Cowboys may franchise Anthony Spencer


With linebacker Anthony Spencer set to become an unrestricted free agent, the Dallas Cowboys are considering using the franchise tag to keep him.

Clarence E. Hill Jr. of the Star Telegram reports that Spencer is a candidate for the franchise tag.

Although Spencer hasn’t become quite the player the Cowboys thought he would when they took him in the first round of the 2007 NFL draft, he has played in every game the last three seasons, started every game but one, and recorded five or six sacks a year. That may be enough for the Cowboys to conclude that they want to keep Spencer, and don’t want to let him test the open market.

14 responses to “Cowboys may franchise Anthony Spencer

  1. He excels at stopping the run, not rushing the passer. I’d like to see him back, he just needs to realize what his value is – as a 1st and 2nd down contributer. A franchise tag is not the neighborhood of value to the team. If Butler can’t be the guy that is the 3rd down rusher, find someone in the draft.

  2. He’s an outside linebacker, not a de. also, no no no no no for the love of christ no. This guy has no business getting the franchise tag, he needs to just go away. MDS you obvisously don’t watch to many cowboy games, also when does 5 to 6 sacks a year warrant the franchise tag for a pass rusher.

  3. sigh, we let Canty go and that was a mistake, in this case, Jerry should use the draft. Butler has proved to be an effective pass rusher, so let him do just that, and draft a run stopper

  4. Theres not many outside linebackers better then Anthony Spencer at stopping the run. The guy is quick and very strong. He plays very good zone coverage aswell.

  5. LBs and RBs are a dime a dozen, you don’t franchise them! You franchise QBs, LTs, and CBs… no other position is worth it.

    The Cowboys didn’t think enough of Spencer to extend him before last season, or the year before; why would they franchise him now when they could just cut their losses and replace him in the 5th or 6th round?

    Any talk of tagging Spencer is just the speculation of someone who wants to hear himself talk about football. I’m guilty of doing that myself sometimes. We all are…

  6. Just curious, is Mel Kiper JR eating any crow these days? He predicted that Anthony Spencer would be a pro bowl player and the Eagles would regret trading this spot to the Cowboys. The media trashes teams for their drafts but does anybody ever go back and rate the media’s record when it comes to their ratings of players? Guess that is why Mel is on TV and not running an NFL Franchise, well that and his tup wouldn’t last on a windy day!!!

  7. Spencer is good against the run, but is not that quick (like a previous poster stated) or fast and can’t cover TEs. His lack of production, mostly sacks, has hampered the Cowboy defense and the franchise tag is meant for more of an impact player. They will be overpaying for Spencer to give him one more year to prove his worth or, if he plays lights out, will command too big of a long-term deal – then will go back to mediocre. Don’t put the tag on Spencer.

  8. @ppc50

    DeMarcus Ware 40 yard dash time – 4.56
    Anthony Spencer 40 yard dash time – 4.63

    ….He’s pretty fast. And I’ve never seen a QB throw to a TE that he is blanket covering. The Cowboys have below average DE’s, which is causing Spencer to be double teamed every play if and when we bring him. Other then stopping the run, his biggest role has been to cover any RB or TE that sneaks out to the flats.

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