Butch Davis will be a “special assistant” to Greg Schiano


The Bucs have come up with the appropriate title so that Butch Davis can get his entire severance package from UNC.

Tampa Bay officially announced Davis was added to the team’s staff as a “special assistant to the head coach.”

MDS mentioned a few days ago that Davis’ role with the Bucs was up in the air because Davis wanted to continue collecting paychecks from UNC.

As part of his severance package after leaving UNC amid scandal, Davis would have received less money or no money from the school if he got another coaching job between 2013-2015. But the Bucs are saying Davis is not a coach. He’s an assistant to the coach. Instead of an assistant coach.

Pat Yasinskas of ESPN.com notes Davis won’t be allowed to do any on-field coaching, unlike senior offensive assistant Jimmy Raye. Davis apparently is choosing to be stationed inside during practice so he can still collect the severance.

This is a story to keep in mind next time you hear a coach say they do their jobs because of a love for the job, and that they’d do the job for free.

25 responses to “Butch Davis will be a “special assistant” to Greg Schiano

  1. There are obviously bad feelings between Butch Davis and UNC. Do not be surprised to see this one end up in court…..in the State of North Carolina.

  2. Bucs are playing with courtroom fire here. Coaching can be very liberally construed, and it doesn’t occur only outdoors. Bucs can get sued for helping perpetuate a fraud – which is collecting money not owed.

  3. Unless they are planning on finding a “defensive coordinator” for less than $600k per year, they should just up Davis’ salary by the amount UNC is paying him.

  4. Jimmy Raye and Butch Davis, you have to be kidding. I’d rather take a chance on some kid then let these 2 freeloading clowns even look at my football team, let alone coach it, or pretend to coach it or whatever Davis is doing. Dark days have returned to Tampa.

  5. Why do Butch Davis and the Bucs think UNC is that stupid? We all know what is going on and so will the UNC lawyers. Good luck with that one Bucs. You should have told Butch to man up or get out.

  6. Well, how much money are we talking about here? It’s likely eight figures or close to it and the Bucs job pays nowhere near that. I’m just saying it would be hard to walk away from that kind of money just to get a job as a coach. Three years is a long time and that is a lot of money.

  7. You people should understand exactly whats going on here.. He was being paid by UNC choice, he was collateral damage of a scandal that was involving THE AGENTS AND PLAYERS, not the coach..He deserves to get the full contract pay..sheesh

  8. Not new in the NFL.

    When he was owner of the Jets and looking to replace Rich Kotite after the 1996 season, Leon Hess wanted Bill Parcells. The Patriots would not allow the Jets to speak to Parcells as a candidate. So Hess named then-Patriots assistant Bill Belichick as head coach and Parcells a “special consultant”. Bob Kraft realized Hess had successfully circumvented his wishes, and negotiated a deal that allowed Parcells to become the Jets coach.

  9. This guy is a scumbag and a crook and now the Bucs are aiding and abetting. Davis will be a great addition to a young team trying to get and keep young impressionable millionaires doing the right thing. Leave it to the Bucs.

  10. There’s a very simple solution here…buy out his contract. Oh but wait, that would require the Glazers to actually spend some money on this team.

    I’m not excusing the poor attendance down here, yet I can’t help but laugh when I hear the confusion in the Glazers’ voices when the subject of the lack of excitement about the Bucs is brought up. Perception is reality, and the perception is that the Glazers will jump through any hoops possible to avoid saving every last penny.

  11. First off his contract is $1.7 million annually through 2015. So the Glazers would have to exceed that. That’s sort of a lot of money for a DC. The fact that they are paying Davis PLUS a DC isnt exactly the cheap way out.

    Second, Davis seems like he wants UNC to pay that money. He seems like he has a bit of a grudge against that school.

    Fraud or not.. I dont know. I’ll leave that to the lawyers. Either way it’s not my money, so Im not going to lose sleep over it.

  12. Good Ole’ Butchie…soon he’ll be panicking as he cowers in the locker room from all the losing.

  13. As cliffordc05 notes, the divorce between NC and Davis was clearly a nasty one. Surely to goodness two lawyers could sit down and hammer out a buyout that both sides could live with. The current standoff just makes both parties look petty and foolish.

  14. Wow!

    Davis raped the Browns out of 3 years/$15MM and he’s doing a similar trick to UNC!

    How much money does a low IQ man from Oklahoma need?

  15. Dude….its was THE BROWNS.. He is a defensive genius, That scandal was the PLAYERS an AGENTS.. He has developed more stud NFL defensive talent than anyone in a decade..some of these poster seem a little young and ignorant of the present situation. Go Butch!!

  16. buchopeful says: Feb 13, 2012 7:11 PM

    You people should understand exactly whats going on here.. He was being paid by UNC choice, he was collateral damage of a scandal that was involving THE AGENTS AND PLAYERS, not the coach..He deserves to get the full contract pay..sheesh
    You’re nuts. Butch was the central figure in the entire scandal at UNC. He had his hands all over the cheating, tickets, tutoring and the agents fiasco. On top of direct involvement – he ran the program, so he’s wrong if he knew about it and too dumb if he didn’t. The fact that the NCAA didn’t charge him is irrelevant because they have a tendency to protect there own. (coaches) He destroyed that program.

  17. My guess is that this is a ploy and there’s still a 3 way negotiation going on between the Bucs, Davis & UNC.

  18. IF Butch is stupid as some believe, then UNC must be mentioned in the same sentence. Im kinda fuzzy on this UNC thing, did Davis set up each student male athlete with sports agents or was that a strickly a player thingie? Anyway, Davis is/was under contract when UNC fired him oweing Davis a ton of money. And Ive never heard a coach state that he’d work for nothing for love of the game,,,,

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