No meeting set yet for Peyton, Irsay

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It was believed that Colts owner Jim Irsay and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning would decide after the Super Bowl shuffled out of town to quit talking to the media and start talking to each other.

According to Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star, the long-anticipated meeting between Irsay and Manning didn’t occur this week.  No date for such a meeting has been set.

Chappell points out that Irsay said Friday via Twitter that there’s “no news” on Peyton.  Chappell also writes that Manning wants the situation to be resolved sooner rather than later.

The latest it will be resolved is March 8.  That’s the date on which the Colts owe Manning another $28 million.  Despite past speculation that Peyton would delay the due date in order to give the Colts more time to determine whether Peyton’s arm strength will fully return, agent Tom Condon strongly suggested during a Super Bowl-week appearance on NBC SportsTalk that the dates in the contract were selected for a reason, and that they won’t be changed.

Still, as a sense of inevitability builds that the Colts will cut Manning, it would be foolish to discount completely the possibility that Irsay will decide that, while it may not be worth $28 million to see Peyton continue with the Colts, it’s worth $28 million to see him not play for another team.

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  1. while it may not be worth $28 million to see Peyton continue with the Colts, it’s worth $28 million to see him not play for another team.
    No way will Jim Irsay pay 28 million to keep Manning from playing for another team, and he especially won’t do it when he’s not even sure Peyton will be healthy enough to play for another team.

  2. Don’t be to sure, it could happen in the middle of the night, just as his dad moved the team out of Baltimore because he couldn’t have his way, don’t trust him to do any thing, money talks. And I bet that he wants Peyton to go in the Hall of Fame with the horseshoe. And he sure don’t want him to go to Miami, after they stole Don Shula from them. Bill p.s. Miami had to give up a first round draft pick, best deal in football, next to the real Colts getting Johnny U from Pit.

  3. The meeting is scheduled for weeks ago, at step-into-my-office-thanks-for-the-memories-but-you’re-fired O’clock.

    Such a ridiculously protracted process for such a sure thing decision for the franchise. Rip the bandaid off; the waiting helps no one, and you’re not drafting Andrew Luck AND paying Peyton 28mil bonus + salary when you won’t even know if he’ll hold up past week one, IF he can even throw.

  4. Funny how quiet these two got once they milked SuperBowl week for all the politicking and publicity they could get.

    Both of them went way down in my book for the way they screwed Eli out of his just due. Talk about selfish tools… Peyton and Irsay take the cake there.

  5. I tend to agree that a decision won’t be made until after March 2nd. Letting Peyton go would have a negative impact on season ticket renewals. I’m hoping someone in the front office heard RG3 say he would relish the thought of learning from one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time. Luck has made it clear he wants to start. Maybe a little on the selfish side for someone who hasn’t proven anything on the professional level.

  6. by all means I hope irsay rewards the blind devotion of the manning worshippers and pays him the money. when will they see it’s one way loyalty? he is willing to do what it takes to fit with anther club but not the one that has paid him neary 200 million dollars over his career. if they bring him back they will have no money to pay anybody else and the colts will suck again. which is fine by me since I am a bears fan sick of hearing about “our” colts from their fans. though for some reason I did not hear as much of it this season.

  7. One way loyalty didn’t beat the Bears in the Super Bowl. It also didn’t get the franchise a new stadium. Oh and that one sided loyalty also helped into bringing the Super Bowl to Indy. Seems both parties involved have enjoyed the loyalty. When it boils down to it. PM has not said he wouldn’t be willing to renegotiate his contract with the Colts. That is just hearsay from a bunch of bloggers who think they have the inside story. Just like the one who had to retract the “noodle arm” comment. PM and Mr. Irsay will do what is right for all parties involved.

  8. indyspeedo:

    Peyton Manning didn’t beat the Bears in the Super Bowl either. The defense and the RBs did. Dominic Rhodes and Joseph Addai were the best offensive players, the defense smothered the Bears while Manning had a pedestrian game (247 yards, 1 TD and 1 INT) in that game. And yes, Manning certainly enjoyed getting $26 million last year without playing a down. He also enjoyed signing that contract before the Colts doctors could adequately examine him, and taking full advantage of the lockout – of which he was one of the leaders – to make sure that happened.

    Sure, it is “right” for Manning to get $35 million this year – in addition to $26 million last year – in salary and bonus money before anyone knows that he can play again. It is also “right” for Manning to force the Colts to commit to the $64 million left on the contract because – as Manning knows – if the Colts don’t cut Manning soon, they won’t be able to at all because the salary cap consequences will prevent it. So, it is “right” for Manning to have nearly $100 million coming his way no matter how he or the team performs.

    But the truth is that five years from now when Manning is retired, the team stinks and has no QB, who will you blame? Irsay. Who will have to deal with the empty seats? Irsay? If the team doesn’t get back to the Super Bowl, and Luck becomes an All-Pro QB, who will everyone blame? Irsay.

    By the way: were you this angry when the Colts let Edgerrin James, Marvin Harrison, Marshall Faulk, etc. walk? Will you be if Manning’s salary forces them to part ways with Reggie Wayne, Robert Mathis and Dwight Freeney? And what is Dominic Rhodes doing these days? Hmmm … loyalty for SOME players is worth more than for others …

  9. I like Luck and RG3, but if u ask me “who has the bigger chance of being the next Peyton Manning OR the next Ryan Leaf?” I’d say Luck is the answer to both… so it’s an interesting choice, if I’m the Colts.

  10. brenenostler:

    The real issue with Peyton Manning is not his injury. The real issue is that he is 36. Not only that, but unlike – for example, John Elway, Brett Favre, Steve Young, Warren Moon etc. Manning was never known for elite arm strength, mobility or athletic ability. You just aren’t going to see Manning throwing for 3700 yards and 25 TDs and going to the Pro Bowl like Warren Moon did at age 41, or or 4200 yards and 33 TDs and the NFC title game (and Pro Bowl) like Favre did at 40. Even healthy QBs start to drop off after age 33-34, and after 36-37 it accelerates. Even if he comes back 100% healthy, Manning will still get his numbers thanks to it being practically illegal to play pass defense these days, because of his age he won’t be anything close to the top QB in the NFL.

    And that is this year with his being 36. In 3 years he will be 39 and REALLY be in decline, and by age 41 he will be doing commentary for a TV network. Again, even if Manning is healthy, he isn’t even a good short term solution for a team … any plan for him beyond 2-3 years is unrealistic. That is why Theismann doesn’t want the Redskins to sign him. Fans – and to an extent the media – have the luxury of pretending to be shocked, SHOCKED when Manning plays like practically every other future Hall of Fame QB did when they were 38-39 (remember Joe Montana’s last year in Kansas City … yeesh!) but owners have to go with REALITY.

    It would be one thing if the Colts had a succession plan for Manning in place. That would give them the luxury of waiting 2-3 more years until the bottom actually does fall out (again, see Montana in KC). But they found out this year with Painter and Orlovsky that they don’t, so they have no choice but taking care of the future of the franchise with the #1 pick this year.

  11. eaglesnoles:

    Andrew Luck has no chance at being the next Ryan Leaf. Similar to JaMarcus Russell, talent-wise Leaf was a Hall of Famer. His problems were all in his head.

    indyspeedo says:

    “Even if he is not the same Peyton Manning. Peyton Manning at 75% strength and 100% reading defenses is better than an unproven rookie.”

    This year? Definitely. 3 years from now? Not a chance. If the Colts were a contender, I’d say trade down, get the best DL and OL that you can find (in that order) and take your shot for the next 2-3 years. But the Colts proved last season that they will spend the next 2-3 years rebuilding anyway. Even if Colts fans are right, and Manning was the difference between going 2-14 in 2011 and 10-6 in 2010: who wants to go 10-6? Because with that roster and those salary cap problems, 10-6 will be the ceiling. Even if Manning is 100%. Well, 100% of whatever a 36 year old QB is going to be.

  12. I’ve been a Colts fan long enough to know that any meeting between Irsay and Manning would be over and done with before you found out about it.

  13. ChadMurdigan

    While I understand your feelings, think of this another way. Manning & Irsay played “angry sides” in order to keep the sports world (and the hordes of media) focused on the city of Indianapolis. Huge job, but they did it.

    Secondly, Peyton also did exactly what his brother hoped he could do – sidetrack all the media attention so Eli could focus more on the game. The Manning brothers had it planned so that Eli could do the bare minimum for the media.

    Irsay, an unwilling (but polite) host for the AFC Champs, had to chuckle at creating a bit of help for the Giants in that manner as well.


  14. “Chappell also writes that Manning wants the situation to be resolved sooner rather than later.”

    You must mean that the Swamp Boy wants to see if he can sucker $28 million more out of Irsay on top of the $24 million he took him for last year. He’s done. He was done last year and he knew it then. Greedy Swamp Boy.

  15. @chadmurdigan-you nailed it. No matter how many thumbs down these fool give you.

    There is only one proven fact to be true, and that is no one, NO ONE has spoken the truth since this whole thing began to unravel.

    My take? Manning has too big of an ego too see that his time is up and Irsay is trying to be the good guy by not cutting him and speeding up the whole process. Because as soon as he gets picked up by another team, he’ll fail the physical and be ‘damged goods’ and IF he ever becomes able to play, this would lower his market value considerably. So meanwhile he maniplates the media and attempts to make Irsay look like an a.h.

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