Brandon Jacobs would be interested in joining the Jets

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As Giants running back Brandon Jacobs begins to come to grips with the fact that a $500,000 roster bonus and a $4 million base salary and a looming 30th birthday could result in the end of his tenure with the team, Jacobs would be willing to stay in the same stadium.

As a member of the Jets.

Jacobs has expressed interest in playing for the Jets less than two months after telling coach Rex Ryan, “It’s time to shut up, fat boy” after the Giants beat the Jets on Christmas Eve.  Jacobs also said after the game that “Rex Ryan is a disrespectful bastard,” and that the “Jets have a big mouth, big belly coach that talks too much.”

So what has changed?

It was a situation,” Jacobs told the New York Times regarding his post-game spat with Rex.  “We were rivals then.  There’s no apology needed.”

So does Jacobs mean that Rex doesn’t need to apologize, or that Jacobs doesn’t need to apologize?  Either way, Jacobs apparently thinks no one needs to say they’re sorry.

“I like the way Rex handles his business,” Jacobs said.  “The guys on that team I know, know how I feel.”

Here’s how Jacobs likely feels:  He’ll play for any team that wants him and that will pay him something more than the one-year veteran minimum.

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  1. Cue the haters complaining that Jacobs is only saying the right things because he wants to get paid. As if that’s a bad thing. As if most working people don’t do that everyday. As if people’s emotions don’t change depending on the situation. As if any commenters on this site know what it’s like to have their work and effort criticized by a sports news media machine everyday.

  2. “Here’s how Jacobs likely feels: He’ll play for any team that wants him and that will pay him something more than the one-year veteran minimum.”

    Guess someone is still pissed the Giants pissed in your Patriots cheerio’s bowl.
    But in reality, if he played for the Jets he wouldn’t have to move. That to me would be a big plus.

  3. Nothing like realizing as a player with declining skills that you need to make more friends than enemies in this league. Let the asz kissing and butt smooches begin for Blow Job Jacobs.

  4. I hope people take the time to read the article in the link, and not the title of this article. That’s the mistake people make. Jacobs would have no grudge if it were the Jets that offered him a decent contract in his eyes, same as if the Colts, Chiefs, Rams, Browns, etc would offer him a contract.

    Also remember people, he didn’t grab a microphone, asked to be recorded and blogged about as many people seem to think that’s the case whenever they see quotes from a player.

  5. Seriously? Nice headline. I don’t see any quote here saying he’d like to play for the Jets. I have, however, seen many from him saying he’d restructure a fair deal to stay on the Giants.

  6. Oh, you’re down with the fat boy now that you’e gotten a few of the bills for your “fast-ass” car, eh tip toes? Pfft, please, this waste of chromosomes can run to someone elses sideline for a minimal gain, ship this bum outta NY and keep it that way.

  7. That’s fine Brandon, you can go there and not make any 3rd and 1 or 4th and 1. As a Giants fan, this is the one player that I will never buy a jersey for. He doesn’t shut his mouth.

    I find it hilarious when he miraculously runs more than 5 yards and gets up pounding his chest and acting like he just ran 50 yards.

    As much as he seems to ignite players in the locker room, I just can’t find a way to like him.

  8. haha “it was a situation.”

    that’s a good one, i’m going to use that one next time i’m explaining some bone-headery

  9. Just when I though we were done hearing his mouth there he goes again, still haven’t heard him respond to Jerry Rice calling him soft though….

  10. Speaking of this ‘rivalry’ business, someone tell Reggie Wayne that his signing with the Patriots would mean nothing. The Pats/Colts don’t have a rivalry, Brady and Manning do and Manning will be playing elsewhere in 2012.

  11. See ya thnx for da passion n production on the field (sumtimes) u got 2 rings go motivate sum other team u still duin it the #giantsway #sb46kingz

  12. I’m not sure what job interview book Brandon Jacobs read…but I strongly suggest that no one else use it.

    Calling your future boss names is NOT the best way to get hired. Trust me on this.

  13. howmanyringsyourteamgot says:
    Feb 13, 2012 10:23 PM
    Just when I though we were done hearing his mouth there he goes again, still haven’t heard him respond to Jerry Rice calling him soft though….


    I find it funny you didn’t as PFT ALWAYS posts Giants players quotes like they are the only team in the NFL.

    Jerry Rice can call Brandon Jacobs “soft” as often as he wants. But the Giants tailback is sure of one thing: The Hall of Fame receiver wouldn’t come close to touching Jacobs on a football field.
    “If he feels that way, he feels that way,” Jacobs said of Rice on Thursday. “I bet you he won’t tackle me.”

    Jacobs was responding to Rice’s comments on ESPN a day earlier. The 49ers great had said that Jacobs did not run with toughness, saying he was “upset” when he watched the 265-pound Jacobs get tackled by defensive backs who weighed far less.

    Jacobs, who said he had “nothing negative to say about Jerry,” did his best not to disagree, but he does plan to show his toughness in Sunday’s NFC Championship game. The Niners bring in a tough, physical defensive unit that ranked first in the league in rushing yards allowed, and they have a penchant for knocking opposing tailbacks out of the game.

  14. @situsavaisprier

    Thank you so much for ripping articles off the net that are past due there relevance….Jackass number 2.

  15. my fault wow I take that back. I am Jackass number 2 now. I need to put my beer goggles down and my reading glasses on haha.

  16. I love how these players can trash talk and hate one another. But when they are possibly in need for another team, they didn’t mean it. Ever hear the saying “don’t burn your bridges?”. We wouldn’t want Jacobs anyways, he runs way to soft for a guy that size.

  17. Jacobs is such a gasbag.

    Guy will say anything to stay relevant. I’ll give him that.

    Jumping in for JPP, spokesman for Plax, talking about Giselle, just shut up already and go away you can’t even get us a 3rd and short man.

  18. “Brandon Jacobs would be interested in joining the Jets” Yeah, and I’d be interested in banging every good looking chick I see, but it won’t happen. Get my point Brandon?

  19. I’m a life long Giants fan and this guy does wear on me. The reality of it is, he is a painfully stupid man. Genetics gives all of us gifts and burdens. Brandon got to be big, but is dumb as a rock. That’s why you see his quotes everywhere. The press knows they can exploit him. He’s a sucker and they use him for headlines. Saying this guy has a college education is like saying I’m the Queen of England. I’m a little disappointed that the Giants never gave him a “handler”. Some intern or minimum wage schmoe to grab Brandon’s jersey everytime a reporter shows up and take Brandon away. If you ever heard him give a “thoughtful” interview, you realize he really doesn’t know any better. Honestly, I figure five years out of the NFL, max, and he will be penniless. “Friends” and family will exploit him and he doesn’t have the capacity to protect himself. Now with all that said, he has played in two Super Bowls and he has earned two Super Bowl rings. There isn’t a single one of us here that can say the same. So, dumb – yes. Talks too much – yes. Got the coolest memories on the block – yes.

  20. cowboysfromdallas says:
    Feb 13, 2012 11:08 PM
    mh28102 says:
    Feb 13, 2012 9:59 PM
    Dear Brandon Jacobs,

    F— off.

    -From All Jet Fans

    20 1

    Dear Jet fans,

    F— off.

    – The rest of the NFL


    Coming from a Cowboys Fan…..LOL

  21. Get the feeling BJ know the meaning of the words ‘team’ and ‘player’ when used separately.

    Doubt the use of both as word registers in his dictionary. Sounds like he’d be a great fit with the Jets then.

  22. as a life long jets fan I would like to say that I hate the jets because they have done stuff like this before. don’t forget they brought in Jason Taylor after he did nothing but bash the jets his whole career in Miami. I would be surprised if Jacobs was on the jets next year.

  23. Put Brandon Jacobs in the jets locker room and punch Matt Barkley’s ticket to NY with their first pick in the 2013 draft.

  24. Hey Brandon take a whiff. That burning smell is coming from the bridges you torched on your meteoric rise to mediocrity. Have fun in Cincinnati or Cleveland.

  25. “I will *not* be denied one yard.” – Brandon Jacobs, April 23, 2005

    “I will *not* be denied one more payday.” – Brandon Jacobs, February 13, 2012

  26. What would the Jets want him for? He isn’t very good, so go find another team?
    After insulting the Jets and their fans, he’s got a nerve wanting to play for them.

  27. If any of you listened to the interview, Jacobs said He would be willing to renegotiate his counteract with the Giants (as he did last year) and if that didn’t work out he would like to stay in NY as he likes living here and would be willing to sign with the jets.

  28. I don’t get all the hate for Jacobs. Seriously. Put his name and dumb comments aside for a second and simply look at the actual facts, which are:

    1) He’s 30 years old
    2) Has relatively low tread wear (compared to someone like Ray Rice whose legs will be shot by age 28)
    3) Voluntarily took a pay cut to afford guy that took his starter’s job and has already said he’ll take another cut to stay with NY.
    4) Might be the best blitz pickup back in the entire league
    5) All-time Giants rushing TD leader
    6) Great locker room guy
    7) When used properly and when the o-line actually blocks, can still soften up the best defenses
    8) Stays out of trouble
    9) Has TWO Super Bowl rings.

    Really, the guy is the antithesis of Santonio Holmes who quit on the Jets, grossly underachieved, teammates don’t like him, is me-first, and is still overpaid for the next two years.

  29. My comment should not have an emoticon. I guess when you put the number eight behind a parentheses, you get a sunglassed smiley face.

    “best defenses. 8. Stays out of trouble”

  30. Jets fans have no standing to comment on Jacobs. They wouldn’t know what a team leader looked like if he smacked them upside the head.

  31. A player who runs his mouth and makes the rest of his team try to back it up for him. A match made in heaven.

  32. crazycane says:
    Feb 14, 2012 7:56 AM
    SG is better than Jacobs.

    Jacobs rips one 11 yd TD run every 4 games but talks like he’s Barry f’ing Sanders.


    Brandon Jacobs has over 60 TDs, and 2 rings.

    Big mouth or NOT –
    Comparing him to SG is actually comical. When ANY Jet RB does what Jacobs has, then you can talk. Curtis Martin was a LONG time ago.

  33. Telling that fat slob Rex to shut the f up was pretty classic. Man, the G-Men really stuck it to the cross town jetsies. Too funny.

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