Cortez Kennedy and Chris Doleman get in when Charles Haley is still on the outside looking in, you know the process is completely flawed.

  20. The best way to deal with this is humor. I can even see a commercial endorsement out of this with some play on being overlooked, or getting so close. Maybe some scene where every Joe on the street calls out to Andre as he travels to a meeting with the mucky mucks and they don’t know who he is.

  21. If Reed played for a team like New York(s), Pittsburgh, Philly or Chicago, he would have been inducted the 1st year he was eligible. Unfortunately, he played forthe Bills, a small market farm team for the favored teams in the NFL. It is the same reason a guy like Chris Carter keeps getting snubbed… he too spent most of his career with a small market team.



  22. krashie21:

    Charles Haley didn’t get in because he was one-dimensional (rushing the passer was all he did … 13 seasons and only 490 tackles and 2 INTs) and benefited from playing almost his entire career on great teams (something that cannot be said for Doleman and Kennedy). And even rushing the passer … the guy was up and down. He played 13 years, but in 7 of those he didn’t even get 8 sacks. He only reached 12 sacks 3 times. (Doleman got 8 sacks 11 times in 15 years, including an incredible 21 sack season.)

    Haley was more hype from playing on those dominant 49ers and Cowboys teams than reality. Doleman had 150 career sacks (to Haley’s 100). Plus unlike Haley, who was clearly washed up at the end, Doleman got 11, 12, 15 and 8 sacks in his last 4 seasons. He could have easily played 3-4 more years and gotten 25-30 more sacks. And he wasn’t one dimensional: he had 8 INTs and an amazing 44 forced fumbles. He also had almost twice as many tackles. Doleman was CLEARLY a better player than Haley.

    As far as Cortez Kennedy goes … he was the dominant DT of his generation. He had 58 sacks and wasn’t even primarily used as a pass rusher for most of his career. 8 Pro Bowls in 11 seasons for Kennedy versus 7 Pro Bowls in 13 seasons for Haley with Haley playing on much better teams … simple as that.

  23. Reed sounds like an honest man. I feel for him as he wades through this incredibly tainted and dishonest process.

    The HOF voting is way bigger and more important than the peons that vote today and their petty agendas and unwillingness to look at what is really happening.

  24. In the late 80s and early 90s it was Rice and Reed! Period! Brown was basic and Carter padded his stats late with Randy Moss. During that era it was Rice, Reed thenRison. Plus Reed played in bad weather when the bills ran late in the season! Reed never choked in the bowls! Marv Levy was outcoached. Reed took beatings and still held onto the ball. Raiders Eagles and Vikings had great teams but no Carter or Brown made bowl. 1.Reed 2.Carter then Brown

  25. 1.) Minnesota may not be New York, Philly, Dallas, or Chicago but the Vikings by no means are a “Small Market” team. That’s preposterous.

    2.) Carter padded his stats with Moss? Get out of here. The guy helped mold Moss and kept him out of trouble. Long before Moss there was just Cris Carter and Jake Reed. Heck – Cris and Anthony Carter were good too. All of the WRs deserve to be there but people are acting like CC did nothing. Imagine CC, AR, and TB in this era of Drew Brees pad stats/no defense what-so-ever.

  26. Carter played in a dome with good wr. Reed first!!! Your right about those wr playing now in this era though. Also the db cant lay the lumber now like they used too. Wr will keep padding stats. All three should get in. they played against Lott,Atwater, LT. Guys that hit u hard!!

  27. There ate sevetal great points made here. I’ll only say that he absolutely deserves to be in. Why do we waste all this time on this process? There are always “bubble players” that we can debate, but these 3 WRs all belong. Period. They played in a great era. Passing offense was becoming more prolific while defenders were still allowed to headhunt.

    If these voters cant get over their petty grudges and prejudice then they’re worse than the people they hate.

  28. There are less WRs in the Hall in Andre Reed’s era than in previous eras. There should be MORE because the passing game became more important to a team’s success. Andre was the 2nd or 3rd best in his era. This should be a no-brainer.

  29. Andre Reed not being in the Hall of Fame is a shame. The Hall of Fame and Pro Bowl and MVP selections are all political and mostly eyewash. The only thing left in Pro Football that isn’t rigged or manipulated in any way are the outcome of the games. So i’m gonna keep enjoying the games and playoffs and Super Bowl before the NFL figures out a way to rig those too. Geaux Saints!

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