Kevin Faulk “cried a little bit” when he learned he wouldn’t dress for Super Bowl


Last Sunday, Patriots coach Bill Belichick opted not to activate running back Kevin Faulk for the Super Bowl.  It came as a major surprise, and disappointment, to a man who could have been suiting up for the last time.

“That morning when I got the word that I wasn’t going to dress — wow,” Faulk tells NESN, via  “[I] cried a little bit because 75 percent of me knew that this could possibly be my last game playing — not playing just dressing.  If I dressed there could possibly be that much of a chance that I could play, so that really crushed me a whole lot.”

Faulk, 35, has played only for the Patriots since entering the league in 1999.  He tore an ACL in 2010, and he appeared in only seven regular-season games in 2011.  He last played in the Patriots’ 45-10 win over the Broncos in the AFC division-round playoffs.

Many now believe Faulk will retire.  “I know everyone speculated that I was going to make a decision [after the Super Bowl],” Faulk said.  “It’s kind of early, and I don’t want to tie my emotions to what went on the Sunday that passed. What went on the whole course of the season.”

Faulk, Tom Brady, and Matt Light are the only three remaining players from the Patriots team that defeated the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

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  1. Belichick made so many bad karma moves for the Superbowl. He didn’t dress Faulk, he released Underwood hours before the game, and he told his defense to force the Giants to throw to Manningham. If Spygate wasn’t enough, he still doesn’t recognize that Fate has it in for him when he messes with other people’s psyche.

  2. I was shocked he didn’t dress. He’s been such a huge part ofte Pats success and deserved the chance to play. He had a great Patriots career and I wish him the best.

  3. Classy player, some time the team and coach has to take some hard decision. Woody head played really well, so him sitting out justified. Want him to part in good terms with pats.

  4. Crying. Partying post Game. OutSpoken Wives. Caught on Camera giving wrong coverage plan. Butterfingers. No wonder this outfit lost.

  5. I love how these old time Patriots all gloat and talk about the “Patriots way” until that way bites them in the ass. What are you crying for? You know what your coach is capable of.

  6. I think anyone would. He spent all of his career there, and the possible last game to play in, he sits the bench. I would cry a little but, too.

  7. @ dubaradhandi

    Faulk didn’t sit for Woodhead. He sat in favor of Ridley, who didn’t even get into the game. THAT’S what pisses me off about it! Faulk should have dressed. The first post on this thread had it right. Belichick messed with karma. You just don’t do that.

    However, I disagree about lumping in Manningham. That was the absolute right strategy call. Cruz had been killing EVERYBODY down the stretch. He had 25 yarsds in the SB, and the TD he had should have been going the other way if Mayo was watching where he was going. Nicks had a great game. But, Manningham–the 3rd WR–was the guy that beat you. If the 3rd WR is the reason you win, then more power to ya.

  8. .

    Belichick will always dress the 53 players he feels will give him the best chance to win that weeks game. As difficult as the Faulk situation was, other players on the team may respect the fact that whether you’re an street free agent or a high draft choice , the best players play that particular week.


  9. If karma and fate punish pats every year after 2007 …its doing the same to 31 other teams. In fact its very nice to pats compared to the other non-stop failure teams. So, what did the other team do for being punished?

  10. >Faulk, Tom Brady, and Matt Light are the only three remaining players from the Patriots team that defeated the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI.

    That’s why the Patriots aren’t a traditional “dynasty” like the Steelers of the 70’s. If they had won last Sunday they should have been looked at as an entirely different team, sort of like Steve Young’s 49’ers winning the Super Bowl even though there was a tiny bit of carry-over from the Joe Montana era.

  11. How low does your IQ have to be to believe that anytime something doesn’t go some’s way it was Karma?

  12. The cutting of Tiquan Underwood was the biggest non-story of all time. He wasn’t going to dress and they thought that the needed the roster spot for a DE. He got paid for the game and was re-signed on the following Monday, a situation that I m certain he was apprised of upon learning that he wouldn’t be playing.

    Kevin Faulk, on the other hand, had a role, even if it was only fielding punts. He is an All-timer. He’ll make an excellent Coach, I’m sure. All the best, Kevin. Thanks for the great memories.

  13. Not Karma
    They were out coached and out played plain and simple

    It was Tom Eli and the gang
    It was a true team that won the game 53 playing as one.

    Were the Giants the best team in the 17 weeks of regular play no they were not they were good enough to get to the dance

    Then in the playoffs they were the best team that is what matters yeah washington beat them twice and that got washington a higher draft pick so they can not get RG3

  14. Kevin Faulk is the longest tenured Patriot. He is among the biggest favorites among fans and has been clutch most of his career. I was shocked he wasn’t on the game day roster for the Super Bowl.

    Many refer to him as “Mr Patriot”, which is a title reserved for only the absolute best leaders and players on the team. Troy Brown had a similar distinction.

    That said, it’s time for Kevin to strongly consider coaching or golfing… or something other than football.

  15. I thought it was a tough move but his touches over the last 6 games were minimal (zero?) and Ridley was emerging. Ridley was easily the most explosive back. Faulks only action vs Denver was catching punts in 30 MPH winds.

    For a while I thought Gronk’s injury might yield more runs, so more need for Ridley, but as I reflect I wonder if w/o Gronk and facing a deficit early, if Faulk could have been used as a receiver in a smurf lineup w/ WHead, Welker, Hernandez, Branch, etc . Other than Chad’s one play, Brady never looked his way.

  16. What’s really funny about the people defending Belicheat and talking about how hard the decision was and how Coach was putting the best players on the field.

    Give me a freakin break. Ochostinko not only dressed but got a freakin going away gift by getting his name on the stat sheet for the Super Bowl.

    Chad was rewarded for doing nothing for the whole 1 year he was on the team while a guy who’s given everything for the franchise wasn’t even allowed to dress and run out of the tunnel with his teammates in the biggest game in professional sports.

    Way to Stay Classy Patriots….

  17. I think Belichick made a big mistake by not playing Faulk. Brady says Faulk knows more about football than any player he’s ever met and especially about the Patriots’ offensive system. He’s also played in and won Super Bowls with Brady. So Brady believes in him and trusts him; as a person, player and team member.

    I believe Faulk would have been a valuable safety valve for Brady because he knows how to get open and gain yardage after the catch. He can get the first down when needed; especially in such a big game. What’s more, I believe he would have been a stabilizing and confidence building influence in the huddle; especially for Brady.

    Faulk has not been one to let the pressure of being on a big stage undermine his confidence, vision or skills. Brady, on the other hand, has. In my opinion Faulk would have been a calming influence on Brady and kept him from believing he had to win the Super Bowl by himself. Faulk’s presence alone would have relieved much of the intense pressure and sense of urgency Brady felt.

    Belichick is described as the genius of coaches, but I believe that because he too often operates from such a structured, hard and fast game plan, he often dismisses or overlooks intangibles that could help the Patriots win; intangibles like using Faulk who brings his knowledge, big game experience and winning spirit to to the offense.

    I’m not saying Faulk would definitley have been the difference between winning and losing, but I do believe what he brings to a game might have been just what Brady and company needed to keep the game for Myra Kraft in perspective and able play all sixty minutes of winning football.

  18. You guys may not remember but the Pats did nothing but lose superbowls before Brady and now are just getting back to where they were before. Pride always comes before the fall, Bill was a douche in Cleveland so whats changed? I can’t wait till they realize that Brady is done and they have to move on to the next QB, it will be worse that what Indy is doing to Payton

  19. Alls he did all those years was make plays, clutch play after clutch play after clutch play. Never even the #1 RB, but he was THE guy they counted on when it mattered……Great career, sad to see it end that way, if it does……….He’s one of the guys like Troy Brown and Mike Alstott and Brian Mitchell who won’t get in the HOF because of their stats, but boy do they belong!!

  20. I cried a little bit when I learned an NFL team actually made a conscious decision to tape other teams practices in an effort to steal their signals.

  21. 6ball says:Feb 12, 2012 6:31 PM


    Belichick will always dress the 53 players he feels will give him the best chance to win that weeks game. As difficult as the Faulk situation was, other players on the team may respect the fact that whether you’re an street free agent or a high draft choice , the best players play that particular week.

    (I do understand you point that you are making, but only 46 players get dressed for the game)

  22. Kevin Faulk is on par with Troy Brown as a true Patriot. I wonder, what if he had dressed for the Super Bowl……?

  23. “How low does your IQ have to be to believe that anytime something doesn’t go some’s way it was Karma?”

    @patriotera : Oh, what an original forum handle. FYI, it doesn’t take a genius to understand the role of ‘luck’ in a championship season, and the relationship between good fortune and karma – that which causes the entire cycle of cause and effect.

  24. Kevin Faulk, I respect you, you should’ve been active for the SB.
    bigbluefan1: The Gmen were not the best football team in the regular season. Come week 16, they were motivated by Rex and they kicked the Jets ass (I’m a Jet fan). From there they got hot. It shows that you don’t have to have “the dream team,” you need good chemistry and to be the hottest team. The GMen were the hottest team BY FAR and deservingly won the SB.

  25. Great player. Nothing to be ashamed of or angry about here. I was surprised, after knee surgery, they signed him again for this year.

    Thanks for all the great plays, Kevin, and thanks for being Moss’ “mellow” friend and keeping him mostly sane from 2007-2009.

  26. Kevin Faulk is one of those players that you have to watch to really appreciate the type of player he is. You can’t just look at his stats and judge him. He’s a great 3rd down back and IMO is a Patriot All Time Great.

  27. I wonder if people realize that by Belichick cutting Underwood and not dressing Faulk, 2 other Patriots got a chance to play in the Super Bowl.

  28. It was the Super Bowl and the New England Patriots wanted to make sure that they had people in uniform that could make a difference. As a New York Giants fan I laugh at the criticism of this because everyone is forgetting that the NFL is a business and when you don’t win, you possibly lose your job. Say what you want, but Kevin Faulk hasn’t been a contributor to the Patriots for a while now and it was either dress him as a charity case or dress someone that could make a special teams difference or make a play. Simple decision, and lets not feel sorry for Faulk who has multiple rings to his name.

  29. Faulk got jobbed by Belly Check….just as many of Patriot veterans do. No loyalty there. What a great guy. Steven Ridley or the sage experience of a veteran? That’s a no brainer.

  30. I don’t follow the Patriots very often as an Eagles fan, but when I read this, I was surprised – surprised because I thought Faulk was out of the league after that ACL. He played in 7 games this year? wow, talk about durability! He was a beast at LSU, a true pro in NE! Too bad BB is such a d*ck!

  31. Kevin Faulk is the consumate NFL professional football player. Belichick is the consumate NFL professional football coach. I expect both men hold each other in the highest regard. The coach did what he believed was in the team’s best interest.

    Belichick and Brady are the two main reasons the Patriots have gone to the Super Bowl five times in the last eleven years (one with Brady out for the season).

    The Patriots are favored again by the oddsmakers to not only go to Super Bowl XLVII but to win the game. That is due not only to their track record but also to their ability to win while positioning themselves for further improvement and success.

    Virtually every poster that slams Belichick, Brady, and the Patriots exhibits envy, not logic. There is no such thing as karma but there is physics. Could it be that that power of your negative envy helps fuel the positive performance of the Patriots. If so, we thank you.

  32. @tigerlilac: Using your theory, I guess there wasn’t too much ‘negative envy’ toward the Patriots in the Superbowl – they lost with another sub-par performance. And FYI, outside of the New england area, the Pats might be the most reviled NFL team due to their fans’ arrogance and sense of entitlement. Their ‘success’ during the regular season comes at the expense of a weak schedule – they never beat a team with a winning record in 2011. The only team they did beat with a winning record came in the postseason – the Ravens – and was by benefit of a last minute dropped TD pass. Vegas loves the Pats for the SB because they usually make money on them. I always have by betting against them – they either don’t cover or lose outright.

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