Sunday morning one-liners

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Moving to a 4-3 defense will likely have an impact in how the Bills approach the draft.

Alabama LB Courtney Upshaw, mentioned as a possible Dolphins selection, is back to work preparing for the Scouting Combine.

Bill Reiter of thinks that the Patriots are headed down a rocky path after the last week.

The Jets’ decision to guarantee T Wayne Hunter’s contract doesn’t mean they won’t look for an upgrade.

RB Keon Lattimore, brother of Ravens LB Ray Lewis, is trying to keep his NFL dream alive.

Jeffri Chadiha of believes Terrell Owens acted like he never needed the Bengals or his other teams, which is why no one is stepping up to sign him now.

Brian Baldinger of NFL Network predicts the Browns will make the playoffs in 2012.

Joe Starkey of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review finds himself fascinated by the perceived power struggle within the Steelers.

McNeese State S Janzen Jackson’s athleticism draws favorable comparisons to Texans WR Jacoby Jones.

Cutting ties with Peyton Manning is tough, but it’s nothing compared to the ties Colts owner Jim Irsay’s father cut when he took the team to Indianapolis.

Jaguars T Eugene Monroe’s third NFL season was his most productive.

The Titans might not find the pass rush help they need in the draft.

Jeremy Lin, the breakout star of the NBA season, credits Broncos QB Tim Tebow as an inspiration.

A neck injury ended Chiefs offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s playing career in college and pushed him toward coaching.

Is Oregon RB LaMichael James a possibility for the Raiders?

A look at most of the major decisions that the Chargers face this offseason.

Do the Cowboys fade late in the season or do their schedules get tougher?

Giants WR Victor Cruz breaks down his whirlwind season.

Eagles DE Jason Babin agrees with Trent Cole’s assessment of how close the team was to having a successful season.

What are the risks involved with the Redskins pursuing QB Matt Flynn?

Bears DT Anthony Adams saw his playing time drop sharply this season.

Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press looks at what the Lions and the rest of the NFC North need to do this offseason.

Do the Packers need to keep raising ticket prices?

A look at the plan to use electronic pull-tab games to help finance the new Vikings stadium.

The screen pass could be a bigger part of the Falcons offense in 2012.

TE Jeremy Shockey is one of the high-priority free agents with the Panthers.

The Drew Brees contract is just one piece of a complicated Saints offseason.

Buccaneers QB Josh Freeman said he thinks Mike Sullivan’s hiring as offensive coordinator is “good news.”

The Cardinals might benefit from finding more ways to use RB LaRod Stephens-Howling.

WR Brandon Lloyd is at the top of the list of Rams free agents.

San Jose State is building a new football complex named after SJSU alum and former 49ers coach Bill Walsh.

During Cortez Kennedy’s Hall of Fame career with the Seahawks, he sacked Raiders quarterbacks more often than those of any other team.

6 responses to “Sunday morning one-liners

  1. What the heck is Bill Reiter of FOXsports talking about?? Troubled roads becuz of a babbling wife, a crazy TE, and a Sound Fx bit with the correct plan and a great play? No pass rush, yes…no vertical threat, yes….poor secondary, yes…..but the 3 he picked, no…

    This is a case of wishful thinking…..Pats still have 3 more productive years to chase a title…

  2. From the Green Bay Press….”The gravy train keeps rolling for the Green Bay Packers.

    Their stock sale has generated a mind-boggling $65 million in a two-month span.

    Their share of the NFL’s new network television contract will be far in excess of $100 million per year and, when added to other league-generated revenue, that figure will approach $200 million per year.”
    It’s actually a good article and shows how Packer mgmt. and board of directors knows that it can continue to take advantage of those “stockholder owners” because they’re to naive to understand that they are getting played. My problem is with how the NFL is allowing the other 31 teams to “get played” by the packers. If the NFL wants to allow the Packers to have exclusive rights to print funny money, then that $65 million from funny money should be subtracted from the overall NFL revenue sharing that the Packers get from the other 31 teams…….or otherwise open up the printing presses to the other 31 teams. If the Green Bay and the Packers want to be treated like the other “big boys”, then it’s time they are required to act like the other 31 big boys. In addition, while this has nothing to do with revenue, it does provide an unfairness as to the play of the game. Why when a player from any of the other 31 teams jumps into the stands or as Vernon Davis did in the NFC Championship game against the Giants, get their team penalized 15 yards on the kickoff for excessive celebration after a TD but yet the Packers have yet another exclusive right to jump into the stands after they score a TD? How can it be so difficult for ANY sporting event to expect the two opponents to play by the exact same rules???????????????

  3. Is Oregon RB LaMichael James a possibility for the Raiders?

    Nope, they have RB Taiwan Jones. I can see him going to the Seahawks and pairing him with RB Marshawn Lynch for a little bit of Thunder and Lightning.

  4. Brian Baldinger
    of NFL Network predicts the Browns will make the playoffs in 2012.

    This dude has taken to many shots to the head.

    Browns to the playoff in 2012 with no QB & the division they play in. Come on Brian??

  5. Amazing… The eagles are still patting themselves on the back for feeling “close” to being a good team !
    Vick will never let them win anything of importance.

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