New 49ers stadium now set to open a year early, in 2014

The new home for the San Francisco 49ers will be a reality even sooner than planned.  According to the San Jose Mercury News, the stadium in Santa Clara will be ready for the 2014 season, a year earlier than previously expected.

“We’re going to be playing football here in 2014,” Santa Clara Mayor Jamie Matthews said Friday.  “I have no doubt whatsoever.”

This means the Niners will spend only two more seasons at Candlestick Park, once the final arrangement to build the stadium is approved on Tuesday by Santa Clara officials.  The firm building the stadium will be required to start by July 1, 2012 and to finish by late August 2014.  Failure to deliver the stadium on a timely basis will result in penalties of $6 million for each 49ers game missed, along with daily fines that could reach $20 million.  If the stadium is finished in time for the 2014 preseason, a $5 million bonus will be paid.

Per the Mercury News, the penalties could cause the construction firm to actually lose money if the stadium isn’t finished on time.

Previously, the goal had been to start construction in January 2013 and open the stadium in 2015.  The finalization of funding, including most recently $200 million from the league, has allowed the timetable to be accelerated.

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  1. The Construction company won’t lose anything. They will buy insurance that provides the $$$ if they fail to complete on time, or they already have a running policy.

    This is a standard insurance policy in the construction business.


  2. And they’ll be hosting Super Bowl LI or LII for sure. Let’s not forget that Super Bowl XXXIX, the one in Jacksonville, was first given to the new San Francisco stadium that obviously never came about.

  3. It is a beautiful stadium if you watch the animated sky to ground level video.

    Looks perfect for the niners and I hope the Raiders don’t become co tenants. They need to get their own project together.

    Congratz to the Niners they have played in that old dump for to long. It is sad whn it take a whole qtr of football to yank money from the ATM just to try to get a watered down beer because your still sh1t faced from the tail gating party.

    I had some good times in San Fran parking lot with some great hospitality. Beers and BBQ floating everywhere. I met some cool heads from around the So Cal area that ended up being an extended group for us traveling to Oakland and San diego games. Good time for sure, but the niners tailgating parties right their on the bay water was the best IMO

  4. I’ll miss Candkestick. Love it or hate it, that old stadium produced some serious magic and still will in the next two years

  5. I bet Harbaugh will find some reason to be pissed about this.
    Thumbs if you think think SF is back to 9-7 next year.

  6. YES-us Vikings fans are MAD!! LOL but not just about the stadium-our legislature in general are a bunch of do nothing idiots-they couldn’t even pass a budget last year and had to shut the government down for a month- what else should we expect from them? LOL

  7. Wait a minute, the NFL actually kicked in some $ to get a stadium built? I think the universe is going to collapse in on itself now.

    Dear NFL:

    Please spend money on the new Vikings stadium being proposed to be built next to the Collapsing Roof so that the Vikings stay where they belong.

    However, do not give the Spanos Goofs a penny, have them move the Chargers to the AEG stadium next to Staples.

    LA NFL fans

  8. Only two more years of Candlestink. Nice.
    Look next for a lucrative stadium naming rights deal struck with a highflying Silicon Valley tech heavyweight.

  9. Let me get this straight.

    Lowest bid + politicians pushing penalty ladden timeline + Earthquake prone location = ?

  10. Yay. Bout time. Hope it’s designed to be loud. And yeah I’m sure Harbuagh is going to find something to get mad at cuz that’s ALL he does. Hey noob, remember John Madden as a coach?

  11. All of California is an earthquake prone location.

    As for the rebuild, nice to see they’re getting new digs. The ‘Stick was horrible. Too bad that in the process ticket prices are being jacked to the point where only local CEOs will be able to afford to take a family of four.

  12. Wow they must be building it with all non union labor, cause everyone knows it takes longer and costs more with unions. Not.

  13. Vikings fans take note, the NFL chipped in $200 million for the niners stadium. Zygi wants to put in $400 million, with $200 coming from the NFL. Then he wants naming rights, worth $150 million. Then he wants concessions, parking, etc. revenue. He really wants a free stadium. Dig deeper Zygi.

  14. You mad at ticket Prices having to go up? Vote the fools in San Francisco out of office. They’re the people responsible for this. Could have had a Stadium for A LOT less than what it’s getting build for now.

    They had FIFTEEN years to get it done and the Failed epically.

    I don’t want the 9ers playin in Santa Clara, but if that’s the only way the 9ers get into a new Stadium then EFF those losers in San Francisco City Government!

  15. 2014 should be Colin Kaepernicks 2nd full season as starting QB for the Niners ! Sounds like great timing for a stud QB like him to get a little experience in the NFL and then move to a new stadium and lead his team to SB victory #6+++++ ! Great job by owner Jed York ! He took over the team 2 years ago and now he has the Coach of the year in Jim Harbaugh and the executive of the year in GM Trent Baalke and has what was the best team in the NFL in 2011,except for a few bad breaks in the Championship game and except that his Franchise QB was still raw and not ready and they had to use a lesser talent in Alex Smith ,they would already have #6.

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