There’s a lot anti-Manning sentiment in Washington

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Joe Theismann said last week that the Redskins signing Peyton Manning would be a “horrific idea.”

We thought Joe’s analysis was horrific, but there are a lot of folks in Washington that agree with him.

Jason Reid of the Washington Post wrote a column saying the team must avoid the temptation of going after fading stars like Manning.   Tracee Hamilton of the same paper agrees, writing the team needs to “build their own quarterback.”

The Post’s beat writer Mike Jones makes the case that signing Kyle Orton would make sense instead of Manning.

We’re a little surprised by the reaction. Mike Shanahan has shown absolutely no ability in Washington to evaluate and develop the quarterback position.

He bet big on Donovan McNabb and lost. Shanahan staked his reputation on John Beck and Rex Grossman. Why does anyone trust Shanahan to find something better than Manning behind door No. 2?  This franchise hasn’t built their own quarterback in twenty years.

Manning is a massive risk, but his upside is far greater than any other alternative. The Redskins can still draft their own young quarterback to develop if they want. The downside for Washington is the same mediocrity that has plagued the franchise since Dan Snyder took over. That will get Shanahan fired.

Manning threw for over 4,500 yards with 33 touchdowns in both of his last two seasons. Manning is worth rolling the dice for a team like the Redskins, even if there is only a 50% chance he resembles that player in 2012.

And if it doesn’t work out, there’s always Rex.

92 responses to “There’s a lot anti-Manning sentiment in Washington

  1. The Redskins would be low on Manning’s list because he wouldn’t want to face his brother twice a year.

    A waste of time even discussing it.

  2. He’s only worth a ‘roll of the dice’ if he’s healthy and can play….otherwise he’ll become another toy for Dan Snyder.

  3. I still have doubts that Peyton would want to go to Washington. It just doesn’t seem like the right situation for him – the team is about a year away from competing, and it’s his brother’s division.

    As for Washington, the strong sentiment seems to add a veteran QB and a youngster that doesn’t require trading up (that is, the non RG3 market). I tend to think that is a good course to take.

  4. You, as usual, conveniently leave out the fact that Sallie Jenkins of the same Washington Post wrote an article this past week positively ordering Dan Snyder to open the checkbook for Peyton Manning. The radio waves are chock full of Manning news, all positive to making this move. Kyle Shanahan, on Dan Snyder’s own ESPN station, said on the 27th of January that any coach would be crazy not to want Manning. As far as douche bag Jason Reid is concerned, you can get him to flip for Peyton by having Shanny say he likes RGIII – a more biased reporter there has never been. And Joe Theisman? Well, we all have a crazy uncle, don’t we? His name no longer rhymes with Heisman, it stands for dumbass.

  5. I would take a 100% healthy manning for 3 years and keep our draft picks. RG3 would make me happy too but if we can’t get him I think manning for 3 years is the best option. Orton…I mean cmon hes just a little better rex…we will be going thru this all next year again if we get orton.

  6. You must be a Cowboys fan. Manning might have upside, but maybe not the long term. DC is tired of short term patches. We need a young, good QB with upside and playmaking ability. See:RGIII

  7. Ok, I keep hearing these “Peyton to D.C.” rumors and how a lot of people think that’s where he’ll end up and it seems to me that everyone is forgetting one important detail. Eli plays in the same division!! Doesn’t seem like to me that is going to be something Peyton will pursue. I mean it’s not like both of their teams could win the division. In my opinion, Peyton doesn’t leave the AFC. Miami, NYJ, KC are the top 3 options outside of Indy.

  8. Why wouldn’t there be anti-Manning sentiment in Washington?

    Manning isn’t going to lead a mediocre team to prosperity. He’s good but he’s not that good. What can he really do for the Skins? He may turn a 5 win team into a 7 or 8 win team, but I dont think he can lead them to playoffs. There simply isnt enough talent on the Skins’ roster in a strong division. Instead of wasting time and money on Manning, the Redskins would be better served finding a way to get Griffin and committing to the rebuild that should’ve been started years ago.

  9. oh stop it Joe T and Jason Reid give me a break…who cares what either of them thinks one stunk as an analyst and the other stinks/sucks as a so called sports journalist…neithers opinion is the true pulse of what Skins fans think…if Manning did end up in Washington and all went well they both would swear they were all for the move!

  10. It is not anti-Manning sentiment. It is that Daniel Snyder has spent the last decade (actually more than the last decade) bringing in high profile free agents and coaches, basically trying to buy a championship and do so NOW, only to wind up with colossal failures. The local media in Washington wants to see the franchise commit to building the team the right way instead of going for gimmicks and quick fixes.

    Everyone in Washington knows that no one can succeed with that terrible OL, bad WRs and nonexistent running game. And if anyone can’t, it is Manning, who has consistently had Pro Bowlers and other high performers at all those positions. We’ve never seen Manning produce without guys like Edgerrin James, Joseph Addai, Dallas Clark, Ken Dilger, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Jeff Saturday, Ryan Diem, Tarik Glenn etc. helping make him look good, and at age 36 with the Redskins IS NOT the time to see if he can. The idea that Manning should go from being surrounded by all that talent – including even draft picks that didn’t really pan out like Donald Brown and Anthony Gonzalez – to trying to make plays with Jabbar Gaffney, Santana Moss, Fred Davis and Roy Helu along with that sieve of an offensive line is ridiculous. It isn’t worth “rolling the dice” if bringing in Manning gives Snyder and company yet another excuse to avoid the hard work of going out and building a football team like the Giants, Packers, 49ers, Lions, Saints and other SUCCESSFUL teams have gone out and done.

  11. As a washington area Redskins fan that hated the McNabb signing, i would hate the Manning signing just as much. In addition to a personal dslike for manning, he is one decent hit away from his career being over, and even if fully healthy would only have maybe 2 or 3 more years in him and the skins would be right back where we are today if not worse because mannings ego will mean he will push for more win now type transactions that Washington has finally started getting away from

  12. Tracee Hamilton of the same paper agrees, writing the team needs to “build their own quarterback.”

    Never ever was there a dumber statement than that.

  13. sad part is the skins really arent’t that far from being a team that can compete. They beat the super bowl champs twice and should have beaten the cowboys both times. If Shanahan hadn’t paniced and went to j beck this team would have been around .500. Orton is not better than rex. Some how criticism of his game gets bypassed because people think he got hosed in denver. Orton is an ok qb that is not going to lead a team anywhere. what makes anyone think orton is going to lead the skins to the playoffs when it turns out he was on a playoff team in denver and couldnt take them there.

  14. Why is anyone giving Shanahan credit for developing ANY QB?? I’ll give him credit for building the running portion of the offense around John Elway but did he develop him, No !

  15. Denver BRONCOS

    I am not a fan of the team.

    If Peyton is going to be linked to QB needy teams like wash. miami. seahawks. ect. Then why not Denver. As far as I’m concerned they are a QB needy team as well. If anyone thinks Tebow is going to cut it your kidding yourself. He sells tickets, he does not win games.

  16. Hey Rosenthal,

    Did I do your homework for you on the Theisman post when I showed the last 20 years of Redskins QB draft picks? haha. It would cool to know if I contributed.

    BTW I had an error in the comment.

    I forgot Gus Frerotte 1994 7th Round. He actually made a pro bowl…somehow and was on the team for 5 years not 4 or less. It Still doesn’t alter the point that the Redskins have a horrific track record at developing the position.

  17. 1. The “anti-Manning sentiment in Washington” is coming from sportswriters.

    2. Who says that Peyton Manning has any desire at all to play for the Redskins?

  18. @wickerphill

    How many Colts offensive players made the pro bowl this year with out Manning as QB?

    I have severe doubts Peyton Manning will be able to come back at any where near the level he was at before. Point is, he made that offense in Indianapolis.

  19. To all you folks saying that Peyton won’t go to a stinking Redskins team, allow me to retort. That same team swept the Super Bowl Champs, had the Pats on the ropes and were beat by everybody’s preseason Champs the Cowboys by a total of 3 points. At the heart of their problems was QB play – plain and simple. Rex AVERAGED two TO’s per game. BTW, Peyton’s absence and injury this year is the only reason the Colts are in line to get Luck. Does anyone doubt that if Peyton had played, the Colts would have made the Playoffs? (Playoffs? You’re talking Playoffs? in my best Jim Mora squeak voice) If he is healthy, this is a perfect fit.

  20. “Everyone in Washington knows that no one can succeed with that terrible OL, bad WRs and nonexistent running game. ”

    You obviously didn’t watch Roy Helu. Or Evan Royster, for that matter.

    And you can win without a running game. Matter of fact, most of the best teams in the league have no running game and are pass first teams. This ain’t your daddy’s NFL.

    Terrible is an exaggeration. When it’s at full strength, the line play isn’t too bad.

  21. This talk borders on the asinine.

    1) Peyton is 35 years old. Barring a sunset career bordering Favre’s, that gives him 4 years or less of production.
    2) That assumes his injury allows him to regain at least enough skill to be top tier in the league. Not necessarily what he was before, but he needs to be very near the top to stand any chance of reviving the Skins.
    3) One of Peyton’s greatest skills is running the offense from the line of scrimmage. It’s going to take the Skins at least a couple of years if not more to adapt to that style.
    4) There’s a reason that the Colts are rumored to not re-sign Peyton, and it’s not dollar signs and only marginally that they’re looking for Luck. It’s because they don’t think Peyton has what it takes to win in the years going forward. Any team that thinks he does is welcome to place down oodles of bucks and watch them get swept away with the tides. At a different level, this so smacks of when Philly dumped Donovan McNabb off to the Skins, and went running away laughing.

    And yes, I say this all as a Skins fan.

  22. These post always make me laugh. We do not even know if Peyton would even entertain comming to Washington to begin with. On top of that the same person that wrote this post would be dogging the Redskins if they were saying they had every notion on trying to sign Peyton. Peyton was a great QB and very well may still be a great QB the problem with signing him is that the QB position is just one of many needs for the Redskins and signing Peyton really wouldnt make much of a difference. At least if the Redskins sign a rookie QB or someone like Matt Flynn then at least they can go through the growing pains together.

  23. Most of us here believe that Shanny wasn’t expecting the Titans to swoop in on Locker.

    He took the oldest roster in the league and infused youth/competition at nearly every position. There is no doubt in my mind that we will land either RG3 or Tannehill (who is a very similar prospect to Locker in my opinion).

    The fact is, no one knows what Shanny has planned and just because a few ‘voices’ in DC don’t want to take a shot on one of the greatest of all time, doesn’t mean the head coach feels that way.

  24. I can say with objectivity that Roy Helu is awesome. He’s like a young Frank Gore: great at catching passes out of the backfield, and gets skinny when going up the middle.

    I don’t know how Manning would perform on the Redskins, but I think he’d have a good back to work with.

  25. Facing Eli twice a year is the one reason not to go to DC? Why would that matter to Payton? QB’s don’t tackle each other.

    There are a bunch of better reasons to stay away…..negative articles like this one for a start, playing for the twin geniuses Shannie and Shots is another, and having nobody to throw to, hand of to or play defense is big. But playing in a tough, nasty division is maybe the biggest reason.

    But playing your kid brother’s team twice a year – who cares about that?

  26. Going after Manning should be a no brainer. All he’s going to cost is $$, no picks. The Skins can still draft a QB to develop behind him. I’d much rather see this scenario happen over giving up a bunch of picks to trade up for RGIII.

  27. I don’t think it’s “anti-Manning sentiment”. It’s more like “trying the same crap over & over and expecting a different result” sentiment. Like it or not, Shanahan’s job is on the line this season, and if they flamed out with Peyton Manning at QB, there is absolutely nothing that could save him.

  28. I think everyone is forgetting the fact that Manning will get killed behind our O-Line and Trent Williams is out for 4 games. RGIII is the better option. He’s a mobile QB. We have no capable no. 1 receiver and no, Santana Moss isn’t the answer. I like him but he’s getting older. Fred Davis is good but he’s suspended as well.

  29. @obxfannings…,You’re exactly right, what Shanahan needs is to win and win fast signing Manning can help with that, they have overhauled the roster and infused it with young and rising talent and they have one of the best cap situations in the league with 30 mill to spend, they can sign Peyton to an incentive based deal bring in a Vincent Jackson and instead of drafting RGIII trade down and get Tannehill from Texas A&M let him learn behind Peyton for 2-3 years ,and continue the rebuilding process, people fail to realize that the Redskins needed a complete culture change along with rebuilding a roster, right now they are in the best position of any team in the NFC to unseat the Giants.

  30. Peyton would NEVER go play in the division of his brotyer – END OF DTORY!

    Redskins beat the Giants twice this year and with Peyton (instead of Grossman) – a threat to win the division.

  31. Haters do not realize that there is more talent on the Redskins after Shanny’s two drafts and FA periods than there has been in 20 years. Manning would make the team an instant playoff team if he stayed healthy. Manning to Hankerson would be fun. That said, I still don’t want him. I want RG3.

  32. Why wouldn’t Manning want to play against his brother twice a year?? Eli now has 2 Super Bowl rings and has arguable the better legacy now (on paper). I’d want to kick my little brother’s butt as often as possible!! Plus the Skins beat the Super Bowl Winning Giants TWICE this past season!! They aren’t as far off as most people think.

    I would have rather seen McNabb get a 2nd year in the system, than a year of Rex/Beck. DM5 was on pace for 4,000+ yards when Kyle got tired of him not running the plays he called. Shaub didn’t start clicking in the system until year 3.

  33. phillyphever says:
    Feb 11, 2012 3:50 PM
    When’s the last time Washington ever won something with a homegrown QB? Rypin?

    First it’s Rypien and second that comment from an Eagles fan who’s team has done what??? A team called the Dream Team and all this so called talent could only muster an 8-8 record…we know if not for Rex Grossman’s turnovers the Skins could’ve put together an 8-8 season at least, between him and Gano at a minimum they cost the Skins 3 games.

    So any QB who is better than Rex will surely change the Skins fortunes…

  34. The anti-Manning sentiment coming from Washington is from fans and media who have been paying attention to the Redskins failed practice over the last 15 years of bringing in big names who can no longer play at a high enough level to justify the investment. I have loved him over the years but he will be 36 1/2 in Sept. and will not have taken a snap in 20 months. He is not at all mobile increasing his chance of taking that career ending hit. Get RGIII and in a couple years the Skins could be a good team. Adding Manning now does not somehow make them a playoff team.

  35. Signing Manning is probably the best option at QB period. Everyone needs to stop comparing him to all the other has beens that Vinny brought to this team. Peyton would bring a winning attitude to a Washington team that has little experience in that department. For some reason everyone is thinking that if we sign Peyton that we aren’t going to sign anybody else, which is crazy. We sign him and add more talent in the draft along with a QB and Shanny will continue his rebuild. He is not dieon or Bruce smith or Jason Taylor, hell comparing to mcnabb is an insult. Mcnabb had his work ethic questioned many times in Philly but Andy was able to his his faults. Where as Peyton had a great season before his injury no decline. Last thing RG3 is who???? A rookie with potentional that’s it, potentional to be Peyton or to be leaf. Thus guy us being compared to Vick, how is that a good thing? Vick is overrated I rather have a newton or Rodgers than a Vick. Skins please sign Peyton.

  36. t2live says:
    Feb 11, 2012 4:59 PM
    I think everyone is forgetting the fact that Manning will get killed behind our O-Line and Trent Williams is out for 4 games. RGIII is the better option. He’s a mobile QB. We have no capable no. 1 receiver and no, Santana Moss isn’t the answer. I like him but he’s getting older. Fred Davis is good but he’s suspended as well.

    Dude are you still in December and or asleep? Trent and Fred both have served their suspensions…last 4 games of the season furthermore they’ll have Hankerson coming back he showed well before getting hurt, Gaffney isn’t bad and I’m pretty sure they’ll add to the receiving core thru free agency and the draft and even with what they had Grossman showed how good the offense could be even with him and his mistakes…fix the the QB spot a large problem has been solved.

  37. @howmanyringsyourteamgot

    That’s my favorite comment I’ve seen so far! Campbell has to be sitting on the couch, laughing at Shanahan right now for trading him away and thinking they’d do better with McNabb.

    What’s also true is that Campbell is looking for another team. Don’t see him willing to give DC a second chance.

  38. Manning has had one heck of a career shame he has to hear all this crap over his playing where, now. Theismann couldn’t hold a candle to what Manning did in the NFL. The Redskins have tried so many big time names that have not got them to a championship you can see why they come out of the wookwork on this one. You know Manning wnats tp play to say I told you so. He could easly walk away and never worry about a thing. The networks booths would call seconds after he announced he was not going to play.

  39. Smart franchises will pass on a 36 year old, triple neck surgery, 20 million dollar risk. Peyton Manning is not the same player he was five years ago, or even two years ago for that matter.

    Washington, go find your franchise QB elsewhere.

  40. anyone thinks Tebow is going to cut it your kidding yourself. He sells tickets, he does not win games

    So far, the numbers disagree with you.

    Joe is right, they should get their own guy. The retreads haven’t been working out. As good as Peyton is when healthy, too many if’s.

    Kyle Orton? How many chances should that guy get?

  41. “This franchise hasn’t built their own quarterback in twenty years.”

    Might as well give it a shot with Manning, there’s no way Manning could turn out worse the John Beck or Rex Grossmen. Even with Manning, it’s hard to see the Redskins being decent, not much talent around there.

    If Washington brought him in, it’s just be to sell jerseys and tickets.

  42. Wickerphil, puh-leese. Manning has “all that talent around him” to utilize? LOL. Yeah, take a close look at his seasons in 2009 and 2010. Due to injuries, several make-shift OLineman were in front of him. Injuries to other wideouts prompted the use of Jacob Tamme at TE and Blair White, Pierre Garcon as starters.

    Do you actually think any other teams had White and Garcon on their radar as starting WR’s? But Manning’s talent and teaching helped make them better receivers. Same with Wayne, Clark and Collie. I’ll give you Edge & Marvin – two exceptionally gifted athletes that gave the Colts a rare combo. But it’s a HUGE stretch to think Addai fits the Edge comparison, or even Wayne with Marvin. Reggie’s pretty good – but much of that is his QB too.

    Dallas Clark ? Not a chance he’d have been as well known and productive anywhere else, except maybe New England.

    Peyton has more than made the players around him better. His quick reads and release has helped an otherwise questionable OLine, while allowing many no names to flourish when they would otherwise remain fairly anonymous.

    Manning would work wonders for the Skins, but there’s little chance of him landing in D.C. #1 He’s not going to go to a division that his brother plays in. #2 It would be better for the Skins if they took the top pick from the Colts in a trade rather than the elder Manning. #3 Shanny can’t stand being over-shadowed on “his” team.

    But stating that Manning has had so many extremely talented players surrounding him is tantamount to saying Brady won his 3 Super Bowl rings solely on the way he played “Lights out” at QB in those three victories.

  43. I am against Manning coming to the Redskins as our future quarterback but I am not against manning coming to the Redskins as a QB consultant for RG3. Pay him to be on the staff. John Beck should be history. If that should not work, bring in Kyle Orton and draft Tannehill in the second round. I would be very happy, but Peyton the franchise quarterback, sorry we dont want sloppy seconds.

  44. I really only comment on my team, I am amazed at how many folks who have no idea what the Redskins are presently about have an authoritative opinion about them and their business. First, Shanahan and Allen took over a team that was cap strapped with few draft picks and the oldest team in the NFL. Now they are 25 million under the cap with 9 picks in the draft and if you released Moss, Fletcher, Rocca and Buchanon, you’d have one of the youngest teams in the NFC – not that i want to release the first 3. To move up to get RG3, you set the plan totally back – the cost is too high in picks. Peyton just costs dan snyder’s money, so who cares? they can keep building the team through the draft – the right way. stop hating, shanahan was given an empty cupboard, this thing is not looking to bad for the future.

  45. Jeez, optimism is good, and some of it is legit, but are you people spouting the “they swept the Super Bowl Champs” line serious?!

    Okay, that they did. Soooo, that means they went 4-10 against the non-Super Bowl Champs on their schedule.

    And that Giants team in week one couldn’t have beaten Boise State with all the guys either out or playing banged up.

  46. Gregg: I absolutely enjoy your posts and reporing but no offense, if you are surprised, then in this case, your reporting has failed you.

    DC fans are TIRED of recycling even someone as great as Peyton. If you had come to DC and took a poll on the streets or called up some of the local beat writers, then you would not be surprised.


  47. Lol @ these skins fans saying “we swept the superbowl champs”…the Seahawks beat them too. the ravens lost to the jaguars…it happens.but to stake your claim to greatness (or close to) is pitiful

  48. Manning is a good risk for the Skins. They have the money to “build their own QB” and utilize Manning as a starter this year.

    Lets face it, this team hasnt been able to build a QB is well…ever. Having Peyton and a chance to be competitive for a couple years wont be the worst thing that ever happened to this franchise.

    RG3 can sit and watch for a year before becoming a bust.

  49. Someone who ruthlessly and repeatedly steals the Super Bowl Week spotlight from his own brother wouldn’t sign with a team in the same division as that brother?


  50. Manning’s wife was spotted in Port St. Lucie buying shower curtains with dolphins on them. Story over.

  51. WThe only way Peyton would go to the Washington is if:

    A. Eli gets traded to SanDiego.
    B. Caldwell replaces Shanahan.
    C. No one else wants him.
    D. He really is a politician..
    .E Hell freezes over.

  52. If Peyton Manning does indeed leave Indy, which I believe he will not (95% my belief). He WILL NOT play in the NFC at any cost.

    Eli Manning had nothing personally against SD when forcing the draft day trade. It is no more than the Manning family as a whole deciding the brothers will not be squaring off knocking one another from potential Super Bowls appearances.

    If Peyton does leave I have no doubt that it will be tp play for an AFC club, all NFC clubs need not apply.

  53. Kyle Orton LMFAO!!!

    Miami will get Manning
    Seattle will Sign Flynn
    Cleveland will land RGIII
    Washington ends up with Kyle Orton

    Yep, you guys are so screwed

  54. If I were an owner, I wouldn’t even consider Manning. No one even knows if he can throw ten yards much less with any accuracy and velocity. And there is no way of knowing if that is ever going to change. The risks of him going down with a career-ending injury on any hit at all is many times greater than any other player, too.

    And let’s not forget the exorbitant price tag that comes along with it.

    Why take that risk if you can draft a decent QB for half the price or less. Then use the remaining money to get a couple of other good players or someone who can coach the new QB into something better than what they have now.

    At this point, now of the teams being talked about are going to the Superbowl next year if they sign Manning or any other QB because they have too many other problems as well. But spending the money more wisely and getting 3 or 4 good players for the price of Manning gives them a chance to be better than this year and in the playoffs in a year or two.

    What fan wouldn’t love to see their subpar team hit .500 in the upcoming season and then go 10-6 or better and in the playoffs the next? That would be a success by anyone’s standards.

  55. “The Post’s beat writer Mike Jones makes the case that signing Kyle Orton would make sense instead of Manning.”

    The most truthful sentance I’ve read on PFT in a long time.

  56. Manning with a healthy roster makes the Redskins a playoff team. They can use the draft pick at #6 on a starting tackle. The 2 spots that cost the Redskins about 3 games last year were QB and rt…if he can be healthy and play 3-4 seasons, and cost zero draft picks, its the best QB move they could make. If he’s healthy, who’s a better QB for them the next few years that’s available??

  57. Kyle Orton LMFAO!!!

    Miami will get Manning
    Seattle will Sign Flynn
    Cleveland will land RGIII
    Washington ends up with Kyle Orton

    Yep, you guys are so screwed
    Redskins land QB Ryan Tannehill and WR Malcolm Floyd by trading back with Cincinnati for the 17th & 21st picks. Yeah, we’re so screwed that we make the playoffs. In free agency, Skins sign Dwayne Bowe….oh we’re so really screwed.

  58. tylerncom…
    While I would say that a 50% manning would still be a better pocket QB than a 100% Tebow at this stage…
    Your statement that Tebow “does not win games” is simply idiotic.

    Was that someone else wearing a Tebow Jersey for the Broncos going on a winning streak to rescue their season and winning a playoff game?

    Guess it must have been…

    And PLEASE don’t go to the “it was the defense”..

    Look at the numbers before you speak. VERY leaky, and VERY suspect in many of the very same games Tebow won. The freaking VIKINGS put up almost 500 yards against the Broncos vaunted “D”.

  59. lostsok says:
    Feb 11, 2012 8:14 PM
    Manning’s wife was spotted in Port St. Lucie buying shower curtains with dolphins on them. Story over.
    You think they use shower curtains?????

  60. The Skins have won the division once in the last 20 years. With only 4 teams in the division they are now challenging the laws of probability. Signing Manning makes them a 7-9 team at best. They should continue to keep their picks and draft good players.

  61. Manning is one big hit away from a wheel chair and is just milking the system. Irsay knows it and so does his advisers. Payton needs to go. The risks are just not worth the rewards and Payton got $23 million last year to do NOTHING on the sidelines. He didn’t help because theQB because he wanted to get PAID AGAIN for not playing.
    Sorry Payton.
    Time To Go.
    Irsay would be INSANE not to cut you.
    Our opinion of yourself,Payton, vs the good of the team (cap) is way over rated.
    Someday, you will get dragged off the field on a
    John Deere Gator… and never move again Payton.
    OOOOPS.. guess the doctors were wrong.
    Then what are you going to do?
    It’s your neck dude.
    I would quit now.
    The risk is not worth the reward.
    Best wishes.
    I hope the $ is worth it if you play again and end up in a wheel chair or worse.

  62. To all who say Skins beat the Giants twice this year! Let’s put it in perspective. They beat a team that was riddled with injury at the time they played last game and an offense that had little time together to start the season. If they played today they would be 20 pt underdog and lose by 24. Lmao!

  63. Why would Peyton want to go to a team with a washed up head coach and a nepotism based inept offensive coordinator?

    Does anyone really think that Shanahans with control freak daddy could use Peyton in any meaningful way?

  64. Well, the “Lavar Arrington Show with Chad Dukes” had callers saying that they didn’t want Cam Newton.

    How did that turn out???

  65. Couldn’t agree more… Sign Peyton Manning emmediately! Kyle @#+* Orton? Are you kidding me? Who ever wrote that must be a Cowboys or Eagles fan. That’s just stupid hater talk. The whole NFC East would be sh**ing their pants if Manning is throwing td’s to Skins wr’s… think about it. Mmmmmmmm, Kyle Orton? hahahaha. Hail!

  66. stevenfbrackett says:
    Feb 11, 2012 9:43 PM
    The risks of him going down with a career-ending injury on any hit at all is many times greater than any other player, too.
    This is one of the things I get most tired of reading about this situation because it is 100% …get that 100% FALSE.
    There was a doctor on NFLN not 4 days ago who performs something like 150 of these procedures a year or something and he said anyone who has this surgery and recovers properly is no more likely to get injured than any other player. LOADS of CONTACT POSITION players like LBs and OLs have had this surgery and returned to play. The DR who cleared Manning said that if he were his SON he would advise him it’s ok to play. The ONLY ISSUE is the nerve regeneration and if his arm will get back to normal due to that.

    The other thing I get tired of is saying he will be a great coach. I disagree. Players like him are very seldom good coaches.

  67. thesarcasm says:
    Feb 11, 2012 3:16 PM
    The Redskins would be low on Manning’s list because he wouldn’t want to face his brother twice a year.

    A waste of time even discussing it.


    And yet, you are on here discussing it?

  68. Gotta laugh at these people who claim they know so much regarding his health status but don’t even know his name is spelled Peyton.

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