Bias against Carter could be keeping him out of the Hall of Fame

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With 1,101 career receptions, former Vikings, Eagles, and Dolphins (yes, Dolphins) receiver Cris Carter is fourth on the all-time list, only one catch behind Marvin Harrison.  Carter ranks eighth in NFL history with 13,899 yards, and he’s fourth with 130 receiving touchdowns, behind only Jerry Rice, Terrell Owens, and Randy Moss.

But Carter never played in a Super Bowl, and he never had the kind of game-changing speed that forced defensive coordinators to always account for him.  While those facts could provide the basis for denying him entry into the Hall of Fame, concerns exist that Carter has been overlooked due not to his performance, but his personality.

Most in the media regard Carter as a jerk.  (In 11 years, I’ve encountered only one member of the media who doesn’t.)  And there’s growing concern that, when it’s time to cast the secret Hall of Fame ballots, those who are voting against Carter possibly are being influenced by their personal dislike for him.

Now, Howard Eskin of WIP and NBC 10 reports via Twitter that Carter failed to gain entry last weekend because of a voter who has “personal problems” with Carter.  Eskin writes that this cost Carter four votes, and that Carter missed the mark by one.  In a subsequent Twitter entry, Eskin says that people close to Carter received this information from someone involved with the voting.

Eskin’s facts seem to be a little off.  First of all, Carter didn’t make it to the final five, so he couldn’t have been one vote away from getting in.  Though he may have been one vote away from supplanting one of the five modern-era finalists, Eskin painted with a much broader brush.

That said, a media source recently told me that one of the Hall of Fame voters was loudly complaining about Carter on one of the days preceding the vote.

The presence of only 44 voters coupled with an ultimate requirement that 80 percent of the voters provide the candidate a thumb’s up means that only eight “no” ballots can keep a candidate out.  And even though the votes ultimately are kept secret, the system as currently constituted invites the same kind of back-scratching that routinely happens in the political process.

It would be naive to assume that this doesn’t happen with the Hall of Fame selection process, regardless of motivations.

Though expanding the pool of voters and insisting on a more diverse mix on the committee wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of agendas and biases and backroom deals, the ability of a small group of highly driven voters to essentially blackball a candidate would evaporate, if not disappear.

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  1. The NFL’s HOF is a joke, who the hell cares except for the inductee’s and those outside the fence….very few fans give a hoot if you ask me.

  2. This stupid bias is also keeping out guys like Andre Reed and Tim Brown. Cris Carter should get in. With three high-profile WRs, their votes probably cancelled each other out, with some voters picking Carter, some Reed, and some Brown. Not that they couldn’t pick all three, but my guess is a lot of them only voted for one of the three WRs. So as Carter may be held out for your reason, it only hurts other WRs too.

  3. I’m not sure which “media” regard him as a Jerk. I’ve met Cris numerous times….he attends the same church as I do. He’s the farthest thing from a Jerk. He always acknowledges the kids that run up to him, he’s extremely personable, and its a fact that he’s one of the greatest WR’s to play the game. Yes,he does have a sense of confidence to him that some may misconstrue as arrogance…but there are VERY few pro athletes that dont have a sense of arrogance…let alone a guy with Cris’ credentials. Maybe the “Jerk” label comes from guys that are envious of his achievements. Regardless, we all know that personality should have no role in HOF balloting. Unfortunately it does, and it’s a shame. Maybe in my lifetime we’ll see guys that actually PLAYED sports do the voting….

  4. The way he acted on ESPN towards the Raiders picking Darrius Heyward-Bey #7 in the 2009 NFL Draft was completely classless and unprofessional. I would have fired him after that. Doesn’t matter if the kid went higher than ppl thought…to laugh and mock the selection in such a way that he did was disturbing.

    How can you interview a young kid LIVE who’s biggest dream just came true….while joking on him?! Wasn’t his fault he was picked a littler higher than expected.

    That’s seriously messed up. Him, Kolber and company were way out of line.

    But you know what? Darrius Heyward-Bey is turning out better than Crabtree at this point so Carter & those ‘anaylsyts’ made themselves look like complete jackasses.

  5. His numbers say he should get in, but I can’t think of a signature game or play of his in a big time moment.

  6. The Pro Football Hall of Fame is based on what you did on the field…….not off of it.

    The writers have no business anymore voting for it. Most of them never even played the game.

    Take them out of the process and have a selected amount of HOF’s for the selection committee.

  7. Its time for uncle Rodger to re-evaluate the HOF induction prodeedure. The media voters being the only way of gaining entry to the Hall is out of date. Let the fans decide who they want in the hall, and give the players a vote. Induction only by the sports media is not the way to go. Sports medias do not speek for the fans. After all, the fans are the driving force of the NFL now and forever.

  8. Even if he had won 3 Superbowls its no guarantee he’d make it in. Just ask Cliff Branch. Oh never mind he didn’t play for the Raiders, he’s a shoe in. The voters love A-holes. Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Lawrence Taylor, the list goes on and on.

  9. or it could be the C. Carter would take games off or only play hard on certain plays. I know he has numbers, but when i watched him play i could only think of how good he could be if he actually tried most of the time.
    Which is why leaving Tim Brown out of the Hall is more baffling. TB was twice the receiver Carter was with results and effort. AND he was also a great return man. To eliminate TB at final 10 was a complete joke. And to leave CC in was another!

  10. C.C is the most unprofessional media person at ESPN.
    he was a jerk as a player,and he has’nt changed as a commentator.maybe if he was’nt shut a tool,he’d have gotten in a long time ago.karma comes back around,when you treat people bad,it comes back and gets you in the end every time! think about that mr carter!

  11. Chairman Al says: Feb 11, 2012 3:27 PM

    This stupid bias is also keeping out guys like Andre Reed and Tim Brown.

    Both of those guys deserve it,but having watched CC play,no way he’d get my vote cause he’s not that good!
    there a lot better players i would vote for that deserve a spot before carter does,a lot! CC just has that many catches cause he played so long,and that does’nt earn a place in the HOF!

  12. I think more than backlash about his personality I think backlash against #1 receivers putting up HoF numbers just because they are the #1 receiver is keeping him down.

  13. How does not winning a superbowl hurt Carters hall of fame credentials? This is considered “the ultimate team sport”. Look back at the list of quarterbacks that Carter played with and tell me that he was the problem. Does this mean that Trent Dilfer was better than Dan Marino, Dilfer has a ring. The hall of fame is about a players individual performance not his teams success.

  14. Admell1 seriously what are u talking about? This is a HOF topic not the draft!! Who cares what he said about a WR in the draft it has nothing to do with him being in the HOF or not. Look at the era he played in and then look at the numbers. The guy was basically behind the great Jerry Rice in every important category when he retired. The other guys that are ahead of him now played in this pass frenzy league. Not even a question he belongs in the hall. who cares about what he says on tv look what he did on the field!!!!

  15. Yep, it’s entirely possible that Cris Carter was a jerk off the field, and has been a jerk as a broadcaster.

    The thing is, this isn’t the Pro Football Hall of Congeniality. It’s the Pro Football Hall of Fame. And if you’re of the impression that Cris Carter doesn’t belong in it based on what he did off the field rather than on it, then you probably shouldn’t even be allowed to watch football, let alone discuss it with other responsible adults.

  16. PFT u always mention Carter and Reed while talkin snubs but I dint think u guys hive Tim Brown enuff love. He is pretty much top 5 all time in most WR catagories and he is just as deserving but gets none of the love and little to no mention at all on here.

  17. He sounds like a toolbag on the radio, a know-it-all. That being said, I do not think being a jerk should keep him out of the HOF. The fact that he was a stat compiling non-factor in the NFL should be enough to keep him out. If he was all that good he’d have played in at least one Super Bowl, or he would be so incredibly great that nobody would argue his credentials. Good player, did it a long time to run up his numbers, but not good enough.

  18. Ok, just a general comment here. Skiz, I think we can all appreciate your insight, but if you really think we buy the “Cris Carters a nice guy, he always acknowledges his fans, met him tons of times” maybe you should be a better storyteller. To say Cris has kids run up to him is farfetched to say the least. The absoulte youngest one would have to be to even remember Cris Carter is 12-13 years old. Second, those “Kids” would have to have a true intrest in Football lore for the name Cris Carter to mean anything. It just makes it that much harder to believe anything else in your post, are you a Cris Carter inside guy, or are you a casual fan displaying an unbiased opinion. Now, just because of public perception, he shouldn’t be deprived of the HOF. Name recognition should really all that is needed. Top-5 WR’s of the 90’s, in no particular order, Rod Smith, Sterling Sharp, Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Andre Reed/Tim Brown. That right there should be an indication that you are HOF worthy. In the past decade, however, with the ’round the clock coverage, and Sattelite TV, the name recogniton really goes out the window. Help me out if you think I missed somebody on my list, or move some names around, I’m sure I missed somebody.

  19. It isn’t numbers that get get you in the Hall of Fame. It is significant contributions to the NFL.

    Cris Carter is NOT remembered for significant contributions to the NFL. NOT any game winning catches, NO big playoff catches, NO Super Bowl appearances, NOT representing the NFL well off the field.

    Cris Carter is remembered for getting kicked off the Eagles, disappearing to an NFL backwater like Minnesota, while their yelling at teammates on the sidelines, being overshadowed by Randy Moss making the occasional play.

    How was the NFL better for having Cris Carter in it?

    How does the NFL miss Cris Carter?

    When you think of Vince Lombardi, Joe Montana, Franco Harris, Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Tom Landry, and other Hall of Famers, you don’t think of Cris Carter.

    He just doesn’t belong.

  20. This is absolutely and completely embarrassing at this point.

    Carter retired second in every major receiving category to the incomparable Jerry Rice. Guys have since passed him, but the Hall has always been about performance relative to one’s era. No one but Rice was better than Carter in his era, and no one ever was better than Rice.

    That he wasn’t selected first ballot turned heads — now we’ve gone five ballots, and it’s so blatantly not a football thing, but so obviously a personal thing.

  21. Based on his play and his numbers, Cris Carter should be IN the Professional Football Hall of Fame

  22. It took Monk 10 years to get into the hall of fame then Carter will never see the hall of fame

  23. M. Irving was an ass, ask anyone. Sorry but sportswriters don’t have any buisness deciding HOF. They have to much to gain on the outcome and all of them can be bought cheap.

  24. CC deserves the HOF??? YES —————————— —————————— ————- NOTE TO ADEMEL know what your talking about when posting your comments DHB IS BETTER THEN CRABTREE????? CRABTREE ISN’T GREAT BUT, HE DOUBLES DHB IN RECEPTIONS,TD’s & YARDS, besides HAKEEM NICKS WAS THE BEST RECEIVER IN THAT DRAFT ANYWAYS.

  25. What’s really pathetic is all the talk of Hines Ward being a “shoe-in” for the Hall. This, despite the fact that far superior receivers, such as Carter or Brown, have not yet been inducted.

  26. Really disappointing to see the unprofessional attitude of some people, keeping a great player out of the HoF. Vote on whether or not the player is worthy of induction based on his stats, and his play on the field. Not on you own personal opinions.

  27. If you recall, on the eve of the vote when Lawrence Taylor was up for his first-time ballot, there was a loud sentiment amongst writers who had a vote about his cocaine use and other off-field and post-football incidents. Then-commish Tagliabue made a very clear public statement that the HOF was about on-field play only – there is no morality clause as in baseball HOF criteria. The negative comments silenced immediately and LT went in on his first ballot as he should have.

    Tagliabue’s quote: “I think he should [be inducted], and I say that without qualification. The Hall of Fame is about performing on the field. And there, Lawrence Taylor was one of the greatest. I think the public understands that by making a judgment of an athlete, you’re not condoning, or accepting, what he did off the field.”

    Sounds like Goodell needs to dust off Tagliabue’s statement… not just for Carter, but for any number of potential inductees who are getting the “I just don’t happen to like you” snub from voters.

  28. Ken Stabler should of been in many years ago but personal bias and hate is keeping him out. Just ask the sports writer Zimmerman who said that he would never, ever vote for Stabler to get in the HOF. Personal vendetta. Zimmerman and many like him should been removed from the voting. They are corrupt.

  29. All I say is look a the numbers, compare Brown, Reed and Carter to some of the others in the NFL, including Rice… The account for who was chucking these guys the rock and tell me all three don’t have a good reason to be in the HOF, media bias be damned.

  30. by the way, after you compare the number and QB scenario, I think you will find Reed to be the least deserving, but still worthy.

  31. Maybe he wasn’t that good…a majority of his career he played 4 games a year against pathetic Detroit and Tampa Bay.

  32. Maybe the fact that in 16 seasons, Carter never finished in the top 5 for receiving yards is keeping him out. He was never a dominant player; all he did was stay healthy and be above average for a really long time.

  33. Good things happen to good people.

    Bad things happen to bad people.

    I think most people can guess which statement applies to Chris Carter.

  34. You notice every article about a player not making the HOF Carter’s name comes up. He toots his horn at every chance, this is not what you expect from a HOF member. Chris Carter should look ar t meny players that have the right to say they belong. C.C. always feels the poor old me face, what did he do but his job catch passes, he did not make the game changing catches in championships, he was known for his jaw flapping to other players and off field actions.

  35. I gotta echo what my man said earlier about
    The DHB draft incident! I too thought it
    was disgusting and hopes he never gets in.
    Besides Cliff Branch still isn’t in, nor Andre Reed.
    In regards to Craptree, I don’t care what the #s
    say at this point DHB has shown he will be
    better than Craptree. Chris Carter is a
    a Hall of Fame jerk!!!

    Al Davis Forever!!!!

  36. assuming this report is true, its a travesty that media members who’ve never stepped foot on an NFL field go on such ego-trips and want to pretend like they are as important as the players they cover. your job as media members is to objectively cover the game, and your job as voters is to ensure that deserving (not likeable, not media friendly) players and contributors are enshrined in Canton.

  37. Completely baffling that Monk got in.

    He was underwhelming by his own generations standards, let alone the current explosion of WR numbers.

  38. He really wasn’t an elite receiver. I mean he was good in Techmobowl, but not great in the real game.

  39. how about Pete Rose still not getting into the baseball HOF cuz of stupid things…Chris Carter talent was good but every time he opens his mouth he continues to say stupid things…maybe if he piped down a bit, he wouldn’t rub people the wrong way! BTW Timmy Brown should definitely go in b4 Carter!!!!!

  40. Going through all these comments illustrates why Carter hasn’t made it in as yet. Take away ALL comments that have nothing to do with his achievements on the football field, and you have little choice to but to say he’s a lock for the HOF.

    However, as it stands now, the folks opining about the “type of guy” he is, or how “arrogant” he seems, etc.,etc. just underscore what’s wrong with the voting / voters in this process.

    CC deserves a place in Canton. Period. Those who voted against him ought to have their rights to vote taken away for life.

  41. deadmanwalking47 says:
    Feb 11, 2012 4:03 PM
    Chairman Al says: Feb 11, 2012 3:27 PM

    This stupid bias is also keeping out guys like Andre Reed and Tim Brown.

    Both of those guys deserve it,but having watched CC play,no way he’d get my vote cause he’s not that good!
    there a lot better players i would vote for that deserve a spot before carter does,a lot! CC just has that many catches cause he played so long,and that does’nt earn a place in the HOF!
    Are you aware that Reed played the same amount of years and had 43 less TD’s, and Brown played 1 more year than Carter and had 30 less TD’s? Carter has more receptions than both, and more receiving yards per game than both.

    I suppose Jerry Rice’s stats don’t count because he compiled them over 20 years.

    Did you really watch any of these guys play?

  42. Admell1…………………. What makes you think DHB is better than crabtree it cant be the stats his hands or route running, how bout you get a clue. YES CC belongs in the HOF

  43. Wow, we have people trying to say that Cliff Branch deserves to be in and Michael Irvin doesn’t. Really??? Irvin played 24 fewer games than Branch because of injury and yet he’s over 3,000 yards and 250 receptions ahead. Irvin also averaged 50% more yards per game than Branch and Branch didn’t have to share the ball with the NFL’s all time leading rusher. Branch is ahead in TDs scored by a grand total of 2. How was Michael Irvin ever able to get in?

  44. Hey Bobby Nelson,

    Could it be that the ‘journalists’ that vote on HOF induction are a tad jealous that Carter, an athlete, a race horse, a can of beer to be used, shaken, used again and tossed aside, fodder for THEIR MEDIA, gets just as much air time, radio time, web time as they do? As they whom have spent years ‘honing’ their ‘profession’? Many readers here will quickly state with authority their derision for their local ‘hack’ that ‘covers’ their team. Most readers here will, secretly, consider themselves superior to said ‘hack’. Even though that ‘hack’ makes a living in that position.

    So Carter has transitioned from on the field making plays to in the studio making comments. Do you know any TV/Radio/Web talking head that has NOT P.Od a few of us? Of course, in Green Bay, there is no dissent. There are no ‘bad apples’, right?

    Unless Ted happens to make a decision that the ‘stock holders’ don’t like. Then the marshmallow forks come out.

    As to your statement that Carter is not missed and has therefore not contributed to bettering the NFL, I ask this: Why then, Bobby, does Carter speak every year (to my knowledge) at the NFL ROOKIE SYMPOSIUM where the rooks are supposed to get a clue as to their behavior in that rarefied world?

    Truthfully, Bobby, whether Carter is inducted into the HOF doesn’t affect my life or yours. Only his, and then only as a bronze dessert on his career meal.

    And, as a Vikings fan, Cris Carter affected the NFL each and every time he caught a ball that helped the Minnesota Vikings beat the Green Bay Packers. And there were plenty of those, Bobby. Cris Carter made MY life better. I hope I meet him and can thank him some day.

    Carter may be a jerk, but he has done quite a lot over his life. You’re a jerk and you are only a dweeb that posts on this blog.

  45. That’s just wrong.

    How bad of a guy could he have been? Compare him to Ray Lewis, who did you-know-what. I don’t think people doubt Ray will get in 1st try.

  46. The minute any analyst says “personal problems”, they should be replaced. Personal problems should never have anything to do with HOF status. I might also add that the Press tends to be “gate keepers” with respect to honoring players they felt made the game less popular. Egos tend to distort that players “visibility”. Arrogance was never an issue with Reggie Jackson, as long as he hit homeruns in World Series. The fact Carter never got to a SB – Didnt help his cause.

    “Thanks dirty birds”

  47. Again!!! Get rid of the writers!!!

    Replace them with the game tape junkies at NFL Films!!!!

    They at least show strengths and weaknesses with evidence, the tape!!! As wise football guys say “the tape doesn’t lie!!!”

    At least those guys show more transparency than biased and uptight sports writers (people who are probably as diva-like, spoiled, or entitled as athletes could ever be)!!!! They rarely hide behind closed doors and at least can show their cases on television!!!! Just go watch “Playbook”!!!

  48. Please
    Tell us who is stonewalling this.
    Really wants to
    Isn’t it a shame that one person dictates that a player
    Get in

  49. Also, can I have one snarky comment???

    The woman who is a reason why Cris Carter is being kept out may have wanted a night on the town with him. Someone must’ve said “no!”

  50. Bucks you make a good point! It sounds silly but if you play techmo 2. Reed is the best wr in that game! Unstopable. Anyone under 32 has no idea how dominant Reed was in that era. It was Rice Reed Rison then Brown.Carter had great hands but was badic

  51. Marvin Harrison murdered someone

    Terrell Owens is the biggest jerk in the world

    Michael Irvin is a jerk and former crackhead

    Cris Carter deserves a spot in the HOF

  52. This is the age of the QB – WR’s are just a by-product of the new NFL and shouldn’t expect to get into the HOF unless they are really special like a Megatron or such. Others like Welker, Jennings, etc…can thank their QB’s for their numbers. Oh and the anti-Cowboy bias is actually cool –they must really have done some mean sh*t to your teams to hate them so much.

  53. This guy was good, not great. He will eventually get in. No reason to piss and moan over it. Have some class.

    Deuces Homie.

  54. Everyone keeps saying he’s a jerk…please give some examples. I haven’t heard even one specific example. I don’t find his current broadcasting commentary to be offensive. I don’t remember any on-field instances or overly bad locker-room instances. What is so bad about him? If there’s nothing specific, then in general was he rude to the media? Was he a jerk to teammates?

  55. Carter was an all about me player,and he’s the same way now on espn! i saw him sit there one day and argue the fact that he should be in the HOF 10 mns straight! anybody that does that,and is so jealous of the guys who play now that are way more talented than he ever was,does’nt deserve to be in anything but a toilet bowl to be flushed asap!

  56. I’ve always thought Rod Smith belonged because he wasn’t drafted and had a solid career in a team sport. That said, I don’t think he’ll make it. Not enough headlines. Two Superbowl aren’t enough any more. 🙂

  57. Niner fans, just shut up. DHB is a better person, works harder, and produced more than Crabtree this yr.

    Right now DHB > Crabtree.

    Did Crabtree even catch ONE ball in the Championship game? Oh yeah – 1 for three yards.

    He hasn’t even been healthy for ONE training camp.

    Yeah, what a great player he is…good guy to have around the team when he doesn’t even like working with his QB.

    Niner fans are just scared and embarrassed that crazy old Al Davis actually got it right…and every1 was quick to say OAK embarrassed themselves – including Carter…but boy oh boy have they been WRONG!

    I got nothing against the Niners even tho Im a Raiders fan…but Niner fans sure are funny when talking Crabtree and DHB. They’re so scared the other bay area team swiftly got the better guy after practically having it set in their minds they they had him all along. LOL!

  58. listening to what eskin has to say about such matters is not a very wise choice… while he is a very well informed member of the media, he often fans the flames of controversy.
    he is desperate to become more of a national figure… please dont help him. its bad enough he has been stinking up the air waves in philly. nobody is more negative. nobody causes more friction with his words…

  59. heres for the DHB haters(as a Raiders fan i’ll be the first to admit i was MAD when they picked him, like throw something at the tv mad lol) but he’s turning out to be a pretty good pick. Probably still not deserving of the #7 pick but not as bad as analysts made him out to be. But i digress

    DHB ~ 64 Rec – 975 Yards – 4 TD’s
    MC ~ 72 Rec – 874 Yards – 4 TD’s

    If you ask me at this point if you are going to call DHB a bust then its totally ridiculous to not say the same for Crabs who was taken 3 or 4 picks later at 10 or 11. But he will forever be shielded from criticism unless DHB goes on to have a monster career.

  60. If being a complete jerk in public, especially on TV, is a disqualifying factor, then Mr. Belichick doesn’t stand a chance, now does he? Nor would guys like Sanders and many others.

    Carter and Reed are not already in the HOF for purely personal reasons, not their public persona, and we will never know the facts – because it’s a secret society.

    Carter, Reed and others whose “fame” is undeniable, but who’ve been “blackballed” by some small cabal of voters should publish open letters to the HOF member voters to the effect that if they’re selected they won’t accept it and won’t show up for the induction ceremonies and photo ops.

  61. I don’t understand why MEDIA gets to vote on the HOF anyway. It should be people who understand the real nuts and bolts of the game – which probably limits the pool to coaches (but not just head coaches). Players should know who was the best they played against but I don’t trust them to evaluate players they didn’t directly compete against, which is most players.

  62. CC was a great possession receiver at best…he was consistent without speed and had good hands…he wasn’t a game changing WR in his era…he can continue to wait, I’m sure down the line..he will eventually get in.

  63. The media chooses who goes in, what a joke. I have nothing against Peter King who has a vote and I do not know who the other 43 members are but what makes them experts on who should get in or not. These 44 guys select games each week and are lucky to be right 50% of the time and I guess when they vote they vote for the guy who kissed their behind during their career.

  64. When a sports writer has watched a game for 3 hrs, then runs down to the locker room, is on a deadline where he or she has to get quotes, run back up to the press box and do their jobs by writing their story, often under deadline time pressure, and an athlete like Chris Carter will not talk until he fully dresses, and does so slowly, then when finished, he walks into the training room which is off limits to the media/and sits and he smiles at the media who are professionally waiting for him near his locker as other players from the Vikings leave the locker room and head for the bus/ when you make work harder for others who want to do their jobs, there is going to be payback.

    Chris, if you were required to wear mittens while playing would that impact your performance? Would it be frustrating for you not being able to give your best performance?

    Yes it would just like a reporter missing a key quote because some prima donna is wasting valuable time playing childish mind games in the training room

    Chris, too many times. Too many media members alienated. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  65. If there is no place for the game changer, deep threat Cliff Branch who is Chris Carter? They put Lynn Swann in the Hall with less TD’S, catches and yards than Cliff Branch. As I have wrote before, the Hall of Fame is nothing but a JOKE.

  66. It’s not “bias” keeping Carter out of the HOF – it’s the fact that he wasn’t good in the clutch. Bottom line is he came up small in the big games. Here’s his playoff stats:

    14 games, 63 catches, 870 yards, 8 TD’s. That’s 4.5 catches per playoff game, for an average of 62 yards. He turned in playoff performances with 17, 16, 24 and 5 yards. He only had two performances of over 100 yards, none more than 120, and one of those was in a 12-point loss.

    In 7 of the 10 playoff losses he participated in, his team was blown out by 12 or more points. One loss was by 25 points, and another was by 41 points.

    In his lone playoff game in which he scored 2 TD’s, his team lost by 16 points. In half of his playoff games, he failed to score a TD.

    In 3 of his 4 playoff wins, he was not the team’s #1 receiver – that was Randy Moss. In one of his playoff wins, he was just an afterthought, with 1 reception for 5 yards against Dallas in January, 2000.

  67. It’s sad to see someone in the media being so petty. Wait? Did I really just say that? CC deserves to be in. No question about it. Since, when did a persons character account for you being in or out of the Hall? Lawrence Taylor made it in. Nothing against LT, but pretty colorful record off the field. Seems to me the media member is petty and a hypocrite. I am not the least bit surprised…..

  68. There should be no debate or question about Carter’s on-the-field resume whatsoever. Anyone who does questions Carter’s on-the-field performance as Hall worthy is a biased hater at best and brain dead at worst.

    “Good” not “Great”? Fourth all-time in TDs for WRs and eighth all time regardless of position. Pretty good. Not great. Not that thrilling.

    So Carter scores more TDs than every player but seven in NFL HISTORY but defenses never accounted for him and none of those 133 TDs were signature TDs? He didn’t play in a Super Bowl and wasn’t fast (like Steve Largent, I guess) so he shouldn’t get in.

    How can you be so obtuse?

  69. I have to go further with this. The media’s job is to report what happens, not to evaluate how well players do their job. Think about it, when has a reporter been able to tell when a guard has succeeded at his assignments? The beat writers for the KC Chiefs or the Eagles may be good reporters but are they really the right ones to decide which players are the best of the best? Why, because they can write timely stories well and have well placed sources? If they could evaluate players they’d be in the NFL as scouts or directors of personnel or general managers, not reporting on it.

    Having the decision on who makes the HOF in the hands of the media is having the fate of players in the hands of knowledgeable amateurs. That’s obviously not right and not fair to the players.

  70. Should he be IN? Yes.

    But you can’t overlook the fact the guy was NEVER a champion at any level, hated his teamates, coaches and officials, whined every time he was touched by a DB, complained about not getting the ball, was the most selfish player on every team he played for, yet failed to show up in big games and never took his team to an SB.

    The guys a flat-out jerk.

    But, maybe these guys are looking at things a little more deeply and maybe these guys who have NO CONCEPT of the word, “TEAM” aren’t getting in for that reason.

    Baseball has the steroid era, maybe football has the “ego” era? And while these guys will get in eventually (maybe you’ll see the same for some of the steroid guys in baseball) they’re being sent a message and are being taken down a peg or two by this.

    I’m 99% sure some of these guys are just as tired as us fans by watching networks fawn over T.O., Ochocinco (or whatever his name is this week), Moss and especially Carter.

    What goes around comes around and maybe by acting a little more humble than they’re used to will remind them this game is/was a privilege not a right.

    But somehow I doubt it very much.

  71. Carter spent his 1st 3 years in NFL w/a severe COCAINE habit & addiction.

    Congrats to voters for not forgetting that. Want to say cocaine is not a PED????

  72. Michael Irvin comes off as very arrogant at times, and I know a lot of people, myself included, who thought he was the biggest jerk around.

    I met him in a hotel elevator one evening in Jacksonville, after a MNF game(Giants-Jags). He couldn’t have been nicer or more impressive to talk to. I get the feeling that Cris Carter is dealing with this same mistaken image problem, and it’s sad. He deserves to get in without a doubt.

  73. So now the Raiders fans are out defending DHB with their “He doesn’t suck as badly as we initially thought” defense. Yes, I’m sure that when Oakland used the #7 overall pick on Heyward-Bey, all those fans had their fingers crossed just thinking “You know, if we can some how get a half a dozen TDs and 1500 yards out of him in the first three seasons, it’ll be a great pick”.

  74. I’d take Andre Reed over Brown or Carter, but they should all be in. This process is why Moss & TO won’t get in the first try which is the biggest joke in the world. If people don’t like you, who cares. What they did on the field is undeniable. If Moss loafed, then I’ll take his 153 TD’s if that’s what you call it. If TO threw his QB’s under the bus, he has freedom of speech to go along with his 153 TD’s. It’s a shame voters put personal dislike to influence their votes.

  75. I live in Middletown…his hometown…he has done nothing back here for the high school team…I dont know if he has been here once…and our teams have been ranked 1 in the state of Ohio for the past few years……The guy is a dirtbag…we all know it….just watching him chicken out on the zip-line…are you serious….this guys is an embarrassment…I dont care how many balls hes caught

  76. While I don’t think there is much doubt that Chris Carter can be a class A jerk and has often come across as supremely arrogant, the people that say he was not a truly great player have never seen him play.

    His play on the field absolutely warrants enshrinement in Canton but his drug issues and his early career attitude combined with petty bias from some butthurt voters are what has kept him out so far.

  77. This whole hall of fame thing is getting to be a joke. Oh, he has these numbers and those numbers making him number four. Ya and there are 16 games now and these guys hang around for three more years than players from the old days and they become hall of famers?

    Just seems like there are tons of players now who all number wise qualify.

  78. stull60060 says:
    Feb 11, 2012 5:29 PM
    Ken Stabler should of been in many years ago but personal bias and hate is keeping him out. Just ask the sports writer Zimmerman who said that he would never, ever vote for Stabler to get in the HOF. Personal vendetta. Zimmerman and many like him should been removed from the voting. They are corrupt.
    You’re absolutely right, he actually said on camera.

    Yet, the jerk is still on the committee.

  79. dont worry TRADER fans, u guys can make up for DHB pick with your first round pick in this years draft & enjoy watching big brother in his new house in 2014.

  80. joetoronto,

    I don’t think Zimmerman has been casting many votes since his stroke several years ago which has left him unable to speak.

  81. Anyone who thinks Carter shouldn’t be in the HOF, simply doesn’t know football, go watch lawn bowling or curling. Carter had the best hands in the history of the game which his 1000+ catches prove. He also continuously made unbelievable catches along the sidelines and edges of the endzone that no other receiver could ever duplicate. As his current colleague said, “all he does is catch touchdowns” (100+ of them), that truthful statement alone should make him a lock for the HOF. The fact he isn’t in already is a disgrace to football!

  82. If “fame” has something to do with the HOF then I have a problem with Chris Carter. I certainly was a big fan of the NFL all during his career and can’t remember ever giving him much thought. I knew he was there but he certainly was never the kind of guy that might make me watch a game because he was in it. It’s the same with him being a jerk – If you say so, I guess he’s a jerk – but appearing in a sea of TV jerks he doesn’t even stand out as a HOF jerk – Same as his careeer – Just sort of there.

  83. Carter doesn’t deserve it. This is because I never heard anyone say flip it over to the vikings games I want to watch Chris Carter play. That guy was boring. It was like watching paint dry.

  84. I personally don’t like Carter as a TV NFL analyst. I find him an irritating loud-mouth most of the time. But, don’t forget, people, that that is often what TV wants — the loud-mouth who you love or hate, or agree or disagree with.

    That being said, Carter’s TV persona, as well as his off-field personality and behavior, have nothing to do with his NFL HOF eligibility.

  85. It is not a bias against him. He just does not lead the NFL in anything. Just like Art Monk. He should have to wait 20 years to get in. Atleast Art Monk was 2nd. Cris’s highest placing is 4th. He does not have any rings. Shoot the more and more I talk about it the more I think he should not even get in.

  86. There’s an old saying that Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. These voters have their secret vote and hold the legacy of players who spilled blood, sweat, and tears on the field. It’s a bleedin’ shame that a personal vendetta keeps a player from the Hall of Fame, whether it’s baseball (the worst), football, hockey, basketball, etc.

    This absolute power alone is the best argument for making voting results transparent. These writers and media members voting have lived their profession in a free media society. How ironic that they would turn their backs on the same freedoms for the power that they possess.

  87. Ah, Fame. Take the least glamorous positions on the field, arguably offensive lineman, who rarely are noticed by most until they screw up. Well, Bruce Matthews reached the Hall, mainly for longevity, but I’m sure he was famous among opposing players. I think there should a place in the Hall for every position, and for only their numbers, and for those more infamous than famous. Too many? Well it depends on one’s definition of “fame” doesn’t it?

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