Ward releases statement about future with Steelers

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An NFL Network report that Hines Ward won’t be back with the Steelers inspired Ward to craft a response.

The 14-year veteran released the following message on his Facebook page:

“I don’t normally like to respond to rumors, but as I’ve said all along, I want to finish my career with the Pittsburgh Steelers. And as I’ve already told the organization, I am willing to work with them to restructure my contract to make sure this happens,” Ward said.

Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reports via a source “close to Ward” that no one from the Steelers has told Ward the team will release him.  (Of course, the Steelers may still be planning to release Ward and they just haven’t said anything.)

Perhaps Ward’s future comes down to how much of a pay cut he’s willing to take from his scheduled $4 million salary. La Canfora hints the team wouldn’t even bring Ward back to training camp at a minimum salary, but that seems crazy. The Steelers wouldn’t try to let Ward make the team with no promises like a late-career Kevin Faulk or Troy Brown in New England?

If Ward wants a guaranteed salary or more money, then he could try to go elsewhere. We’re not sure he will find a better deal elsewhere.

38 responses to “Ward releases statement about future with Steelers

  1. Its his career he’s earned enough over the 14 years of memories he gave us to decide what he wants to do should we not want him back even at vet minimum but I think I may shed a slight tear to see him in any uniform besides the black and gold of Pittsburgh. If this is it Hines, thanks for everything, you were a true great and professional. Whether it gets retired or not, 86 will only ever truly belong to one legend.

  2. Got to love Hines Ward #86 & the Steelers!
    The best of the best! Doing amazing things off of the field also in terms of philanthropic endeavors – particularly bi-racial children.. Keep it up – you’re our star.

  3. Sorry Hines. Great Career but if Bradshaw, Harris,Woodson etc couldn’t chose the time they left the Steelers neither can you. Its over, you’re no bargain at any price. They need younger faster guys, not leaders.

    RIP Whitney Houston.

  4. I say let him come back at the minimum with the understanding that this will be his final year if he wants to retire a steeler he will accept it, as for people’s remarks to the negative about Hines they only wish they had a player on there fav team with as much passion and determination as he has

  5. Hines Ward and Jerry Rice… the ONLY 2 in the HISTORY of the NFL to have 1000+ catches and atleast 2 SB wins… HALL OF FAME CAREER people…. seems like the normal ending for a NFL legends career… Jerry ended a Denver Bronco and couldnt even get #80 from Rod Smith.. EITHER way this plays out… Hines is in the HOF

  6. You know you were a great player when all the haters come out.

    All the cheap shot artist comments over the years confirm how much he was able to get in the heads of other team’s players and fans.

    Hines always played hard between the whistles and opposing linebackers and d-backs made sure they new where he was or they paid the price.

    There’s two kinds of football fans. Those that like Hines Ward, and those that prefer receivers that don’t block and run out of bounds to avoid contact.

  7. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist.

    Find me an NFL receiver who can’t run 20 yards downfield, peel back and light up some unsuspecting d-back or linebacker from the blindside. Found one? Didn’t think so.

    Now find me one who is capable of doing so, and actually enjoys it. Only one, no? Congrats, you’ve found a cheap shotter.

    Fact of the matter is, any wideout can block like Hines Ward. Ignore what the media wants you to think about him. He’s just one of the few players scummy enough to do that. Where were the blocks that a defender could see coming? Ever. The guy is flat-out not a good blocker. Look at TO, Anquan Boldin, Julio Jones, Andre Johnson, those guys can block, for real.

    While you’re looking for a receiver who can’t block like Hines Ward, I hope you also found one who’s such a mediocre athlete that defenses simply choose not to commit corners to him, even in the prime of his career. A guy who can’t get open against honest coverage. A guy who relies on negligent defenses and trick plays to get open. Found another? Still just Ward, am I wrong?

    I honestly hoped his career ended on a play where he couldn’t handle a pass, but it wound up in the hands of a teammate whom he threw a block for(with the top of his helmet, to their blindside, naturally.) But as usual, my fantastic dreams fail to materialize. I’m still waiting on Marissa Miller to show up on my doorstep too.

    Good riddance, you overrated, cheap-shot artist. You are my least favorite player of all time.

  8. the jets will end up getting him if he gets released they are always picking through other teams trash

  9. If Chris Carter and Andre Reid can’t get in the hall of fame. No way Ward sniffs it. He is a compiler of stats. Never once did he dominate the game as a WR. His career is know more blindsiding defenseless players more then anything else.

  10. I’m not a hater, I’m a realist.

    Find me an NFL receiver who can’t run 20 yards downfield, peel back and light up some unsuspecting d-back or linebacker from the blindside. Found one? Didn’t think so.


    Find me a receiver that is an integral part of their team’s running game– who is called on to block down on a LB or DE on running plays to his side. Now find one who also has 1000 career catches and made 4 Pro Bowls. Only one right? Hines Ward.

    You’re completely wrong about him. To dismiss his talents as a blocking WR is illogical.

  11. Nickster2k= wrong

    Cheap shot artist, overrated, a-hole, now begging to steal another paycheck for another year, hopefully Haley will tell him to beat it

  12. We’ve seen Ward’s statement that says it’s not true and we have yet to hear from the Steelers if they will or will not resign him for a lesser amount so maybe the problem is with the NFL reporter that just needs a story. Guess you can’t believe what you hear now days……….

  13. gooboy6 says:Feb 12, 2012 1:05 PM

    Nickster2k= wrong

    Cheap shot artist, overrated, a-hole, now begging to steal another paycheck for another year, hopefully Haley will tell him to beat it

    Want to check the spelling of the word “right”?
    It’s not spelled “wright”, you stupid, uneducated jack off!!



  14. Hines is the greatest ILLEGAL BLOCKING WR ever to play the game! way to go Hines… he can also catch the ball but can’t get open on his own with man to man coverage… even with the worst DB’s in the league… i have to be honest… i hate this guy with a passion… he may have a lot of stats with the steelers… but any WR that has been around this long BETTER have something to his resume… yup he’s a great blocker alright… when the man he is blocking is NOT LOOKING… but i gotta give it to him… he does it ALL THE TIME and NEVER gets called for it… i guess that’s a pretty nice skill to have to get away with it ALL THE TIME… i will never forget Jarrett Johnson laying him on his ass last season LEGALLY head on… not from the blindside… funniest part about it is that he saw it coming and STILL got knocked on his butt… honestly i could care less if he comes back another year or not… another year older… another chance to see that happen ONE MORE TIME…

  15. Even (especially!) all the hater the haters spew is a tribute to Hines Ward’s greatness.

    He is so good his enemies can’t help but rage about how great he ain’t!

    High comedy!

    #86 Forever, baby.

  16. @raven4life21

    Good Gooooood…let the hate flow through you.

    You will remember Hines Ward a lot longer than you will Jarrett Johnson.

  17. I’d like to think that the Steeler organization would want is to have a player that’s given as much to the team as Hines has would want him finishing his career out in different colors. Case in point, Franco Harris.

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