NFL examines how the stadium can compete with the couch


If you’re a football fan who likes to monitor multiple games at once, look up stats while the game is going on, talk to other fans online or otherwise take advantage of modern technology on autumn Sundays, the couch is a better option than the stadium. And the NFL is concerned about that.

If the stadium experience can’t match the home experience, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to sell tickets, and so the NFL is hoping to enhance the stadium experience. NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman told Alex Marvez of that giving the fans in the stadium more information during breaks in the action on the field is an important priority for the league.

“When there are gaps [in action], if you think back 10 or 15 years ago, the tradition was to put relatively simple things on a relatively simple JumboTron,” Grubman said. “What we’re asking clubs is to think about a world-class programming mindset. Don’t depend on the exact flow of what’s going on on the field to provide a three-and-a-half-hour entertainment experience for the fan. There’s only a certain amount of time when there’s action on the field.”

Grubman said NFL teams need to think about how they can make the stadium a place where fans are connected to the rest of the league, just as they are at home.

“It’s the perfect match in a stadium to increase the connectivity and let them do the things on their social network that they want to do around football whether that’s fantasy, stats, texting, sending a picture, Facebook or Twitter,” he said.

If the fans in the stadium aren’t as connected as they are at home, they may stay home.

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  1. The stadium is NOT the place for more devices. It’s the place for raccous fans who are there for the GAME ON THE FIELD.

    The kind of fans that the couch potato at home with their iPAD, Flat screen, and iPhone want to see.

    Keep the tech away from the stadium, NFL.

  2. Charge me $20.00 to park my car in the driveway, make me walk around the neighborhood to simulate walking to the stadium, send over a bunch of drunk obnoxious fans who will single me out if I’m not wearing the colors of one of the two teams playing, charge $100.00 for every person in my living room watching, charge me $10.00 every time I open the refrigerator or pantry.

    That’s a good start to making them compete.

  3. Shut down the stadiums to save tax payer money, play in the practice bubble. Pipe in crowd noise, and use those stupid effects from the Madonna half time show to make it look like there is a crowd – Just kidding.

  4. This is stupid — if all you’re doing is making the game more like sitting at home — then people will save the hundreds of dollars and sit at home. The last thing anyone wants at a stadium is 60,000 people on Twitter half-ass watching the game, I’m not sure why anyone would think that’s a good idea.

  5. Yea the cost of the game has gotten out of touch with today’s current economy, I live in California and used to travel to Denver for a couple games a year, once it was apparent that Bowlen was not spending money to improve the team, I stopped traveling. Can’t expect fans to pay high prices for seats and beer if your not going to spend money on the franchise.

  6. Its not rocket science. Makes the tickets CHEAPER!!

    As far as being connected, i visited two NFL stadiums this past season and i could not get service in either. Updating Fantasy scores is painful. Get a good solution for WiFi in each stadium to solve that.

  7. The Robles s reality keeps getting in the way… It’s called “economics.”

    Why would I spend an hour in traffic getting to a stadium, thn uwards of $20 for arking, then upwards of $100 for each ticket, then at $6 for $1.50 of beer a few times?

    I dream of taking my son to a game, but one game equals an entire season of either the NFL Sunday Ticket, or online.

    If I didn’t feel lik I was getting bent over at the stadium thn I’d go, plain and simple.

    What the **** are these bozos thinking, that only independently wealthy people want to watch the games?

  8. Going to the game is to expensive, it’s pretty simple. There are plenty of people who can afford it, but for the fan base thats about 18-24 it’s not possible to go to a game, and that’s a big chunk of the younger crowd that stays home to monitor fantasy teams, track stats from other games, etc. Maybe once a year for a special occasion at best.

    By the time you park your car and find you seat you down big money, I’d rather use the ticket price and parking price for another fantasy league!

  9. I stay home to avoid hearing fantasy geeks half rooting for the home team to win close, high scoring games. Add more tech and I’ll definitely stay home.

  10. The fact that the league admits they need to keep the stadium experience more competitive with the home experience indicates they know the value of going to the game at current prices isn’t in line with what their fans want to pay. So instead of fixing this the easy way (lowering, or at minimum, not raising ticket prices), they’re going to justify their current ticket prices by displaying a bunch of tweets and fantasy stats on screen during timeouts.

    The fans ought to feel so respected.

  11. I’ll start going to games when I don’t have to deal with drunk, obnoxious, idiotic mouth-breathers who are more concerned about yelling obcenities than simply enjoying a good football game.

  12. Can’t stand the drunken idiots… Love to drink, but damn keep to your selves… PPL think they are a tad bigger than they are after a 12 pack.

  13. Why does the NFL need a study for this? It’s obvious to every fan that going to the stadium is too damn expensive. There is no way to go to a game without spending in excess of $100 and sometimes several hundred dollars. Or you can stay home, get a better view of the game, and spend nothing.

    No amount of gimmicks are going to change the cost factor.

  14. Well let’s see..I can

    1.Sit in a climate controlled room
    2.Drink a 12 pack of beer for 10 bucks
    3.Cheer without worrying about getting in a fight
    4.Go to a bathroom that doesn’t reek of puke and urine


    go to a game

  15. well it’s already been said by other readers, so i’m mostly echo’ing here, but the NFL should be looking to further DIFFERENTIATE the stadium experience from the living room, not EMULATE it. otherwise, why not just stay in the living room for much cheaper!

    the stadium experience should be for those who want to focus on THIS game. okay, the enhanced jumbotron is a nice idea if it shows the scores of other games, etc. but the idea of trying to keep attendees as “connected” as they are at home is moving in the opposite direction than intended.

    and yeah, cheaper ticket prices would sure make an impact too…

  16. I was a Chargers fan for 15 years when living in SD. I had season tickets every year. I expected to go, but it seemed bittersweet. I moved away years ago, but do not miss the experience. Two people at one game spend about $150 for tickets, $25 for parking, and $80 for food and drinks (beer, etc). That’s $245 in cash. Then there is the time. to get to a 1 PM game, you have top leave the house around 10 AM for the traffic and parking mess. The game gets done around 4 PM and the traffic is worse. I usually got home around 7 PM.
    So that’s a couple going to a game that costs $245, 9 hours of a weekend, — and they lose, which really makes the tough day –> a disaster.
    Watching the games on TV is the only way.

  17. In the days of the old 12-inch black and white tube, it made a lot of sense to go to the games. Now we have massive HD flatscreens that can dominate my field of vision. It pays for itself in one season. Not to mention the fact that I pay about 10% for snacks and beer that I would at the stadium and save myself money on gas and parking. Let’s not forget that a trip to the can is only a few steps away and I have full control over my environment.

    Sorry, but the NFL has given me *no* reason to go to the stadium. It isn’t worth it anymore.

  18. Get control of the drunkards who ruin the experience for those who want to go and cheer. It’s nearly impossible to go to a game to cheer on your team who is visiting the city you live in without some idiot taking offense to the fact you aren’t cheering for the home team and trying to start a fight. There is a difference between being a fan who is there to enjoy the game, cheer and maybe give the opposing fans some grief and being a drunk idiot who isn’t satisfied with his life so he feels entitled to to and ruin it for everyone by getting wasted thinking he is part of the team.

  19. The home being a better option has nothing to do with looking up stats for me and everything to do with:

    Parking: free
    Nachos: $3 for me and my friends
    Soda: $12 for me and my friends
    Beer: $20 for me and my friends

    Having all the guys over for the game and spending less than $40… PRICELESS

  20. For me I prefer to watch the games on TV then actually going to a game. Only because I have trouble walking and get tired easily and I would hate being caught up in a crowd of 70,000 people trying to get in/out of a stadium. So for me staying home watching the game on the couch is best for me being I don’t have to worry about any of that. And I wish the NFL would get rid of the blackout rule that way I can watch my team every week.

  21. Cheaper tickets isn’t the answer. Even if teams sold $20 seats, scalpers would snap them all up and charge fans what they’re already accustom to paying.

    If they really want to fill stadiums, they need to provide spectators what they can’t appreciate from sitting on the couch. More hitting! This isn’t Europe. Nobody is paying big $$ to attend a track meet. Keep hamstringing defenses and these stadiums will be very empty soon.

  22. family of 4 going to an nfl game with decent seats will run you close to $800.

    Is the NFL that out of touch with its fan base?

    Disney land is cheaper and last all day long, and or a season passes to any 6 flags in the US is cheaper.

    Its official the NFL is run by morons

  23. hmm, spend $500 on tickets for the family, another $30 on parking, another $50 on food and drinks, all to get a chance to fit my butt in a little seat, sounds great. or i can kick on the bbq, plug in the fridge, HD it on the 55, and take the kids to disneyland or 6 flags. duh.

    the nfl solely depends on the loyalty of people who pay yearly for season tickets, and dont get me wrong, i love those people for it, but it aint in our budget. when we goto a game it is like a vacation, definately something we save for.

  24. Make sure Wi-Fi works all over the stadium. The stupid Toiletbowl that I sit in (yes, the Metrodome) has no Wi-Fi and barely has service. In fact, I have noticed with a couple of different sports venues (in and out of Minnesota) that cell phone internet is very hard to come by. I think they need to fix that!!

  25. “Don’t depend on the exact flow of what’s going on on the field to provide a three-and-a-half-hour entertainment experience for the fan. There’s only a certain amount of time when there’s action on the field.”

    And there’s the problem. It takes 3 1/2 hours to play a game that should take 2 hours. I realize that TV advertising is critical to the league’s revenue, but when 50% of your time is spent watching the players stand around and wait for the TV break to be over…

    Lowering prices sounds great, but as long as games keep selling out, prices will not be lowered.

  26. The last game I went to the music was so loud during timeouts, quarter changes, etc. that I couldn’t talk to the friends I went with. That was more than 10 years ago and I haven’t been back.

  27. There are so many easy ways to make the stadium experience better, but teams and the NFL don’t care. It’s mostly low hanging fruit, and if people did not have to deal with things, attendance would never be in question.
    $9.00+ for a beer is an insult (NJ). Paying for the right to buy tickets is obnoxious. (PGH & many others) Sitting outside in freezing weather while 3 commerical breaks and two plays transpire over 10 minute period just sucks (any outdoor stadium north of the Mason-Dixon line). Getting home at 1am on a work night is for the birds (all the good teams that get screwed with lots of nightgames). Building stadiums where you can’t see players numbers from the top of the upper-deck is criminal (dump near DC). Not employing security to direct traffic so leaving the game is absolute gridlock is the sign of a second rate organization (San Fran).

  28. Everyone has hit on the cost, but the thing that drives me crazy is all the unnecessary noise between plays. Cut out all the music and sound effects that goes on. The entertainment is supposed to be what’s on the field, not what’s coming out of the PA.

  29. Instead of this idea, the NFL should make all individuals that choose to use these devices during a game sell their tickets to fans that will pay attention to the game on the field. I do most of my browsing from the John, so as not to negatively effect real life. Stand up and raise hell at the game or give your tickets to somebody that is not chained to Al Gore’s greatest invention.

  30. Counter-productive to adjust an NFL Stadium to the likes of a living room. Just stop.

    We know you (NFL) want to make the actual games more attractive to fans – but really, it’s not going to happen unless you lower prices. Not just tickets, either.

    Yeah, we get it – you want to find a way to have your cake and eat it too, but you’re just ruining the game even more.

  31. I just got my 2012 season ticket invoice and got a kick ass window cling for my car. You can’t get that on the couch at home!

  32. NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman –
    poster boy for excess middle management desperately trying to justify his existence.

    Cut out useless MBAs like Grubman, reduce Goodell’s salary to a paltry $10 million and you’ve got a downpayment on reducing ticket prices.

  33. Unless you’re independently wealthy or just enjoy spending frivolously, I can’t imagine why you would enjoy the modern NFL stadium experience. I’ve tried it several times but couldn’t wrap my mind around why I would want to regularly deal with traffic, parking, ticket prices, lousy service, lousy food that is rediculously overpriced, drunk fans – yada, yada yada……

  34. It blows my mind that people buy season tickets. I live a very upscale life (not bragging, but I am in the top 20%) and I am a major football fan.

    There is no way I could justify spending $1500 on season tickets. another $1500 on seat license and another $1500 on beer and parking over the course of the season.

    I love you, NFL… but not $4,500 a years worth of love.

  35. Something has to be done about ticket vendors…they are killing the league. They buy any extra ticket and ripoff every fan…the league has to stop this. The only way to get face value tickets which aren’t that bad is to buy season tickets. This is affecting more than football…my wife is going thru it for Madonna tix. It’s a joke!!!

  36. This column should have followed the end of the NFL one from earlier today. The younger fan of today is no longer rooting for a team they root for players of multiple teams so going to a game is really a nuisance to them. Twitting/texting and redzone channel is the NFL for them.
    The hard core fan who loves the home team is most likely priced out of the stadium already and only get to to go when the corporate types give them a perk just like the casual fan who will only go if the ticket is free.

  37. NFL stadiums will never be able to compete with my couch.

    – The food is better (and cheaper)
    – The beer is better (and more plentiful)
    – The view is better
    – My car is parked

    And best of all, I don’t have to be around 70,000 of the lowest form of human beings on the planet: “football” fans. I much prefer to be at home, where I can pretend the game is watched by the reasonable and intelligent, and not the belligerent, crass, and unsophisticated. Last game I attended, I received $370 tickets for free. I wouldn’t have payed $10.

    Give me baseball, basketball, and hockey in person ANY time over football, and I probably enjoy watching football the most.

  38. Lets see, the cost of Sunday Ticket is pretty much the cost for 2 people to go to 1 game in the season. Yea…why would I want to go to a game when I have Sunday Ticket and all the free beer and food without having to wait in line for the bathroom?

  39. Fast and reliable Wifi would be a huge step to improve the in-stadium experience, but that is much easier said than done for a concentrated area with 50,000+ people trying to get on the network at the same time.

  40. Two things made me give up my season tickets (9 years): paying full price for exhibition games (an insult to my intelligence) and $30 to park my car. Dealing with the drunks and freezing my arse off don’t help either. Instant replay and Red Zone are two prime reasons for staying home also.

    Who needs fans at the game anyway…. just pump in crowd noise and increase it when the visiting team has the ball just like the Colts do.

  41. I will add that I will probably never ever go to a game because: 1) it’s expensive; 2) Giants games sell out decades in advance; and 3) getting to the Meadowlands isn’t easy.

    But…I might be multitasking when I watch something on TV, but being there in person would be like going to a baseball game or a movie for me. The external stimuli would stop for three hours. I go to events for the events, not the commentary. Heck, it might be nice to spend three hours watching football without someone else shaping my opinion (even if the someone else is as smart as Collinsworth).

  42. One thing that they need to do is enhance the internet connectivity at the stadiums. It’s next to impossible to post on FB, check fantasy stats, etc. on a smart phone when 60K other fans are trying to do it at the same time at a game.

  43. Like anything – you need to be coming from the right perspective to solve a problem. If the NFL thinks they have a stadium experience problem – and as a season ticket holder I’d say the do – then they need to address it directly from that perspective rather than looking for ways to make more money from the people already there (i.e. selling/renting hand held devices, etc.). Fixing the internet access problem would be huge. If they want other ideas they might scout the NBA games – I hate the NBA, but they do a good job of always having other stimulous activity beyond the games (they have too).

  44. Lower ticket prices, parking, etc, but the NFL also has to take into account that a lot of people live in completely different markets from their favorite teams. If I have a choice between going to a game for a team I have no connection with or watching my favorite play on TV, obviously I’m staying home.

  45. Not to worry, as soon as the NFL and their legal staff can figure out how to circumvent the anti-trust laws, all NFL games will only be viewable on a Pay-Per-View basis.
    They’ve already have their precedent, in that people are willing to pay via DirecTV’s Sunday Ticket, and a couple of years ago they started offering individual weekends, as opposed to having to buy the entire season.
    Plus they already have their own TV Network in place.

    The writing is on the wall.
    It’s just a matter of time.

  46. If I have a chance to see a game live I will go but that is only because I live far from every stadium so when I do go it is a planned trip.

    Something I’ve noticed though is some teams seem to make more of an effort to provide entertainment for their fans beyong the product on the field before and after the games.

    Seattle was a great place to see a game because there was stuff going on in and around the stadium.

    I have loved my game experience when travelling to New England but I would say they are lacking in the entertainment factor. There should be more then the ‘official’ tailgate where you have to pay too much money to attend or to go and sit in one of the bars around the stadium. There should be something for us fans to enjoy pre and post game especially since traffic is a nightmare when leaving and the train option is kind of sucky.

  47. I’ve definitely been priced-out of attending games. Unless we come across a company season ticket being handed-out to me, there’s no way my middle income budget can withstand an NFL weekend.

    The sad part is that the NFL is growing increasingly more difficult to watch on TV also—

    Less actual gametime (clock runs more than ever) but games are generally over 3 hours—- Due to the commercials. Add to that, they’re taking alot of the physical toughness out of the game— Cannot touch the “star” QB’s anymore.

    I love football, but it’s becoming a shell of itself, Mr. Goodell.

  48. I’ve been to games in 5 different stadiums and I’ve never had trouble using my 3G mobile phone to check the scores of other games. Anything more intensive than that and I wouldn’t be able to focus on the game. Ensuring the proper cell signal is available for all attendees is all that is required.

  49. Allow fans to bring their own beer and then you can justify charging a little more for the tickets. That’s the main reason I go to the Indy 500 every year.

    Additionally, something needs to be done to control the scalpers. You cannot go online to buy decent tickets anymore and I’m not paying $100 for a $60 ticket…..

  50. My father once told me that a NFL game, whistle to whistle, averages about 6 minutes of actual play. That’s an awful lot of downtime over 31/2 hours.

  51. To compete with my couch, the NFL will have to:

    Make nachos more affordable;
    Allow dogs in the stadium;
    Let me smoke my weed, and in fact, have a Volcano vaporizer for every row.

    That’ll do it, Roger.

    Oh, and my city needs an NFL team.


  52. As a season ticket holder, this saddens me. Fans should go to the game for the excitement the game itself brings. If you don’t like waiting during the 2 minute time outs of the 12 minute halftime break, what are you doing, paying the price of going to a game when you complain you need to go on twitter or facebook instead of watching the game that brings joy to millions who wish they could support their favorite team at the stadium.

  53. I can tell you how it can compare. lower the damn cost of in game concessions. I can buy a 12 pack of Coors Light for less than two pints at a game. I park for free in my garage. I don’t have to deal with crude or obnoxious fans of either team at home. Etc etc etc…

  54. One other thing needs to be considered. I live just south of Richmond, Va. For me to go to a skins or panthers game (not that I’d want to, I’m a Cowboys fan), I’d have to travel 4 hours either direction (yes – 4 hours to skins stadium – I95 north of Richmond is HE!!). I like to get a little “loose” while I’m watching the game – so that introduces unacceptable risk leaving the game (after drinking); I’d be out of my mind to go to FedEx field in Cowboys colors, especially if there were a close skins loss; I’d need a second job to spend any $ on souveniers let alone food and the aforementioned beverages. I pay approx $300 a year for Sunday Ticket. Sounds like the cost/risk/benefit benefit equation is pretty simple.

  55. Kenny Mayne used to have this running joke, saying that football games “aren’t played on paper; they’re played on television sets.” and he was exactly right. everything about NFL games revolves around the televised experience; improving stadium Wi-Fi access won’t change that. stadium operators can put up-to-the-microsecond Fantasy Numbers on the scoreboard, but the couch is still more-comfortable. And this doesn’t even address the real problem, which isn’t “the gaps in the action” … the problem is transportation to/from “the action”, and the amount of time “the action” requires. I live about 60 miles from Candlestick. Going to a Niners game = missing the morning game & the first half of the night game … roughly eight hours of real time to see a 60-minutes of “action.

    Complaining about prices is futile. NFL ticket prices aren’t unrealistic — they’re comparable to the other Big 3 professional sports & big-name concerts. And the concept that $10 for a beer isn’t exactly a newsflash. So to all of you who, for some inexplicable reason, continue to purchase NFL tickets … well … I believe I hear someone from Delta House screaming “thank you sir, may I have another?” Nothing will change if you keep buying those tickets.

  56. Knowing that the NFL is the laziest and least creative sports league in terms of selling the sport (b/c the sport sells itself) AND knowing that owners/Goodell value $$ over the on-field product, I fully expect the NFL to try and make the couch environment WORSE than elevate the stadium experience. You can count on the NFL doing the following in the immediate future:

    1) It will JACK up the price of Direct TV.
    2) It will charge out the nose for HD.
    3) It will charge out the nose to record/pause games.
    4) If it can charge for in-market games, it will find a way to do so.

    Once the NFL successfully makes it as expensive to stay home, fans will start flocking back to the stadium. I use the word “flocking” because we’re all sheep.

  57. I’m probably never going to attend an NFL game again, unless I get the tickets for free.

    I love having access to all the other games during commercial breaks, the Redzone channel, the internet for for fantasy footbal updates, clean bathrooms, a kitchen full of good food, friends to watch with, comfortable sofas and recliners, and a noticable lack of loud drunks and ridiculous commutes in and out of the stadium.

    The NFL isn’t willing to lower ticket prices enough to bring back average fans. They’re more interested in buildng box seats for millionaires. This is a self-inflicted problem.

  58. I went to an NFL game this season and after paying $250 for a ticket, parking, and some food, I had to deal with the music being played so loud through the sound system that I could barely understand what was playing. I can deal with crowd noise but the stupid music at dangerous levels has to go for me. I went to an NHL game this weekend and I actually enjoyed the experience. My ears were not ringing when I left.

  59. I’m sorry but if Giants, Steelers, Eagles, Cowboys, Redskins, Lions, Bears, Saints, Ravens fans keep paying for a highly demanded ticket, prices will keep going up.

    Some cities should have lower prices, true, but the original, old teams have massive fanbases and a lot of money.


    Those season tickets are probably double on Stubhub.

  60. Funny that they’d show the Edward Jones Dome in the pic. I love my Rams and I think they do a decent job of keeping things interesting (all kinds of giveaways, silly contests, funny videos, extremely brief looks around the league) but some of the little things really need to be addressed.

    For example, if you’re not going to have wifi in the stadium, how about unblocking everyone’s signal? Lots of folks want to check their fantasy teams, watch highlights, access NFL Sunday Ticket, and other NFL related activities and it’s impossible because you can’t get a signal. You can’t even call your friends/family that couldn’t make it to tell them how cool something you just saw on the field was because you can’t even make a phonecall. That’s the kind of stuff that needs to be addressed, amongst other things.

  61. The NFL has been clueless/tone deaf for YEARS regarding this issue.

    True, the LIVE GAME experience will ALWAYS trump watching the action on TV, but because it doesn’t cost the couch potato $2,500 – $80,000 for a PSL ($80,000 because that team got a new stadium), $60-$100 per seat per game, and $35 to park, the couch potato will likely NEVER be convinced to come to a game!

    Here’s a hint NFL; lower ticket prices across the board, lower player AND NFL administration salaries, and stop making it a top agenda item for teams to build new stadiums or move the team! It’s far cheaper for ball clubs to renovate an existing stadium then to build a new one.

  62. The NFL priced the average fan out of attending games a long time ago to cater to corporate America. Now that the average fan is more connected to the game at home and finding it more affordable the league will have no choice but to put the squeeze on via PPV and the NFL Network is the initial foray into that venue. When that day happens the
    league may come to realize that they will have killed the goose that lays the golden eggs.

  63. Since pretty much 98-99% of the games sell out all the cheapskates complaining about the prices are out of touch.

    Anyways I can personally afford my club seats but traffic stinks — I suggest helipads for people such as myself that will usher us above the unwashed masses of to our waiting cars a few miles from the stadium. This will allow us to quickly bypass the scumclass traffic and return to our estates so we can continue to be productive and provide jobs for the rest of you.

  64. I love the whole game day experience from the A.M. tailgate through the end of the game.

    One complaint I have: Get rid of the TV timeout after every kickoff. Kick the ball off and let the offense get on the field and get going. Particularly now that we have all the touchbacks. A touchback followed by a 2 minute TV timeout is just lame.

  65. Don’t pay Goodell $20 Million

    Cheaper ticket prices.

    Cheaper food and beverage prices.

    Make it affordable for the average fan or family to attend.

    That easy.

    Now give me $20 million and tell everyone I fixed the NFL.

  66. No matter what they do they will never beat the convienance of being at home. Never. That being said there is nothing that comes even close to tailgating before a game and seeing the game in the stadium.

    I can tell you that the price is what keeps people home. Now you see corperations buying up tickets and writting them off as business expenses. If they want to get the average fan back in the seats they will start lowering the prices. But in order for the owners to do that than the league will have reel in the prices of players. Paying a person $6 million a year or more is not going to be feasable for the owners to drop the prices.

    The NFL is a monopoly. If you are going to use a salary cap than drop it down to like $75 million. Than you can tie the hands of the players. You will not have someone making $10 Million a year but you will have happier fans.

    But the NFL will never do that because that will open up an arena to where other leagues will be able to match players salaries.

    To people that say it is about the same to watch other sports. I dare you to find me a ticket to a NFL game for $15 at the stadium. I can go to a MLB, NBA, and NHL game in the nose bleeds for that price.

  67. Cost obviously isn’t an issue for everyone (it is for me!) to go to an NFL game otherwise there would be empty stadiums on sundays and last time I checked, there are not.
    If you want to make bigger stadiums that hold more people and/or expose yourself to the working class to bring a family to the game the teams should look into licensing seat sections to businesses for advertising that could help to lower the amount of tickets in those sections, maybe even specifically geared towards families.

  68. If your looking for technology in the stadium to try and make it a better experience, there is something already out that does just that. It is called Fanvision it is a hand-held device that allows you to watch television broadcasts of multiple games, and see instant replays of the game, while in the vicinity of the stadium. I believe right now it is only available to season ticket holders for 12 NFL teams for $200. It’s pretty cool one of my friends has it and works before and after games as long as you are at the stadium.

  69. Two things: 1) The NFL can’t heavily promote the NFL Network, accept the billions from TV networks and the subsequent advertising, and then try to punish fans for NOT buying a ticket to the game. There is a huge hypocrisy in promoting the TV experience and then bashing cities and fans for not selling out especially in a terrible recession.

    2) The majority of the posts nail it on the head. It’s TOO expensive to go to games. People are saying it over and over and over again. Lower the costs of tickets, parking and concessions. The demand is no longer at the supply level. The cost benefit ratio has been grossly tilted towards flat out greed.

    Get a clue, NFL. Then again, this is the same NFL that is a multi billion dollar business full of multi billionaires which demands that cities pay for their place of employment. This same organization also punishes their customers for not buying enough of their product. Name another business in the world that employs such practices.

  70. NFL needs to stop Roethlisburgering the beer. Getting r@ped at $8-6 beer is bull. Not to mention in Cleveland they want you to cheer and root for the team under strick guidelines.

  71. One game is more expensive than a nice sized HD TV, how do you compete with that? Once again, make the game more affordable. The owners don’t need or deserve to make another fortune on every game.. lets not even talk about the joke of preseason or the Pro Bowl.

  72. when i talk to football fans for me many many people.. i never once hear about saftey as being an issue.ever. the reason people dont go to games is simple… ticket prices at all time highs, 7 dollars a hotdog, 10 dollars a beer, 4-5 dollars for a bag of peanuts. tailgating rules being enforced in some places…isnt it obvious. id rather spend 20-30 per sunday for a day of food/beer/place to view than 200 for your ticket alone (not including your family), plus feeding your family 50-60. plus game. plus parking fees..

  73. Very simple, get rid of half these commercial breaks for the folks in the stadiums. Just have the TV stream slowly become less live as the game progresses.

  74. I’m going to take the opposite approach. Everyone seems to think that lowering the price would be the way to get MORE people into the seats. So, if GB lowers ticket prices, how many people can go to the game? Stadiums don’t hold 200K capacity’s. I do think that stadiums have to do a better job in keeping the fans who are at the games to be able to know what’s happening around the league. How about simply putting up a bunch of Jumbo Trons with the games being played in the background (no volumn). That could be the NFL fan’s ultimate fantasy.

  75. Just like the problem with taxes and government spending, lower the salaries of the players and lower the price the fan pays to go to a game. Instead, the players want more millions and the everyday middle class football fan has to pay for it with parking and over-priced food and drink.

  76. Pats tickets are 131dollars 30 dollars in gas 40 dollars to park(no lie) 8.50 a beer no commentating or information and
    Not to mention bad seats all around because hdtv is virtually on the field for the viewer at home…..ive gone to a ton of games and everytime im on my way home i have some form of regret for going especially when in traffic for 2.5 hours after a monday night game . Or i can sit at home with the best seat in the house 6 beers fir the price of one never a line for the bathroom and when the games over no hassel to get off the couch!

  77. Sounds to me like the price of watching football on TV is about to go way higher.

    I think saturation point has been reached and the only way to get more money of of fans is to make those NOT going to the stadium pay more for their fix.

  78. If you truly want to make the in stadium experience better here is my two cents worth.

    1 You do need some serious wifi for the season ticket holders so we can communicate with twitter etc. Tough to watch a game without it any more.
    2 Get the sound systems to be just a little quieter. Sometimes they are so loud.
    3 Stop allowing folks to get so drunk. It is becoming more and more of a problem every year. Get some PS announcements about how to get it toned down
    4 Don’t allow folks into a game without a shirt. Have you ever sat next to a 295 pound drunk guy without his shirt in December in Green Bay? I have, not pretty
    5 How hard is this, get them to have more bathrooms. Section 124 at Lambeau it takes at least 10 more minutes to use the john since the latest renovation. Make them bigger and easier to get in an out from.

  79. If I want to go to a game I go to college football which is 100x better in person than the NFL.

  80. In addition to the obvious price-gauging, traffic, parking, concession lines, standing in urine at the trough:

    As an added “bonus” us Vikings fans get to sit inside on beautiful Sep-Oct Sundays instead of out in the fresh air.

    Jackass in front of you yelling obsenities all game while I try to cover my 9-yr old’s ears.

    Almost zero smart-phone signal to check other game/fantasy stats every once in a while.

    Paying full price for preseason irks me to no end.

    At home, you get 5 angles of replay…at the stadium, you’re lucky to see a quick shot on the jumbo tron that you can barely see from 400 ft away.

    I used to go to most home games, now I go to 1 or 2 and sell the rest. Don’t think I’d lose any sleep if the Vikings moved…

  81. southcakpanther says:
    Feb 13, 2012 4:07 PM
    I love the whole game day experience from the A.M. tailgate through the end of the game.

    One complaint I have: Get rid of the TV timeout after every kickoff. Kick the ball off and let the offense get on the field and get going. Particularly now that we have all the touchbacks. A touchback followed by a 2 minute TV timeout is just lame.


    Get rid of TV timeouts and give back millions (If not close to a billion) in ad revenue.

    Try again….

    Some sports are better in person, some are just better on TV. I like to get to a game or two each year for the experience of the stadium but outside of that I enjoy the game so much more at home. When I go I refuse to sit anywhere outside of the 30 yard lines and won’t buy tickets more than 20 rows back. Even with a great view there is never a match for what you see on television. No matter where you are sitting you are going to be a large distance away from the action at some point.

    In contrast baseball can be just dreadfully boring at times; however, it is a great game to see in person at the ballpark. Something about the fresh summer air, bright green grass, and the slow pace makes baseball a great experience at the park.

  82. I would think there also should be concern by the advertisers of NFL games when you have RED ZONE to ‘bypass’ all the commercial breaks and go from the primary game you’re watching to RZ. I got through the whole season until the playoffs and Super Bowl w/out having to watch 1 commercial, thanks to the Red Zone. Talk about biting the hand that feeds you?

  83. things id rather buy on a sunday instead of spending close to 200 for a game

    1/8 of headies $60
    case of good beer $30
    pizza and wings $30

    id much rather spend 120 on these things, plus i can still wear sweat pants, slippers, a bathrobe and carry around a 2 foot bong. make it cheaper so i feel like a i get a better return for my money and maybe i will leave the comforts of home.

  84. It is a shame that they wont read or listen to any of this cause seriously I don’t think that the geniuses that run these teams and the NFL as a whole understand its more about the cost then it is about anything else. Cause seriously I can use my phone to get all the stats and other info I want and I would have it with me if I wanted to spend all that money to go to a game. However I wouldn’t do it anyway cause I love being able to stay warm, drink beer and not have to drive anywhere, go the the bathroom without having to wait in a long line, spend the same amount for a pack of hot dogs as I would for one at a game, and I could go on and on but nothing will ever change so it doesn’t much matter.

    The people who can afford to go will continue to go and the people like me will just continue to get Sunday NFL ticket and watch every game from the comfort of my house.

  85. Bull I go to as many NFL games a year as I can afford. normally thats between 1-3 games. I also have NFL Sunday Ticket every year but if you’ve been to a game you know there will NEVER be a home experience that comes close to rivaling the live game experience. I think the live experience is great. If I was to change one thing it would be showing the fans more on tv like every commercial break. Coming home n seeing yourself on tv is a huge plus. And frankly I like seeing the fans at the game they dont show them enough n it takes away from the tv experience.

  86. I agree that the prices are too high. Paying 100 dollars to sit in the “nosebleed” sections is absurd. I also agree that the concessions are way too high. Replace those generic concessions with franchises. McD, BK, Taco Bell etc. charge them rent with the caveat being that they keep prices reasonable. I’d rather pay $6 for a BK burger than a generic concession one anyway.

    Just for fun I’ll play “devil’s advocate” on the ticket prices…. Ive spent 100 on an upper deck bad seat and got threatened 3 times because of my 9ers gear. This was a game that the 9ers lost handily by the way. I spent 250 another time to sit 50 yard line in row 13 and the experience was lightyears different. Sure I got heckled, but that was their right. It never went beyond friendly “chatter”. I think I’d rather pay the extra 150 to avoid the mouth-breathers……. While staying home is most definitely cheaper NOTHING beats the live experience.

  87. Let me guess: More “world class programming” on higher tech screens and a somehow more “interactive” game experience at the stadium will quickly turn into an excuse to raise ticket, parking, and concession prices even higher, right?

    Goodell and the NFL just don’t get it.

  88. NFL is out of touch if they think the reason why people aren’t going to the game is because that can’t check fantasy stats or watch other games.

    I love the stadium experience and nothing beats it for any sport but I don’t love it so much I’m going to spend $500 for 3 and half hours to sit in lousy seats.

    Make it reasonable for average joe to actually afford to go to a game and maybe you won’t have a probably with people going to one.

    Most people don’t take kindly too a blatant 200%+ mark up on everything.

  89. It’s the law of diminishing returns, plain and simple. The game experience and everything that goes with it (good and bad) does not outweigh the investment required to attend.

  90. I don’t see the point of trying to emulate the couch experience. If I wanted to watch multiple games at the same time and track my fantasy teams I’d stay home. I go to the stadium because you can’t get that experience at a bar or in your basement. NFL needs to focus more on differentiating the stadium experience more rather than try to make it more like watching a game at home.

    My only only beef is that I live 3 hours away so I’m not considered part of the local market and I’m smack dab in the middle of about 4 markets. I spend all this money on tickets for home games, but when they are out of town it’s a crapshoot if they are on TV or not where I live. How about giving season ticket holders a free subscription to sunday ticket or online streaming of away games? We spend hundreds/thousands on season tickets, we should be able to follow our teams for all 16 games.

  91. ..another thing the NFL should do for those who actually go to games, give more accessibility and interaction of the players/coaches after the games with the fans. Just having a “meet and greet” after the game would mean the world to a lot of the people who are paying these guy’s salaries.

  92. Ticket prices should go down but won’t.. just no way.

    The market has set a price and owners are going to want to get that and more… that’s why they’re researching cost effective ways to get fans in the stadium and in turn raise prices again.

    Also, for those that might not know… TicketMaster owns LiveNation, StubHub and the main broker sites that sell the the street scalpers & ebay brokers. They get fees plus some on each transaction so there’s no interest making changes to any of that as the fan pays it in the end. So if you’re looking to go to a game or concert stay away from those methods of getting a ticket.

  93. Im sorry….i understand where the nfl is going with this, but as a fan i have only been to on stadium game and there is nothing compared to being at the game ….its jus so thrilling absolutely amazing……i definitely wouldn’t change it

  94. The only way to improve the stadium experience in Baltimore would be to add 30,000 more seats. Yes, tickets are pricey, but it doesn’t really matter because you’ll never get one.

  95. You gotta love how the NFL operates.. I never realized they were having problems selling out stadiums?

    Force communities to publicly fund their stadiums..

    Force people to pay full price fro pre-season garbage!..

    Force the markets to sellout those stadiums or else get blacked-out from TV…

    And they’re now going to try inventing new ways to get someone to buy tickets for games between two losing teams (which is probably why they’re not selling out).

  96. If the NFL wants to enhance the “stadium” experience and get it’s fans to leave the couch to watch a game, then here’s where they should start!

    1. Take Ticketmaster, and other ticket outlets out of the scenario. When tickets go on sale, it’s kind of funny how you can call ticketmaster, and they will say they are sold out. But, you can go on craigslist, and find 50 different adds for a game, and all of them are thru some secondary ticket outlet, and at 5-10 times the cost. That to me, is a huge rip off. How is it these secondary outlets can get their hands on tickets, but yet we can’t? How is it ticketmaster will say there is a 10 ticket maximum, but these secondary outlets have 2000 seats to sell? You can price out a ticket on ticketmaster, and it’s 130 dollar seat, pretty nice location.. Go to that secondary outlet, and it’s 400 dollars. Go figure! Sorry Roger, i’m not going to pay 400 dollars for a seat that won’t be quite as comfy as my couch! Maybe i’d buy that 130 dollar seat from ticketmaster, but not the 400 dollar seat from some other outlet that just “scalps” the tickets anyways!

    2. Lower food and beverage costs! I am not in the mood to drop a grand for good seats, food, and beverage to take my wife to a game to watch my crappy vikings lose by 50 to the packers… My couch, coors light, and nacho’s seem to be more comfortable, taste better and are alot cheaper.

    3. Parking…. It stinks! not only is it going to be a ton just to go to the game, but parking, and traffic… Then like others have said, sit in line to take a whiz, only to have to walk thru piles of puke, and lakes of urine on the floor because people can’t hold their liquor. Maybe to aid in this, when a person goes thru the gate, give them 4 tickets for a person of legal age to drink. Basically limit them to 1 beer per quarter.. It stinks you would have to do that, but i sure am tired of going to a game, and stepping in puke and urine, and having the bathroom reak! Makes me wonder if half of the people work on mondays or not? Maybe i’m old, but i know if i was in that sort of shape, i wouldn’t function monday… Probably not until wednesday!.

    There’s a few things for you to start with Roger…. Maybe give up 9 of your 10 mil in salary to fans! That would be another route….

  97. Don’t we pay enough money for overpriced stuff from NFL sponsors? Really a chevy costing over $30,000 and Shoes over $100, Miller Beer at $7.00 a six-pac, etc? Now only corporate money can afford tickets. Pretty soon you won’t be seeing jerseys in the stands, you will be seeing suits and ties! Corporate greed has taken over the NFL too.
    Lower a friggin ticket price so an actual middle or lower class family can attend one game a year. It’s more expensive than Disneyland and it’s only three hours long!

  98. I live in Boston but travel to Dallas at least once a year to see a home game and usually travel for two away games. It’s not just the game, it’s the weekend away, the tailgate parties, meeting other fans from out of town and meeting the locals….

    I love watching every Sunday with my group of friends (several teams represented) but going to live games is way more fun. Baltimore, Charlotte and Atlanta are my games this year if the schedule works out. Looking forward to three great weekends.

  99. This has been said a million times already, but the experience is way too expensive for most people with the way the economy is.

    The way to jazz it up a little is the following:

    1) Get some microbrews out there, if I’m going to pay 8 bucks for a can of beer, at least make it a beer with some taste…

    2) Come up with some unique foods to each stadium (Target Field does a GREAT job with this)

    3) Make the atmosphere a little more kid friendly…I love the rivalries and the heckling of the opposing fans (as long as it doesn’t cross a line see: 49ers vs Raiders), Packer-Viking games are fun for heckling! Just make the players actually ACCESSIBLE to the fans (MLB does a GREAT job with this as well)

    4) NFL Teams should be more accommodating to season ticket holders. Private tours of the stadium, free gear, team “meet and greets”, etc

    5) Come up with a way to have package deals with hotel/transportation to bring the costs down a bit of the overall trip

    Don’t try to mimic the home experience, I won’t pay that money when I get the same stuff at home…can’t meet the players at home, can’t tour the stadium at home, can’t eat the unique foods at home…and DON’T DESTROY MY BUDGET in doing so.

  100. I see a lot of folks complaining about the price of admission and beer and a lot of people complaining about all the obnoxious drunks in the stands.

    How many obnoxious drunks will be in the stadium with $10 seats and $3 beers?

  101. Give the fans who buy a ticket from the team more when they are at home. Ever wonder why the NFL hasn’t added more camera angles to telecasts? How come I can watch six different holes during Masters week but I can’t EVER see the secondary pre-snap? How come I can hear snippets of sideline comments that Tom Brady made during the Superbowl 6 days AFTER the game when nobody cares?

    It’s amazing how EASY the NFL can make the home viewing experience better, but they don’t want to dissuade the paying customer base.

    So, you give these extras to those who BUY THE GAME TICKETS. Buy one game, get these “enhanced” game experience options for one road game… better and more camera angles to choose from, a mic’d up option for certain players DURING the game, and a five minute sneak peak at the pregame “pep” talk.

    NFL fans are DYING for more of their favorte sport. Give it to them… (if they pay for a ticket that is).

  102. On top of lowering ticket prices, say lower level tops $200, mid level tops $125, and upper level tops $75 per ticket, they also need to make it illegal to sell tickets on stubhub or other resale sites for more than face value of the ticket. Canada has done this in regards to reselling tickets because of people being ripped off for hockey tickets. All if this makes it unaffordable to thousands upon thousands of dedicated fans.

  103. I also feel that all cable providers should be able I offer the nfl Sunday ticket and offer an entire season package say around $150 per season as well as team packages for $50 a season so if one wishes they can at least purchase their favorite team’s games without having to shell out too much cash.

  104. NFL and owners are nuts, first off they have deals with how many companies that produce these HD television and do so much promoting how you get the perfect picture to watch football along with all these cable football plans to watch every game or Red Zone. The owners black out games because were not going because the NFL is selling us these packages, it seems to be a conflict of intrest.The fan gets screwed either way!

  105. The NFL is way off-base with this one! The Stadium experience is unique. Being there, part of the action along with 70,000+ other excited, screaming fans cannot be duplicated by the big HDTVs.

    These stadium experience will be detracted by these fad toys. Go back to a main scoreboard and scores of other NFL games. Get rid of the nuisance fantasy stats.

  106. onebucplace says:
    Feb 13, 2012 4:07 PM
    Since pretty much 98-99% of the games sell out all the cheapskates complaining about the prices are out of touch.

    Anyways I can personally afford my club seats but traffic stinks — I suggest helipads for people such as myself that will usher us above the unwashed masses of to our waiting cars a few miles from the stadium. This will allow us to quickly bypass the scumclass traffic and return to our estates so we can continue to be productive and provide jobs for the rest of you.

    That is funny as hell. Even if you’re serious still perfect.

  107. Lots of whining about prices here so let’s get back to the article. Just get the wifi at the stadiums and dont even think about charging to use it.

  108. noquickreactionshere says:
    Feb 13, 2012 4:55 PM

    Get rid of TV timeouts and give back millions (If not close to a billion) in ad revenue.

    Try again….

    Actually, I was only referring to the post kickoff TV timeout, not all of them. Your reaction was to quick.

  109. Seriously NFL? For the privilege of watching a beyond terrible product in Cleveland, you are currently charging anywhere between $350 annually ($35 per ticket) for the absolute worst nose-bleeds and $3000 a year ($290 a seat!) for the best Club Seats. The Club Seats basically buy you the privilege to spend more money on varied concessions and a shorter line for the bathroom (non-half-time). That’s not exactly a lot of added value there (I forgot about the handsome nylon car flag that came our way this year). Beers are $8, fountain soda pop (which costs PENNIES) about $5, and you literally can’t get a cup of coffee (even though you have a “brunch buffet”).

    Here’s an average day at your over-priced Factory of Sadness:

    Leave the house at 10am and fight traffic
    Get downtown and pay $25 to park.

    Put on all your layers because is FREEZING outside.

    Navigate through the hoard of vulgar drunks walking a mile to the stadium (parking in the lot next door will take you til Monday to get out). Try to shield your 8 year-old from all the new words they’re learning being shouted at someone who decided to wear something supporting another team.

    Stop to observe fist-fight to make sure nobody is actually murdered or avoid fist-fight if you have your kid with you.

    Walk past vendors selling obscene T-Shirts and shouting all kinds of classy things. Shield your 8 year-old from the one with the Michigan cheerleader “servicing” a Buckeyes player. He sees the “F— Pittsburgh” one instead – lesser of two evils.

    Stop by the hot dog cart outside the stadium to actually pay $2 for the same product that costs 3 times that inside.

    Stand in a sardine packed line for 20 minutes to get groped and wanded on your way into the stadium.

    Arrive at your seats 30 minutes before kickoff to observe 4 losers in the row behind you who are WAY too old to be so drunk that they don’t know where they are. 5 minutes later, the one with the dead eyes is reflexively spitting on the pavement, about to vomit. Observe 40 year-old loser puke into an empty beer cup. A couple chunks land on the poor sap next to you. Tell his friends to get him out of there. The ingrates respond, “like you’ve never been there before.” Ponder pummeling them, but settle on threatening them. Eventually they leave or someone else tells on them.

    The game starts. The Browns’ only good player, a dynamic return specialist, watches the opening kickoff bounce past the back of the end-zone (nice rule change, guys).

    Eventually you get your appetite back since the puke behind you has been cleaned up. You go get a burger and a beer. $18.

    Some a-hole three seats down decides the rules don’t apply to him and lights up a smoke. You’re allergic and he’s perfectly positioned for it to waft right across your nose. You tell him to put it out and he tells you to F yourself. You tell the usher to please put a stop to it and he asks if you talked to the guy. You tell the usher that you did, but it’s not your job to do so.

    It’s the 2nd quarter now and you hear a sudden roar. It’s the 16th TV time-out, so you know nothing is happening on the field. Right on schedule, the degenerates in the Dawg Pound are on their 3rd fight of the afternoon. Cue “A-hole chant.”

    Toward the end of the first half, the Browns finally get a drive going. McCoy drops back and has a man open deep! The 55 year-old trophy wife down the row decides this would be the perfect time for her 3rd Bloody Mary! You miss the play. Clueless idiots will enter or exit your row during a play 18 more times today.

    Half-time! Wait in line to pee for 15 minutes, miss the opening of the 3rd quarter. Skip washing hands because some mouth-breather was going in the sink.

    3rd quarter, the other team is up by 3 touchdowns. 70% of the stadium empties. Sit around and watch your terrible team get embarrassed (again). You’ve been doing this for 12 years now, but hey, at least you can put your feet up in the 4th quarter.

    In a rare moment of glory, a DB on your team returns an INT for a TD. When he’s at the 50, you miss the rest of the play because trophy wife, who was leaving early, came back because she forgot her scarf. She’s out of your way in time to see him dance around the end zone despite still losing by 21 points.

    A drunk idiot runs on the field and gets clobbered by a player then pummeled by security. Biggest cheer (and best tackle) of the day.

    Eventually, the game mercifully ends. Observe your home team’s “gridiron warriors” laugh and glad handle with the team that just humiliated them.

    Navigate the hoard of bitter, sullen drunks on the way back to the car.

    Try to shield your kid from even more creative cheers on the way out.

    Try to shield your kid from the skanks from the local Gentleman’s Club passing out free-admission coupons.

    Walk past drunk, shoeless 45 year-old who decks a 20 year-old kid for walking past his eyeline. Laugh as his slightly less drunk friend holds him back as the 20 year-old decides if he should just keep walking or mop the floor with the guy.

    Sit in traffic for an hour just to get out of downtown because neither your team or your bankrupt city want to pay for more than 2 traffic cops.

    Listen to team-sponsored locker room report while you sit in bumper-to-bumper traffic. Team hired reporter baits players and coaches with hard-hitting questions like “rough day out there today” and “talk about that touchdown” instead of “why don’t you have any professional receivers on your roster?”

    Get home at 5:30. Core body temperature back to normal by halftime of the Sunday Night game.

    And you wonder why people would rather watch on TV!? I could be next to a warm fireplace, eating pizza and drinking a reasonably priced micro brew for about $15 total instead of forking out hundreds of dollars.

    See you Sunday.

  110. Really, NFL? You think the way to get more butts in seats is to make it easier for people to have their snoots in their mobile devices and/or pump useless information to the displays in the stadium? *rolls eyes*

    The answer is simple, and it’s been said plenty in the comments: make the live game experience a heck of a lot cheaper and more will come. $60 to fill up your car to go to the stadium, $100 for a ticket, $20 to park, $8 beers, $5 hot chocolate, $4 pretzel, and $5 hot dog adds up to $202. Even if you don’t eat or drink, it’s still $180 to go to a game. If I sit at home, my cost is a six pack ($8) and a frozen pizza ($7) which comes to a grand total of $15 to watch the game on my high-def TV and the only drunken idiot I have to put up with is myself.

    Pretty simple, NFL. Lower the cost of the live game experience and I’ll bet my leather couch that ticket sales would dramatically increase. There’s still a lot of people out of work or struggle to make end’s meet that can’t justify $180+ every time they want to watch a live NFL game.

  111. bearsrulepackdrool says:
    Feb 13, 2012 5:40 PM
    – There’s a camera pointing at the Rams practice
    – The article is tagged “New England Patriots”

    How am I the only one that notices this?


    Not sure why the picture is of the Rams but Robert Kraft is working with Godell on the issue. If you follow the link located in the article it talks about Kraft.

  112. southcakpanther says:
    Feb 14, 2012 9:05 AM
    noquickreactionshere says:
    Feb 13, 2012 4:55 PM

    Get rid of TV timeouts and give back millions (If not close to a billion) in ad revenue.

    Try again….

    Actually, I was only referring to the post kickoff TV timeout, not all of them. Your reaction was to quick.


    Actually my reaction was appropriate but I do appologize for leaving a word out of my comment. My new comment is “Get rid of SOME TV timeouts and give back millions (if not close to a billion) in ad revenue.

    Try again…..
    Take into consideration a moderately low scoring game, can we agree that 24-17 would be an “Average” game? That would be a total of 5TD’s and 2 Field goals, add opening game and half kickoffs and you have 9 Kickoffs in the game. 9 commercial breaks times 14 games each week eliminates 126 commercial breaks each week, up to 144 after by weeks are complete. Add in the increased price for playoff games, championship games, and the redonkulous price paid for superbowl ads. How much do you think those 9 breaks cost during the big game?

    I do however appologize if it seemed like I was making fun of your idea, I was just saying no, that won’t work try another idea.

    And to all who are saying lower ticket prices and food/beer prices will solve the problem keep in mind that most markets sell out every game. The markets that do not sell out still sell far more tickets than small baseball/hockey markets. Baseball teams sell tickets for 10-15 bucks because even at that cost they can’t sell out. You won’t find a Yankee or Red Sox game available for that, you will find an Orioles or Rays game. Lowering the price would just cut into the profit margin and put a little more money in the pockets of the people at the game.

  113. I just got an email 15 minutes ago, that I have to pay half of my season ticket bill by March 12th. The final bill will be due by June 4th.

    In June, we will still be 2 months away from preseason football, where I am forced to pay for 2 games of worthless football. But hey!!! They give me a bargain, and reduce the price for preseason tickets, right? Oh thats right, they dont. I still have to pay $150 for tickets I cant even give away on a stinking Wednesday or Thursday night.

    The couch looks better to me every day. Im a diehard football fan, but Im thinking about watching games in AC/heat this year, for the first time in a long time.

  114. Make 95% of the superbowl tickets available to the season ticket holders of the teams that make it to the superbowl. Do it via lottery, keep track of who wins, so if your team goes again, another fan will have a chance.

    Give away a ton of stuff at games, like signed jerseys, team signed footballs & helmets, sideline passes, away game trips, access to practices, so much stuff that you are almost guaranteed to win something if you are a season ticket holder.

    Make it easier to tailgate. Include a parking pass with every group of 4 Season tickets. Make each ticket good for one free beer or other concession item.

    Take away a few tv time-outs, even if you have to change the teams timeouts to 1 minute.

  115. Well for me it was the Raiders in the crypts and bloods neighbor hood and that was fun back then with your local trench coat suka trying to sell fake rolex’s. The whole LA coliseum area was a crack towns finest but the area now is so much better. Thanks to all the renovations, clean outs and AEG putting their staple on the area with hotels staples center and LA live it has really brought back the much needed life in LA.

    The Rams game were much different in Anaheim but too far of a drive for me, but I would still roll.

  116. What sucks about going to a game:
    – seats too narrow
    – no legroom
    – parking cost insulting
    – concessions cost crippling
    – dude in front of you stands constantly
    – dude behind you spills beer on you
    – chick next to you screams till you are deaf
    – stand/sit/repeat when people want to get by you
    – view not as close up as on TV
    – can’t rewind
    – can’t pause to go to the bathroom
    – have to share a restroom
    – long lines at the restrooms
    – have to walk a mini-marathon to get into the stadium
    – have to drive to the stadium
    – have to sit in traffic jams to get there

    That’s a long list.

    My best suggestion: Remove bench seating from stadiums, and go 100% open air skyboxes, of varying sizes and service levels and cost.

    When you go to a restaurant, you don’t share your table with 20 strangers. Same concept.

    With so many people unabashed to be arsecoals these days, a little privacy would go a long way.

  117. Cost really isn’t the issue from the marketing side… it’s that the experience doesn’t have the value proposition it used to, because of home theater.

    The product at the stadium is inferior for many people to the product at home.

    When people have a better time at home than at the stadium, the NFL could give the tickets away for free and people still wouldn’t go.

    It was different when everyone was huddled around a 14-inch TV set, but that’s no longer the case.

    So you have to add something to the experience to make it more enjoyable. I propose ditching bench seating in favor of affordable skyboxes.

  118. I can buy the NFL Ticket and watch ALL THE GAMES every week cheaper than taking my family (3 of us) cheaper than going to a single game. No brianer for me.

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