John Beck’s path is not filled with roses

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All last offseason, we heard that John Beck was Mike Shanahan’s guy. Multiple outlets insisted Beck would be the primary starting quarterback in Washington.

Beck spoke with a lot of confidence throughout the process, but the Redskins ultimately preferred Rex Grossman when the season rolled around. Beck only started three games, and the Redskins lost all three.

“When we took Rex out those three games, we stopped moving the ball, we stopped making plays,” offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan recently told ESPN 980.

Ouch. In a hilarious and cutting post for DC Sports Bog, Dan Steinberg passes along a recent interview Beck did with 97.5 in Utah. Beck’s confidence remains intact.  Late in the regular season, Beck told coach Mike Shanahan that he wanted the starting job back.

“I went into Coach Shanahan’s office and said, ‘I want to play right now. . . . Coach, I want to play, because I feel like having that experience I know I can play better,'” Beck remembered. “And he said, ‘I know you can too, but right now we’re in this situation. And you know what, there’ll be another opportunity down the road and you’ve just got to make sure you’re ready for it.'”

Beck will likely need an injury or two in front of him to get another opportunity. He’s under contract for another season in Washington at a very low price, but we’d expect the Redskins to bring in a couple of quarterbacks this offseason. Rex Grossman is a free agent. It wouldn’t be a shock if the Redskins cut Beck, re-signed Grossman, and then brought in two new faces at quarterback.

“I’ve talked to a lot of guys that are considered Hall of Fame guys that had great careers,” Beck said. “And they’ll tell you, listen, nobody’s path is just all roses.”

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  1. A delusion is a belief held with absolute conviction despite superior evidence.

    I just wanted to complete this dictionary definition with John Beck’s picture next to it.


  2. trbowman says:
    Feb 13, 2012 12:16 PM
    This guy is scared to throw the ball further than 10 yards down the field. Deer in the headlights if I’ve ever seen one.


    Building off of what trbowman said… RB Roy Helu established a single-game franchise record of 14 completions during one of Beck’s starts. This was not a good thing.

  3. A legend in his own mind.

    Agree with the “delusional” comment. Beck’s words have never approximated his performance. That the Shanahan’s deemed this guy a talent has to trouble Redskin’s fans everywhere.

  4. John Beck was terrible in Miami, and things haven’t changed. I know he was under Coach Cameron, say no more about that 1/15 but he’s been gone for a while and he’s not good in Washington either.

  5. Actually, I don’t remember all that much about Beck being Mike Shanahan’s guy–he was always Kyle’s guy. Last preseason, Kyle gave interviews saying that when he was with the Texans he championed Beck as a top 10 first round pick. He absolutely loved Beck last year. To have him distancing himself now says a lot about how much attitudes have changed in Washington–and about how Kyle is now trying to revise history.

  6. Those Hall of Fame type guys may not have had a path that is *all* roses, but no doubt there were at least *some* roses, unlike Beck’s.

  7. Honestly, if Grossman had remained the starter for those three game the Skins may have been in position themselves to win a 9-7 division. But, the record is what it is and they had a bad year. Hopefully they will draft a guy. Otherwise, I am ok going another year with Grossman if there is no one to draft and wait for the 2013 draft. Hey, it has been 20 years, what are a couple more? Could be worse, we could be Eagle fans and not know what a Championship feels like at all.

  8. John Beck must have been hit really hard in that Bills game. He cannot play the game of Football on the NFL level. The reason I say that is I have no experience playing on the NFL level and I see a lot of me in him when I watch. I looks like a fan with a uniform on. Lost and clueless! Move on Beck.

  9. Didn’t Shanny say that he would bet his reputation on Beck? Well we know what his rep is and now we know what Beck can do. Is it time for Danny to sharpen his axe?

  10. Beck is one of those college QBs that was way older (26 I think) than the competition like Weinke and (now) Weeden.

    As a fins fan, I hoped for him to succeed when he was drafted.

    The fact is that men have an advantage over boys. A 26 year old QB throwing for big yardage against 19 year olds is not a good measuring stick.

    When large men are lined up on the other side of the ball, it gets a lot harder to stand in the pocket and deliver.

  11. Shanny: “John, you keep telling us that you’re going to be an awesome qb someday, but you play like crap”

    Beck: “yeah coach, i don’t understand it either”

  12. Went to the niners vs skins game this past season, and we collectively chanted “Beck is a wreck, Beck is a wreck.” Only time he’ll see the field is when someone believes that they can make him good in Madden.

  13. John Beck was highly touted out of college. He has failed now twice and though he is dirt cheap, the Skins are not a 3 QB team. He should be released with Grossman resigned and competing with a new QB for the starting job. I hope it isnt Peyton just because i dont trust it for the money he will command. I think Matt Flynn would be great but Miami will steal him most likely. Would about Chad Henne (if healthy) or Colt Mccoy. Neither had strong running games and if the Skins defense keeps improving along with there running game all we will need is another Alex Smith. A guy who wont lose the game (Tony Romo) but doesnt have to win it either (Peyton anyone…).

  14. The guy IS completely delusional. You had your chance, man. When an underdog is given a chance to do anything, they Have to do it. He’s done. I mean, when you make Rex Grossman look good….

    On the other side of that coin, of course Shannahan talked him and Rex up. What are you supposed to say about your two crappy qb’s coming into a season? “Yeah, these guys are terrible. We can’t do a thing with either one of them” I don’t blame Shanny for one second. You can’t talk crap about guys that you have to stick with for a season if your plans include getting somebody better next year. If I were a coach and just talked crap about my players(Even if it were the truth), I’d be out of a job faster than Ryan Leaf.

    RGIII 2012! Please!


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