Jerry Jones “absolutely” plans to make a play for Super Bowl L

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With Super Bowl XLVI now VIII days into the rear-view mirror, a fairly significant Super Bowl is merely IV years away.

The 50th Super Bowl — officially known as Super Bowl L — will be played at a site to be determined.  (The next III games will be played in New Orleans, New York/New Jersey, and Arizona, respectively.)

Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal reports that the NFL has yet to send out requests for proposals for Super Bowl L.  Typically, the next unawarded Super Bowl is awarded in May of each year.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who recently said he has suffered 50 concussions, recently told Kaplan that Jones “absolutely” would make a bid for the 50th Super Bowl.  Per Kaplan, other possibilities include Santa Clara (site of the new 49ers stadium), New Orleans, and Tampa.  Kaplan pegs Miami, Indianapolis, and L.A. as having a “slight” chance of getting the game, with London falling into the “extremely remote” category.

Though Super Bowl XLV in Arlington provided logistical nightmares for the league, thanks in part to a local ice removal strategy known officially as “hide under the bed and wait for it all to melt” and the sale of tickets to seats that didn’t exist, the game financially was a tremendous success, thanks to the huge number of seats that actually did exist.

67 responses to “Jerry Jones “absolutely” plans to make a play for Super Bowl L

  1. How about they play it at Fawcett Stadium in Canton. Bring the SB back down to size and play it in a place that seats 20,000+ and has bleachers. Maybe for once regular, hard-working fans can attend it.

  2. Just tell him “yes” now, because by the time Superbowl 50 comes around, all those 50 concussions won’t let him remember it.

  3. The ice was an absolute fluke. It was over 70 all last week. DFW should get another chance…maybe not 50…but soon after.

  4. The average temperature during Superbowl week in Dallas this year was 66. What you witnessed was a once-every-30 years event. Cities don’t keep dozens of salt trucks on hand for a once-every-30 years event.

    However, you can be sure that Jerry’s bid will address this freak occurrence with some contingency.

    As for the extra seats, Jerry will just have to sit back and accept that his stadium, without extra seats, still dwarfs the other options up for consideration (at least 5,000 seats larger).

  5. How about back where it all started, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum? Home of the L.A. Vikings!

  6. You won’t be able to put the final tally on the financial success of the last Dallas Super Bowl until all of the lawsuits are settled. They should also generate a fair amount of publicity for the NFL. Remember all publicity is good publicity even if it is about selling seats that did not exist or did not have a view of the field. Little things that kind of detract from the fans’ enjoyment of the game. Perhaps when the NFL is doing their study of what makes the stadium experience a positive one they should examine just how important the existence of seating with a view of the field contributes to the fans’ enjoyment of the game being played.

  7. Maimi is always the best place for the SB……. the weather is great with lots to do and the cities infrastructure can handle it.

  8. Hilarious when people try the old, “regular fans should be able to attend SB’s too” argument, as if the support of football fans matters even slightly. It’s all about $$$, always was, always will be.

  9. The 50th “GOLDEN” Anniversary Super Bowl should be held at the home stadium of the team known for GOLD = The San Francisco 49ers (of Santa Clara). 2015-16 should also coicidentally be either the inaugural or 2nd season of the new 49ers stadium, depending on how soon its built.

  10. After that disaster, Dallas should be banned from hosting SB until Jerry Jones is no longer affiliated with the Cowboys. Plus, why isn’t KC in the discussion?

  11. If you are a regular fan, who cares where it’s played? You’re not going anyway. I would like to see it played out doors, wherever it’s played. So sick of the biggest game of the year having the players uniforms looking brand new after the game. Get some dirt out there! Some wind maybe.
    Just don’t play it in Texas. Everything is bigger in Texas, including the mistakes!

  12. Good luck, but with Jason Garrett and Rob Ryan you are aiming for L’s!!!

    Those two will not take you anywhere because they coach teams that play more stupid football than they should!!! I am sick of hearing about how talented they are!!!

    It’s time to recognize that successful team go Super Bowls!!! Also, make sure that you avoid the disasters that you encountered as last year’s host!!!

  13. I’m sick as everyone else of the London games, and I want nothing to do with a London team, but a London Super Bowl? There are worse ideas.

    Sure would be cool for those of us who could actually afford to attend. You know, sort of like every other Super Bowl.

  14. I’m tired of the Superbowl being played in the same places. How about a city/area can only host the SB once every ten years. Let Seattle, Nashville, or Denver show what they can do. Indy did an awesome job this year.

  15. Great idea! His players and coaches can all get awesome seats for the game. Just as long as they don’t get those viewing-obstructed seats.

    I’ll bet Romo would love to go watch a Super Bowl someday. I mean, if he doesn’t have a prior commitment to a pro/am golf tournament, or plane tickets for a beach vacation, or anything.

  16. “thanks in part to a local ice removal strategy known officially as “hide under the bed and wait for it all to melt”

    ..You would have honestly thought people from Texas had never seen snow before. It was pathetic. Only thing worse were the Taxi drivers drove like the roads weren’t completely covered in ice. I think I saw one sidewalk shoveled the entire weekend.

    Never will that stadium hold a Superbowl event again. Let Jerry hope, but it’s just not going to happen.

    And that’s not even mentioning good ole Jerry seating people in seats floating in mid-air supported by nothing more than a shoelace.

  17. Super Bowl L is perfect for Jerry.

    He see’s plenty of L’s on his Cowboy’s schedule at the end of each season.

  18. So new orleans is getting it next year and now they also have a shot at getting it for superbowl 50? I have said it before but I still don’t see why more SB’s are not played in northern states. Playoff football + January weather= amazing. Actually the best football seems to be when it’s played in the cold. Not saying it should be done every year but I think every team should be able to show off their town and stadium. I know it will never happen but how cool would it be to have Superbowl 50 played in Green Bay? Lambeau Field is awesome and I’m a Vikings fan!

  19. Why not kc at the home of the man who coined the term super bowl and created the NFL we know and love.

  20. Jerry may have to give Roger a reach-around to get another shot after the debacle he produced last time. But whatever it takes, he’ll probably get it done. And his team won’t be there again, and he’ll botch up the whole production. Again.

  21. That was a mess last year, sorry jerry your stadium maybe the best money can buy. But your planning by a monkey has gave u a black mark for along time.

  22. How about America’s Finest City??
    Peter King said:
    “I think the NFL should put San Diego in the Super Bowl rotation. Best Super Bowl city in the world. I don’t care how mediocre Qualcomm is. I’ve never heard a soul — fan, visitor, media type — complain about the site. But I have heard scores of people ask, “When’s the Super Bowl going back to San Diego?”

    If the election passes in March 2013, San Diego might get the new stadium finished by the 2015 season just in time for Super Bowl L !!

  23. As a lifelong Dallas fan who lives 10 minutes from Cowboys stadium, I pray another SB never comes here. The outsiders come here and do nothing but snivel and complain. Funny how they’re shocked that a southern cities don’t salt roads during the winter. We don’t want you back, so we’re all in agreement that JJ shouldn’t get another one.

  24. Following similar logic posted earlier, why not have it in Oakland since Al Davis is the one who deserves the majority of the credit for the AFL-NFL merger (until Lamar Hunt backstabbed him).

  25. One can only assume that we’ll be treated to another round of “They didn’t clean my room every day. They didn’t fetch me a car. They didn’t peal my grapes.” from the owner of this site.

  26. “Lets be honest… there’s not many things worse than Texas.”
    Spoken like a true idiot.

  27. shelovesfootball says:
    Feb 13, 2012 6:06 PM
    How about back where it all started, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum? Home of the L.A. Vikings!
    I can actually tell the gender of the person who posted this by the intelligence level of the comment. This article has nothing to do with the Vikings you stupid woman (or average I guess as far as women go).

  28. I think every NFL city should host a SB. Rotate to a new city every year. The ones who have already hosted , will get a shot in about 30 years. Same with the pro-bowl. Just make the game more worth while, pay the winner $100,000 each and the losers get nothing.

  29. ill vote for any place with grass – as another poster said. I’m a Pats fan but my favorite playoff game by far was NYG vs SF. Love the grass.

  30. hoochbcs says:

    The ice was an absolute fluke. It was over 70 all last week. DFW should get another chance…maybe not 50…but soon after.

    Yes, the ice was a fluke. The non-existent seats were no fluke. And funny how the people who ended up without seats weren’t the movie stars or corporate execs that make up 9/10ths of the Super Bowl’s live audience.

  31. Yes let’s have it in Oakland so we can all wear body armour pray there linebackers don’t hold a gun to our head and a stadium which may be the worse in the NFL. Come on guys arrowhead is a much nicer and the city and food are 100 times better but hey if they do put it in Oakland everyone well stay in sf till game time.

  32. Dallas does deserve another shot, that freakish ice storm more than likely wont happen again. As far as seats are concerned the company that was putting those seats in didn’t show up with enough material and left the day before the superbowl… Again not a league OT cowboy fault. New highways have been built, new attractions all over… Great spot.

  33. The next III games will be played in New Orleans, New York/New Jersey, and Arizona, respectively. HMMMMMMM Please tell me how the game will be played in New York/New Jersey ? It will be played in Jersey not New York who takes all the credit unless the Super Bowl is going to be played in the middle of the bay or something New York needs to stop ridding Jerseys coattail and rout for the only NY team called the Bills . They want part of the dam credit pay us Jersey tax payers back for over 30+ years /tears Lets see how NY says who are the Giants/Jets

  34. By Super Bowl L Jerry there might not be a football game never mind a Super Bowl Say TY MR GOODELL

  35. I believe that Dallas should get another crack at hosting a SB. Not so soon after that debacle though.

    That said…. I’m getting a tad concerned by the bile on this site by the commenters. This dude a couple posts above me just blasted women because he felt that one woman’s opinion was incorrect. You are garbage sir. Plain and simple. Absolutely ridiculous to read that.

    Also… I dislike the Cowboys as much as anyone and enjoy their preseason overhype and subsequent failures as much as the next guy, but thats no reason to deny Dallas as a city the SB.

    Corporate sponsors do NOT want a cold weather SB. You have to remember that its about the pageantry as well as the game. We get our cold-weather playoff games. That will have to suffice.

  36. sorry to be a homer but,with the NINERS new stadium set to open in 2014 its coming to the BAY fellas

  37. I am a lifelong SAINTS fan. I believe that our city and state put on the best sporting events worldwide bar none. That being said…The 50th anniversary of the Super Bowl should be in Green Bay. The argument could be made that without the legacy of Vince Lombardi and what he meant to the sport; what we as fans are able to experience would not be what it is today.

    As far as pricing…ALL sporting events have become out of reach for the average fan. Make it about the sport and the fan…not about the vendors and the so-called celebreties.

  38. I’m sorry I have nothing at all against Green Bay or the Packers but I simply just don’t see the NFL putting the biggest game of the year they mostly the wine & cheese crowd attend wanting to go up to Green Bay doing outdoor shows and all this other jazz in the february.

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