Weekend rewind: Teams can carry over cap space

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Since plenty of you still don’t check out PFT on non-work time, every once in a while there’s a weekend story that bears repeating on Monday.

On Sunday, we had several items regarding a new twist in the labor deal that allows teams to automatically carry over any unused cap space from one year to the next.  To do it, the team in question simply has to want to do it, and to reduce its intentions to writing.

There’s no down side.  Though some thought that carrying over cap space would increase the per-team minimum spending requirement that debuts in 2013, the 89-percent floor comes only from the unadjusted cap.

And here’s one detail I didn’t notice when we listed the five teams with the most cap space and the five teams with the least.  From John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, each of the five highest-spending teams in 2011 (Steelers, Falcons, Giants, Texans, Lions) made the playoffs, and only one of the five lowest-spending teams (Jaguars, Broncos, Buccaneers, Chiefs, Seahawks) qualified for the postseason.

Here’s the full list of remaining cap room by team.  If any team chooses not to carry over the full amount for 2012, the fans and the media covering those teams should be asking some tough questions about whether the franchise is more committed to generating profits than wins.

12 responses to “Weekend rewind: Teams can carry over cap space

  1. The chiefs will have an insane amount of space next year-
    Pioli though needs to do something with it

  2. Yall can’t read. It said the 5 HIGHEST and 5 LOWEST spending teams. The Broncos are at 6th or 7th in terms of lowest spending teams. They are approx 40mil under the cap.

  3. it will be good. but there should be a maximum of 50% so that teams don’t intentionally try to increase spending on certain years to double without any cap hit though. Whatcha think guys?

  4. The Broncos didn’t qualify for the postseason? Tell that to the steelers… Has Tebowmania died already?

  5. This presents an interesting dynamic. As with free agency predicting the demise of dynasties that would dismantle teams and stop any one team from being in the Super Bowl 5 out of 10 years (except the Patriots) this may create a situation where a team can save space to “purchase” a Dream Team if and when enough worthy free agents are available.

    We will see how it works out in reality… Keeping such a team together for more than one season may be the truly hard part and as the Eagles have shown, the best team on paper isnt always the best team on the field.

  6. Teams have been carrying over unused cap room for years. The new rule merely makes it slightly easier. Before, teams just had to add a bogus incentive to one player’s contract before the final game of the regular season. That’s not much more difficult than writing a letter to the league.

  7. So the Ravens could carryover $6 million to cover 3/4 of Rices franchise salary then sign Flacco, Webb, and Grubbs to long term contracts? Sounds too good to be true.

  8. Ok, so lets say a team like the Seahawks carry over 20mil to the 2012 season, they spend 89% of the unadjusted cap, so at the end of the 2012 season, can they carry over that origional 20mil, plus the additional 11% they didn’t spend? or does the carry over cap $$ go away at the end of the next year?

  9. ddjesus says:
    Feb 13, 2012 6:12 PM
    The Broncos didn’t qualify for the postseason? Tell that to the steelers… Has Tebowmania died already?


    Tebowmania is boring. Linsanity is where it’s at.

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