Brandon Jacobs steps in to fill Jason Pierre-Paul’s wrestling boots


After Giants defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul declined an invitation to participate in a pro wrestling show, teammate Brandon Jacobs decided to take his place.

Alex Marvez of reports that Jacobs will step into the ring Monday night during a TNA Wrestling taping. The appearance will air Thursday night on Spike TV.

Jacobs will apparently confront wrestler Kurt Angle in something that stops short of a full-scale wrestling match. Going all-out with body slams and pile drivers could violate Jacobs’ contract with the Giants, but when other NFL players like Adam “Pacman” Jones and Bart Scott have participated in TNA events, they attempted to walk a fine line of participating in wrestling while not risking injury.

Jacobs would appear to be a natural for pro wrestling; after the Super Bowl he conducted an interview with NFL Network’s Albert Breer that was reminiscent of Scott’s “Can’t wait” interview with ESPN’s Sal Paolantonio, which helped Scott get the TNA Wrestling gig last year.

17 responses to “Brandon Jacobs steps in to fill Jason Pierre-Paul’s wrestling boots

  1. If he goes down as easy in the ring as he does on the football then it should be NOT WORTH WATCHING.

  2. Brandon Jacobs is one of the most ignorant guys on the field.

    Makes minimal contributions to his teams success and then is one of the loudest guys demanding praise from everyone he sees.

  3. Brandon Jacobs could possibly make the conversion to wrestling. When his career is over, he has the personality and size. to do it. The question would be why? Most wrestlers do it for the money. If anyone was a star in the nfl, they have money. If they ever choose to become pro wrestlers for wwe or tna. It would not be for the money. Fun or attention?? who knows but I’ll check it out

  4. Jacobs, you get a lot of headlines, mostly for being loud and obnoxious – for a backup RB. But the media in NY tells you how great you are…you’re just a taller/darker version of Darryl Johnston – except he could block.

  5. hope he doesnt do that whole run across the ring bounce off the ropes routine cuz there is no way he can run that far without being knocked down by a minor gust of wind

  6. Like Mr. T. Except the man wears two rings. Let the hate rain down all over…

    Speaking of hate…Why haven’t we heard from Tiki after the superbowl

  7. Guaranteed that 90% of the haters on here will be clamoring for their team to sign Jacobs if the Giants don’t re-work his deal starting with those pukes down the pike who seriously claim that they’d rather sweep the Giants than win SBs.

  8. You should keep winning rings with the Giants and shut up.

    On second thought, we don’t want you anymore. Please go away. Good luck rasslin’ Bob Backlund, or Jimmy Snuka or whoever the kids like nowadays. Maybe Ultimate Warrior. That guy was awesome.

  9. We all know the guy might not be able to shut his trap and trips over his own feet an awful lot.

    But you clowns who think he’s “easy” to take down — Laron Landry, Brian Urlacher, Charles Woodson, Roman Harper and other actual real-life grown-up football players will disagree.

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