Routt says he likes the atmosphere in Buffalo

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Free-agent cornerback Stanford Routt, who made $15 million for one season in Oakland, has commenced his quest for a new team.  On Monday, he visited the Bills.

Today was a good day,” Routt said in comments to reporters, the video of which are posted on the Bills’ website.  “I like the atmosphere around here.”

He wasn’t interested in talking about his time in Oakland, calling it a “past chapter.”  And he has specific goals for the next chapter.

“I want to go to a team that I can help win,” Routt said.  “I haven’t won much in my seven years in the NFL.  And I just want to be on a team that’s winning, that I can help win, and have some stability.”

Routt got a head start on free agency because his contract contained a clause that would have fully guaranteed his $5 million base salary if he was still on the roster on Friday.  With a full month before the other cornerbacks can hit the market, Routt has plenty of time to make a decision.

Next up for Routt, according to Jason La Canfora of NFL Network, is a visit to the Chiefs on Tuesday and, later in the week, the Texans, Cowboys, and Titans.


45 responses to “Routt says he likes the atmosphere in Buffalo

  1. Yeah, what’s not to love about Buffalo? An amazing team with a great history of Super Bowl triumphs. Beautiful city with attractive women and warm weather. A tremendous night life with class and culture. Buffalo is just like Paris and the Bills should be the most sought after destination for every player in the NFL.

  2. @bkp360

    He got $10 mil for last season between salary and bonuses… then another $5 mil guaranteed for this season even though he got cut (was due $5 mil in salary then $5 mil in bonus, won’t get salary due to getting cut).

    Hence the $15 mil for one season.

  3. Any team sitting around thinking they need an overpriced, penalty prone, corner who loves giving up the deep pass? I present Stanford Routt ( which is what will happen to your defense if he’s starting).

  4. You want stability a contender and you think it’ll be better in buffalo? With tom brady and peyton manning twice a year its gonna be tough for corners in the afc east

  5. most penalized Cb in the league and gave up most TD’s 8 in league..would be perfect for buffalo lol

  6. Sometimes, I secretly fantasize that thatobnoxiousguy, caseyanthonymunoz, and trbowman are indeed the same person…on the other hand, that is a lot of hatered for one individual person.

  7. Why would anyone ever want to go to Buffalo? Horrible team, horrible weather, horrible city, horrible people.

  8. bearsstillsuck says: Feb 13, 2012 8:45 PM

    He probably meant that literally. The air in buffalo has to be better than Oakland.

    It smells like cheerios at times, which really isn’t bad…but be careful what you say, because on this sight making a first hand local reference (like the Cheerios smell that anyone who has lived in Buffalo knows of) means you get your comment deleted…

  9. No calls from the Bengals? Go figure. Looks like they’ll be drafting one in the first round. Thanks Raiders for the pick.

  10. Please, please, please go to the Chiefs!! I can’t even comprehend how many PI and holding penalties he’ll rack up trying to cover Jacoby Ford and Denarius Moore twice a year.

  11. NFL Cliff Notes tell players to say “I want to win,” but their wives tell them to take the money and run…..For a few hundred to, sometimes, millions more, most players will sign with a losing team. BUT I’d rather play for a winning team and manage my money well, a talent most players don’t seem to understand because so many appear to be broke a few years after leaving the game.

  12. Hey caseyanthonymunoz, I can see by your comments you have never been to Buffalo or enjoyed the company of some of the extremely hot women who live there. I have been to Cincinati, Buffalo wins by many miles.

  13. A lot of people are saying the Bills are losers, but fortunes change fast. A couple years ago, I couldn’t believe all the free agents were going to the Falcons, who were horrible. The next year they were 11-5.

    Probably not the case here, but who knows?

  14. As a raider fan routt got tourched against Brandon marshell Wes welker and santionio Holmes last year. Only playing each team once. Now,has 2 face them,all twice a year hahaha! Have fun bills!

  15. He actually had a really good 2010 season. But wasn’t so good that it justified his contract and failing to even make an offer to Asomugha. Damn i miss wearing my #21 jersey. Oh well its resigned to my closet for 10 years then i can wear it because it’ll be nostalgic lol.

  16. As a Raiders fan, I sincerely hope he signs with the Chiefs. Twice a year the Raiders reap the rewards of Routt’s penalties and terrible ball skills.

  17. stevincinci says:
    Feb 13, 2012 10:09 PM
    No calls from the Bengals? Go figure. Looks like they’ll be drafting one in the first round. Thanks Raiders for the pick.

    Your welcome. And thank you for gagging vs. the Texans in the playoffs and going 0-2 in Super Bowls.

    Bengal fan, the only thing your known for that we hate is ending Bo Jackson’s career.

  18. “The Penalty Magnet” got jokes. “help a team win” how are you gonna help a team win with 20 penalties.

    If it wasn’t for the Raiders, he’ll be out of football by now. Scouting combine workout warrior survived this long because he was on Big Al’s scholarship.

  19. What’s funny is the Raiders would have won the division if he was on another team. I hope he signs with an AFC west team … Palmer will put up big numbers in those 2 games.

  20. He wasn’t interested in talking about the team that drafter him higher than anyone else would have, and paid him more than anyone else would have. All he can say is he wants to put that chapter of his life behind him. What a jacka$$. As a Raider fan, I’m hoping he signs with the Chiefs.

  21. slightlyhyphy says:
    Feb 13, 2012 9:56 PM
    Why would anyone ever want to go to Buffalo? Horrible team, horrible weather, horrible city, horrible people.

    Apparently you’ve never been to Buffalo…
    Great people, awesome city, Best team in the NFL to root for. The only thing you got right was that we have horrible weather. So you know how to watch the weather channel, good for you!

  22. He visited the Chiefs. Why would he not want to join them to play against the team that cut him.

  23. Western New York is one of the friendliest places in the nation. LA..not so much. LA has fake fans, body parts, and economy. A drain on the nation. Horrible weather in buffalo? Or great football weather? HRaters nation don’t be jealous.

  24. really?
    buffalo is not even in the same eschalon as the bay area in terms of a nicer place to live…………….the bay area is one of the most desirable places to live in the world, let alone the u.s.
    use ur brain.

  25. scoob766 says:
    Feb 14, 2012 12:40 AM
    Nobody could be good on the Raiders, the franchise has a commitment to garbage.
    Buddy, you’re a Bills fan, you don’t have the right to put ANY other franchise down.

    The only thing that smells of a loser more than the Bills is the city of Buffalo itself, which has never, ever won a damn thing.

    A little perspective goes a long way.

  26. Half of you havent been to Buffalo before…

    Despite sometimes slick streets during the winter time… the city rules. It’s humid during the summer which sucks but this place is geologically blessed.

    The rest of the USA is just jealous because Buffalo has 4am+ bar/club closing times and incredible fans.

    Buffalo rules.

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