Belichick says golf helps take his mind off the Super Bowl


Patriots coach Bill Belichick headed to Pebble Beach a few days after losing Super Bowl XLVI, and he came across as surprisingly upbeat in a TV appearance there on Saturday.

“It’s a tough loss, a tough couple days, but Pebble Beach is a great spot to take your mind off some of the troubles we had,” Belichick said on CBS.

Seated next to his friend Nick Saban, the head coach at Alabama, Belichick was enjoying himself.

“It’s awesome,” Belichick said. “It’s great to spend time with Nick and the pros here. Just to be out here at Pebble Beach.”

Although Belichick surely hasn’t played any golf since the lockout ended, he’s apparently playing pretty well at Pebble Beach. He and partner Ricky Barnes are in seventh place in the pro-am.

23 responses to “Belichick says golf helps take his mind off the Super Bowl

  1. Being in seventh is all part of his plan. just wait until he unleashes OchoCinco, whom he successfuly kept hidden from the league all year.

  2. I don’t play golf but it seems as if it can be quite frustrating and ANTI relaxing if you are no good at it. So he must be pretty decent at it if it’s helping take his mind off the season.

  3. @bigjimatch

    Pretty funny. I don’t think Patriots Nation ever lost hope on that even though the idea was completely ridiculous. And I say that as a Patriots fan. What a bust and a waste of money. Great locker room guy, but that’s not worth the money.

  4. I heard that when he plays someone at golf he takes away what the other guy does best.

    Putters are missing everywhere at Pebble this week.

  5. First Gronk and Light dancing ,now this? They lost. They should be in a dark room sobbing and watching film.

  6. Golf takes his mind off football because it’s completely different than what he’s used to.

    No matter how much hidden video you have on your opponent, it can’t make a 4 foot putt for you.

  7. Gotta love the camera jokes since the Patriots have had th.e best record in the NFL since 2007. Belichick took what most pundits called the worst defense in the NFL to the SB. Belichick has had the Patriots in the SB 5 out of the last 10 seasons.

    I am disappointed they lost the SB but I know they weren’t the most balanced team in the NFL and at the end the defense couldn’t close the deal.I would be more disappointed as a Packers fans or maybe even a Saints fan knowing that those teams were probably the best teams in the NFL and lost when the game counted the most.

    The Patriots are a young team loaded with draft choices and cap space and will one of the elite teams next season and the season beyond.

    In Belichick we trust ! Enjoy the golf BB.

  8. Apparently he’s playing well or he’d be the same old Belichick. Always wondered what type of guy he was at home….does he answer his wife’s questions like he does the media….non answers and looking mad at the world.

  9. I’m sure he’s getting the inside line from Nick on which SEC guys he should go after in the draft with his 2 #1’s and 2 #2’s.

    They have the $$ for early round picks under control now, the Pats are under the cap, and Brady is entering into his last few years… it’s time to cash in the the chips, Bill. Go ALL IN!

  10. Referring to Belichick as “BB” is getting almost as annoying as the overuse of the word “targeted” in the NFL media this year.

  11. @ampats

    You say that the packers and saints lost when it counted most? Lol… So the Super Bowl isn’t when it counts the most?

    And best regular season record means squat. BB hasn’t won a championship since he was caught cheating. FACT!

  12. One more thing, ampats, their defense was ranked 15 th in the league…far from the worst. The giants defense was 23rd. And blaming the defense for the Super Bowl loss is crazy. The defense of the Pats held the Giants to their average ppg on the season. However, the Patriots offense scored 15 points less than what they averaged.

    Tom Brady and the rest of the offense choked just like they choked 4 years ago. Haha

  13. @marinephinfan:
    Bet it would be nice to cheer for your team, but you can’t. They suck. They’ve sucked for years. So now, you have nothing better to do than try to tear down the greatest NFL franchise of the 21rst century,using excuses and fantasies. Bet you saw bigfoot and UFOs too. Anyone but the Pats,right? 5 SB’s in 11 years. That’s gotta hurt. As you would say, HAHA. Child.

  14. @tedmurph

    Awww…what’s wrong? Did I hurt your feelings? Please do tell…which part of my posts weren’t 100% accurate?

    15th ranked defense?
    Not winning a championship after getting caught cheating?
    Pats offense put up half their average during the season?
    Anything else? Hahaha

  15. Well, your words betray you. You’re whining like my kids did when they cut their first tooth. On top of that you’re asinine comments about UFO’s and bigfoot show that you’re enraged about your team choki…er…losing. Angry people typically don’t make sense and you’re no exception Also, your inability to answer any of my question rationally show that I have somehow hurt your feelings. Does the truth hurt? I mean, I can understand your frustrations. Every season you get to hear about how great the Pats are only to see them choke away “when it really counts” to quote one of your fellow Patriot fans.

    ohh, and…

    HAHA!! 😉

  16. Belichick and his friend Nick Saban?
    It figures that the Evil Empire is in cohorts with Nick Satan.

    Can you imagine the conversations between these guys?

    Who’s soul will they prey on next?

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