Randy Moss says he’s coming back

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Receiver Randy Moss retired from football in 2011.  Few believed it would stick.

And it’s apparently not going to stick.

The man who once said he plays when he wants to play has announced via a Ustream.tv live video that he wants to play.

“I just wanna go to a team and play some football,” Moss said in an appearance commemorating his 35th birthday, which included at one point an acknowledge of our effort to push traffic to the event by mentioning it on the PFT Twitter page.

“I said I had a surprise for y’all,” Moss added not long after showing off a bag of his hair and pointing out that it smelled “musty,” like “sauerkraut.”

He also explained that he retired because he had things going on off the field, and that his family has told him, “It’s fine, whatever you wanna do.”

What’s he’s going to do is return to the game.

“Faith, family, and football, that’s my M.O., bro,” Moss said.  “Your boy be back for the upcoming season.”

The offseason just got a lot more interesting.

118 responses to “Randy Moss says he’s coming back

  1. Great, another name to add to the list of over the hill, me first, more of a distraction than he’s worth idiots who refuse to leave. I wish the league would man up and tell him, t.o., and ochostinko to get lost.

  2. One of the best things about the NFL is the market will tell him whether he’s right or wrong in his desire to return. Good luck to him. And as a pats fan, I will say, anywhere but NE.

  3. Gonna be a lot of ‘Randy is flabbergasted’ comments come August… I doubt he gets much interest.

  4. Did he retire on his terms last year or did no one want this guys because of his antics in Minnesota and Tennessee?

    I thought he sucked at this point.

  5. The offseason got a lot more interesting because a 35 year old receiver who spent the last year out of football and caught a grand total of 28 passes in his last active season is entering the market?

    Not really.

  6. i don’t care what all you jackholes say, this is terrific.

    Moss is Boss.

    Also, to really piss you off:

    Moss > Rice

    Give Moss Joe Montana and Steve Young his entire career, Moss would have average 20TD’s a year.

  7. Hmmmmm, someone really, really well known and recognizable.

    Somewhere, Stephen Ross just sported wood…..

  8. Slackmo says:
    Feb 13, 2012 10:09 AM
    Teams looking for old receivers who can’t separate anymore are going to have to jump early this off-season or be shut out.

    Randy Moss was so fast that if he lost two steps he still would run a 4.4 forty. You cant teach size and speed bro. He will be a deep threat for someone. The FREAK is back!!

  9. Going on 5 years from his great season with the Patriots. At 35 he can’t be what he was.

    Because his hands are so good, if he could be humble and work hard on every play he could be a great addition to any team as a role player.

    He unfortunatly can’t do that.

  10. What team in their right mind would want this train wreck on their roster?

    Cue Jerrah and the Cowgirls in 1….2…..3………

  11. I’d rather have T.O.

    Moss was a freak….one of the best WR’s I’ve ever seen in my lifetime…..but his skills are declining, and his heart hasn’t been in it for years.

    At least T.O. works his tail off. He may be a diva, but nobody can question his effort level on the field.

  12. Can’t believe everyone is hating on Moss. The NFL is better with Moss and if he lands on a contender and plays well all the better! Dude might be the most exciting WR to ever play.

  13. @dubaradhandi ……we don’t want him in KC. I don’t see Pioli signing him. Maybe last year Pioli would of signed him, but Pioli has to much at stake from here on. All eyes are on the choices and success he has the next few years. Randy Moss would not a wise choice.

  14. At least TO gives a team the effort (despite his whining off the field). Never seen anyone as selfish or as lazy as Moss.

  15. No matter what you jealous humps say, I love Randy Moss and he is great for the NFL! Also, Randy Moss has shrewdly invested and could buy and sell you thousands of times over. Enjoy peasantry!

    Go Lions! Go Badgers!

  16. Cincy has some straight cash for you, homey! LOL!!!! Hope you go to a contender in the AFC, will give the Colts a better shot. Good luck.

  17. @deconjonesbitchslap

    As a 49er fan I dont deny the Moss >Rice, in terms of talent. Heck you dont even have to give him Steve Young, or Montana to have been better. His undoing was he played when he felt like it. He didnt take full advantage of his talent, and at the end of the day I dont think anyone will really want his services because of it, beside the Eagles or Jets…

  18. Better than Rice?


    Maybe based solely on pure talent…but nothing is judged just on that.
    Rice was a consummate pro his entire career. That can’t be said about Randy Moss.

  19. That should come as a surprise to the 32 teams who showed no interest in him last offseason, which is the only reason he retired in the first place.

  20. Attention all Rams fans: Jeff Fisher was not able to figure out how to get this man the football in Tennessee. Justin Blackmon is doomed if Rams draft him.

  21. i like moss. this is good news.

    i was a vikes fan in ’98. ANYONE who was a vikes fan in ’98 likes moss, and therefore likes this news.

    we need not waste our time changing the misinformed opinions of those who know no better. i feel bad for all of you.

  22. If Moss had Montana and Young he’d average 20 TDs a year?

    He scored 20+ TDs once (Brady, 2007). He had 17 twice with Minnesota, once with Daunte and once with Cunningham. Three years out of 13, or 23%, he caught around 20 TDs. Which goes back to the old saying..

    What’s the difference between Randy Moss and a dollar bill? You’ll get four quarters out of a dollar.

  23. @deconjonesbitchslap

    Except Jerry Rice didn’t have a constant me-first attitude and didn’t sit games out like Moss did.

  24. Yeah, thats just what the NFL needs is another cry baby out there.. The guy has no class, but then again, there are so many out there, and the NFL or the Teams dont really care…. Moss is washed up, He plays when he wants to and if it isn’t all about him on the field he wont go after the ball…

  25. Moss was only as good as he wanted to be. He was driven by being passed over in the draft during his phenomenal rookie year. He scored 11 touchdowns in TWO seasons with Oakland, because he was a perfect fit personality-wise in that locker room. Goes to New England, driven for a championship ring, catches 23 TDs from Brady, loses his only Super Bowl.

    If Randy WANTED to be better than Rice, he very well could have been.

  26. To deconjonesbitchslap, Yes, I agree that Moss has more natural talent. However to say that You’d rather have Moss on a team then Rice?? COME ON MAN!!!! Give me Rice anyday, give me a guy that don’t quit, give me a true professional.
    Sorry to piss you off, but Rice > Moss.

  27. As a Viking fan who watched him from day one, I would love to see him back on the field — playing for the Vikings….. He got a bum rap from Chilly upon his return ……otherwise, in my opinion and others he would still be high on the roster yet today.
    It’s easy for some, including many unknowing arm chair quarterbacks to roll out the cheap shots about him…… but for those who really watched him play is a legend that still has gas in the tank!
    I will watch him weekly regardless which team he plays on……

  28. just another comment for deaconjones… are you serious? moss>Rice REALLY??? Rice would sacrifice himself for the ball and his team, moss pulls up if he thought he was going to get hit… Im from Minnesota, and most of us hated him, and even as bad as we sucked this yr, with no receivers we still would not want him back, he pulls the whole team down…. RICE had class, Anthony Carter had class.. Moss is no where near those type of players

  29. Please Randy Come To The Eagles… I Normally cant stand veteran Wideouts.. But Your The Man.. We want and Need You..

    Signed a Die Hard Fan..

  30. Don’t forget, Randy Moss may have beat Jerry Rice’s 22 touchdowns in a season, but Jerry did it in 12 games.

    Look at the record books, it’s ridiculous how far ahead of everyone Jerry Rice is. Even in Oakland he was solid.

  31. I didn’t understand by what he said he “had his hair in a bag, and it smelled “musty” or like “sauerkraut”? What’s he doing, selling it on Ebay? Dude stay retired! TO had a workout attended by NO ONE. What does that tell you? And how is your Gambling problem doing? Are they letting you in at Foxwoods still or Mystic Lake? Old football players are like a bad cold. They stick around for a week or two then disappear. Hope Peyton retires too.

  32. T.O. is a saint compared to the cancer that is Moss. Owens mellowed out considerably in recent years and produced much better than Moss did….who hasn’t done a thing since 07. Moss is the single most one dimensional player in the league (when he was in the league in recent years). Moss and his 2 routes makes Tim Tebow look he’s got a bottomless bag of tricks.

    Nobody will be “lining up” for Moss.

  33. The Pats don’t need Prima-donnas…they are a TEAM.
    Moss “was” playing on a good team, & he blew it!!! Problem is..he’s got his ego up his a$$!
    He can bet the same, that he’s not coming back to the Pats….Thank You Very Much!! I read Bellichick’s face when Moss was screwing around missing passes, and what I read on Bill’s face was that Moss was soon to be out the door………. & he was!!
    He could have played more year with the Pats & eventually retired comfortably……….
    Nice going Randy…..hope you can pay your bills with your ego………….!!!!

  34. Man – that’s all a team with a shot at the playoffs needs – is a cancer in the locker room, to berate your young QB and to show all your rookies and young players how NOT to act like a pro.

    Stay away from the game big mouth – there will be no “superbowl homeboy” for you anymore!

  35. oklahomaseahawk says:
    Feb 13, 2012 10:37 AM

    Well in that case put Jamarcus Russell in tha Patriots system & he’d be a sure fire Hall Of Famer LMAO!!!

    You can’t teach commitment & defication. No need to take shots at otha players to Moss’s account he had his chance, now his career is what it is.

    You’re right. Defication is as natural a talent as one can have.

    Good call.

  36. SMH, sometimes i wonder if half of you couch potatoes, ever played football, with your expertise and criticism. Everyone has the right to question Moss’s effort at times, but to question his ability is an atrocity. He is the most talented( skill set wise) wide receiver of all time. 6’4, blazing speed, and great hands, he was mega tron when mega tron was in middle school. I believe he know has another chip on his shoulder and will be a great addition to any team that gives him a shot. Remember talent was never a problem with him and fellow diva WR T.O. I believe by this age, he will have mellowed out

  37. Somewhere in Vikings HeadQuarters, someone is wagging his finger saying “No Leslie. We trusted you once with a wash-up, we’re not letting it happen again.”

  38. Randy is gonna surprise all of you. Childress was stupid to let him go in the first place, but he was a sorry coach anyway! The low life Patriots let everybody go. , so they don’t even count. I think Randy and T.O. have a few more TD’s left in them. So don’t count them out just yet.

  39. I guess the motor sports team wasn’t enough to keep him busy, huh? Or it cost him more than he’d expected.

    He was a fantastic receiver when he wanted to be. Problem is he didn’t always want to be.
    When he was the #1 option he could take plays off and the team could still succeed. But secondary options can’t predict when the ball will come to them, so you need them to be reliable on every single play. There just isn’t much of a role for Moss any more.

  40. Of course he will be back!

    With Whitney Houston’s unfortunate passing America is now in need of a new top DIVA.

    And who better to fill the bill than Randy Moss?

    Of course he will have competitors. They are already lined up, TO of Wrangler’s fame in the IFL, Braylon ‘hands of stone’ Edwards and, from the Pats, Lousy Stinko.

    But I think Randy can prevail. Who do you think will be the new top DIVA?

  41. The NFL knows what Randy Moss does with marijuana. God I miss him making dumb statements, so I’d want him back just for that reason alone

  42. I expect that his original decision was to avoid a drug test. I dont see many teams wanting to bring that headache back.

    He did not play hard at all his last season so why would anyone think he would play hard now?

    If he does, San Diego would be a perfect fit, if not there, imagine Moss in Houston, with Peyton Manning throwing to he and Andre Johnson.

  43. Please save everyone time and go try out for the IFL off the bat. It was bad enough seeing TO go through this. We dont need another HOF’r going through this embarrassing process, due to being broke…

  44. sh4doww4lker says:Feb 13, 2012 10:51 AM

    As a Viking fan who watched him from day one, I would love to see him back on the field — playing for the Vikings….. He got a bum rap from Chilly upon his return ……otherwise, in my opinion and others he would still be high on the roster yet today.


    1) He jumped on board with BrINT in Minny by thinking he was one of the guys running the team.

    2) The only reason he wound up in Minny was because Chilly listened to BrINT….big mistake.

    3) Moss did everything he could to get tossed out of town shortly after his arrival….and it was more than clear that he had lost is skills before he even showed up.

    4) It’s apparently REALLY cold in the Twink Cities, because you sir..are numb in the brain box.

    Still got those billboards begging Favre to come back along 35 and 94, I bet. Yowza.

  45. Of all the “me first” WR who have reached the end of their careers, I think Moss still has something left in the tank. ’09 83 1264 13, a guy just don’t have those type of numbers one year and lose a step the next year. We all saw at the beginning of ’10, Moss wanted a new contract from he Pats. Did he get it? No. Therefore he shut it down just like he did in Oakland. Oh yeah and when he played against Revis that year he had 4 81 1… You might not like the antics but the dude still can ball. No major injuries in his career especially to his knees. If I was a GM of a Super Bowl caliber team i.e saints, pats, ravens, hell even the bears just bc of Cutler ill make a move on him.

  46. Stop with the Moss-Tiki comparisons. A 35 year old WR who is possibly the most talented to ever play the game and has sat out 1 year will get a contract. Tiki was a 36 year old RB who hadn’t played since ’06. Tiki was even getting phased out by Brandon Jacobs then.

  47. He and TO are finding out that acting like the biggest divas on the planet and burning bridges make for a lot of unanswered calls to teams.

  48. Is this really a story? Come on now, you can put his name along with Ocho and TO in the “Has Been” file. They are all past their prime and carry way too much baggage even if they still have something left in the tank.

  49. I have to put Randy Moss near the top of all-time great players — no player came even close to dominating those all-time great Bucs defenses the way he did while he was in Minnesota — not Barry Sanders, not Brett Favre, the only player the Bucs back then could never stop was Randy Moss. This however isn’t that Randy Moss so who cares.

  50. I can understand if no team would want the clown show that comes with Moss. But, worse yet is that he doesn’t have anything left. You might put up with his antics if he could play and help your team. He can’t.

  51. Tebow to Moss…why not?!! We have no WR in Denver to speak of…he is better than everyone currently on the roster, even at age 35!

  52. At this point, he is so insignificant that he will probably end up on a team that is insignificant as well. Why would any good team waste a roster spot on this guy? They are good because they have someone better to fill his spot. Time’s up, Randy.

  53. Third time is the charm Vikes. lets do Randy, Percy and Ponder a solid and do this. I imagine a year off from football has put things in perspective for Moss and believe he still has a lot of fire burning inside to play since i know money is not the issue.

  54. I remember his alligator arms as a viking against the packers… I remember him flipping out on the caterer… I remember him pledging allegiance to his former coach while attempting to get his own coach fired… I remember the titans being the only to take a chance, only to see him ride the pine…

    fool me once – shame on me.

    fool me twice – shame on me again!

    but fool me three times? fool me – you can’t get fooled again!!!

    moss is/was done!

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