Chiefs hire a guy with connections to Peyton Manning

With the status of Peyton Manning undecided in Indy and most teams not currently having a quarterback who plays as well as Peyton when healthy, the arrival of employees with connections to Peyton Manning at a new team will trigger natural speculation as to whether that team hopes to lure Peyton to town.

Case in point:  The Chiefs have hired former Colts assistant offensive coordinator Jim Bob Cooter.

Cooter, who will work as an offensive quality control coach, spent the last three years with the Colts.  He also played quarterback at Tennessee, like Manning once did.

None of this means that the Chiefs will be in play for Peyton.  But if they are, and if they get him, there will be at least one familiar face to greet him.

Cooter is one of five new arrivals to the staff announced by the Chiefs on Tuesday, including offensive coordinator Brian Daboll, offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, Jr., special teams coordinator Tom McMahon, and special teams quality control coach Derius Swinton.

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  1. Cooter can help Daboll tweak that offense to fit Manning’s style perfectly.

    He’ll have 3, great receivers, a great tight end and 2 scat backs to throw to. Get him in here.

  2. Love that name Jim Bob Cooter… has a car but drives a sk_ _ ter loves to eat them wings from h_ _ ters plumbing problems call roto r_ _ ter don’t hold your nose he’s not a p_ _ ter… My favorite new Chief is Jim Bob Cooter!!

  3. If you mow your front yard and find a car, you might be a redneck.

    Seriously, this would be so out of character for the Chiefs, I mean, really.

  4. So how much longer until the “Manning-to-Chiefs notion quickly shot down in Kansas City” post comes out?

    I guess yall aren’t having too much luck with things “sticking to the wall” today?

  5. Jim Bob Cooter is now my favorite coach in the NFL.

    How he finds the time to work on game plans and soup up the ‘General’ is a mystery to me.

  6. I thought I remembered this guy’s name being in the news before:

    Former Vol backup quarterback Jim Bob Cooter is facing aggravated burglary charges after allegedly getting into bed with a woman after climbing through a window of her Fort Sanders apartment, according to an arrest warrant as published on WVLT’s Web site.

    The warrant says Cooter climbed through woman’s window on Franklin Station Way, stripped down to his underwear and got into bed with the woman early Saturday morning, the WVLT story stated.

    She called police and Cooter was arrested.

    Cooter is charged with aggravated burglary.

    He has been released on a $10,000 bond.

    He’s set to be arraigned on the burglary charge on July 13.

    While a player at UT, Cooter was arrested on a driving under the influence charge in June of 2006. He was suspended for the season opener with Cal.

    Cooter served as a graduate assistant at UT in 2007 and 2008.

  7. Cooter is an awesome coach to have in the coordinator’s booth. And last time I checked, NFL coaches make too much $$$ to qualify as rednecks. Jim Bob is probably laughing all the way to the bank right now.

  8. I just heard from a source that the woman that cuts Peyton’s hair has moved to Kansas City so that must mean that he is looking at the Chiefs. The rumor is about as solid as any other reasons I have read.

  9. “Chiefs hire a guy with connections to Peyton Manning”


    Rob Lowe?

  10. great article Mike. Is tomorrow’s headline “49ers Hire A Guy Who Met Peyton Manning”?

  11. Quality control coaches are the low guys on the coaching totem pole, responsible for editing video tape and doing everything else that the other coaches are too busy or too important to do. Somehow, I don’t think that ol’ Jim Bob’s presence in KC is going to tip the scale one way or another for Manning.

  12. southridge23 says: Feb 14, 2012 3:07 PM

    great article Mike. Is tomorrow’s headline “49ers Hire A Guy Who Met Peyton Manning”?


    “Dolphins hire a guy with an enormous head. Effort to make Peyton feel more comfortable?”

  13. Hearing “I’ll getcha that dagnabbin’ gawllll-dang Mannin’ bowayy err my naaamm ern’t Jim Bob Cooter!” was, quite simply, music to Scott Pioli’s ears. Though, I’m sure he feared losing the entire negotiation when he snickered as he was telling JBC how he “…really liked what he had done with the offense while Peyton was playing, and how he helped hold it together last season in his absence.”

    I’m sure his great great grandfather, Yosemite Sam Bob Cooter, is stroking his moustache and shootin’ his guns in the air in heaven.

  14. A legit possibility as a landing spot, although I missed the article about KC putting a lid on Arrowhead.

  15. Unitas a Charger… Namath a Ram… Montana a Chief… Dickerson a Colt… Smith a Cardinal… Farve a Jet… so forth and so on…

    Aren’t you glad you don’t have the same employer you did straight out of college?

  16. I just heard that Peyton’s long time neighbors moms counsins uncles high school gym teachers lawn mowers sons friend just moved to Edmonton. Yep! He’s going to play for the Eskimos next season!

  17. Come on boys git out ur banjos, put the pig on the barbie, yippie kiay Cooters comin to town..

    why do I get this Deliverance movie idea in my head with a name like Cooter?

  18. Seriously that is this guys name? At least his sister/wife Beckie Jo didnt have to change teh name on her duck hunting license.

    Good Lord I’d love to see this guys parents

  19. You mean to tell me that the Chiefs were looking for some coaches to fill out Romeo’s staff in KC and he hired them. Well stop the presses!

    All sarcasm aside folks…. This is getting ridiculously old. I need to find a list of every coach Peyton has ever worked with. Im willing to bet that at least 20 teams have 1 of these guys or more. People have been stealing away his coaches for YEARS. They’ve been hoping for these guys to sprinkle their QB with some magic dust to turn them into Peyton. This is NOT news.

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