Jets unveil 2012 coaching staff

The Jets said at one point last month that offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer wouldn’t be back only if he becomes a head coach.

Schottenheimer isn’t a head coach, but he also isn’t with the Jets.

The Jets have now unveiled their full coaching staff for 2012.  The first name on the list is quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh (pictured), who has been the team’s quarterbacks coach for all of Mark Sanchez’s career.  Cavanaugh will return for a fourth year, which implies that Sanchez will return for a fourth year.  Which also implies that Peyton Manning won’t be coming to the Jets for a first year.

That should make Jets fans forget the fact that the Giants just won the Super Bowl.

Mike Smith, who helped get the most out of Aaron Maybin in 2011, has been elevated to the position of outside linebackers coach.  Bob Sutton has been promoted to assistant head coach/linebackers, and Lance Taylor has been promoted to assistant tight ends coach/quality control.

Also, Karl Dunbar arrives as the defensive line coach, replacing Mark Carrier.  Newcomers Justin Galac and Paul Ricci will serve as assistant strength and conditioning coaches.

13 responses to “Jets unveil 2012 coaching staff

  1. I’m a Jets fan, and it makes absolutely no sense that Matt Cavanaugh is returning ad QB coach. They hire Sparano, who has been a line coach and called plays for one year, and bring back Cavanaugh, who was party responsible for the fall of Sanchez. How does this improve their passing game? It doesn’t. Hello 7-9, nice knowing you Rex.

  2. Good to see the jets coaching staff is in place to win Rex’s third Lombardi in a row as HC of the NYJ.

    43 going on 44 jets fans and as johnny 1979 knows, its coming !

  3. The coaching staff is in place for Rex’s fourth Lombardi trophy ampats, not the third. You are off your game. Still thinking about Gronkowski dancing after the loss?

  4. The hire of Sparano could yield huge dividends, being that he is a fan of the run game, and is well respected by his players, but why Canavaugh is still on staff is beyond me. Sparano, at least, has shown competency in at least one job he has held, which is something you cannot say for Canavaugh.

    Poor Sanchez, the Schottenheimer/Canavaugh duo probably destroyed any of the potential he had coming into the league. The Jets destroy themselves from within, yet again.

  5. Erik Kramer, Kyle Boeller, Mark Sanchez. Cavanaugh’s record with quarterbacks is so stellar I don’t know how the Jets got their hands on him.

    Enjoy your 2012 season Jets. I know the rest of us will….

  6. ampats says:

    43 going on 44 jets fans and as johnny 1979 knows, its coming !

    i’ve been a jet fan for 44 years and there’s been a lot of difficult and disappointing times. (and some great moments and a lot of fun watching games). let’s say you’re right and there’s a year of futility ahead. why do you revel in it so much?
    i feel a little bad for me that i haven’t got to enjoy seeing the jets in a superbowl. but i feel more bad for you that you’re so caught up in whether the jets are successful or not. what’s the matter with you?

  7. Uh, lets be real – if Peyton want to play for the NYJ, the Jets will jettison Cavanaugh and Sanchez, if n ecessary.

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