Trouble in Steeler Nation

Mike Florio talks with Joe Starkey from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review about the dysfunction surrounding Steeler Nation, including Ben Roethlisberger’s displeasure at the forced departure of Bruce Arians.This video is no longer available. Click here to watch more NBC Sports videos!

5 responses to “Trouble in Steeler Nation

  1. We’re perfectly willing acknowledge that Ben is unhappy. We just won’t acknowledge a conflict between Tomlin and the Rooneys that doesn’t exist–as Starkey has now reiterated.

    Ben needs to up his game. Haley can help him do that. Since the message from the team is so clear–and he does want a shot at Canton–Ben would be smart to get on board. As you’ve noted, fans can be fickle. For many, winning–and playing through that broken nose–did as much to rehab Ben’s image as his PR campaign. Some of us have long seen him for what he is: a highly talented egomaniacal boor who didn’t do the crimes but needs to grow up. If he can’t work with Haley and the team suffers because of his petulance, he’ll find the goodwill he’s recovered with everyone else can evaporate very quickly.

  2. Well put Deb.

    I have never been a huge fan of Ben, for many reasons. You can’t question the talent but many of the decisions (on and off the field) are a different story. He needs to realize that he is not the man in charge and that this is a TEAM. A few decent offensive linemen wouldn’t hurt either.

  3. “Trouble”? More like a much-needed shake-up. The red zone play calling has been atrocious for years now — Ben’s golf buddy needed to go.

    The Steelers understand who really drives the team. It’s not the “run game” or the “number-one defense” as some fools think.

    I’m fine with Haley and Roethlisberger not being pals — in fact I’d rather see it than what was going on before. Haley understands the concept of balance. He’s emphasized the best players both in Arizona and KC. He knows when it comes down to it, Mendenhall ain’t what moves the Steelers. Sure, the run game can improve, but this is a QB -driven squad. With terrific WRs.

    Now just go out and get some real offensive linemen and we’ll talk. As for “trouble in Steeler Nation” that’s just a hater’s fantasy trip.

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