It’s official: Colts keep Clyde Christensen


When the Colts hired offensive coordinator Bruce Arians, they already had an offensive coordinator in Clyde Christensen.

On Tuesday, the Colts officially announced that Christensen will remain with the team.

He’ll be the quarterbacks coach for 2012, which means that he’ll continue to work directly with Peyton Manning in the unlikely-but-still-not-impossible event owner Jim Irsay decides to pay Peyton another $28 million to stay in Indy.

As to that latter point, there’s apparently a new development.  Stay tuned for more.

Meanwhile, the announcement that Christensen will remain with the team was included in a press release unveil the other new additions to Chuck Pagano’s coaching staff.  They are:  assistant special teams coach Brant Boyer, defensive line coach Gary Emanuel, linebackers coach Jeff Fitzgerald, assistant offensive line coach Joe Gilbert, secondary coach Mike Gillhamer, offensive quality control coach Frank Giufre, tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts, defensive quality control coach Brad White, and wide receivers coach Charlie Williams.

3 responses to “It’s official: Colts keep Clyde Christensen

  1. Bob Allen of KTRK is reporting that Manning is “definitely interested” in a potential move to the Texans. Allen notes that the Texans are in the same division as the Colts, so Manning would have intimate knowledge of the teams and their strategies. That kind of experience and knowledge would be a boon to an already-strong Texans squad in 2012.

    Allen also had this to say:

    This is one that won’t be played out publicly; we won’t be hearing anything from Manning or the Texans unless something does happen.

    A big factor is Manning’s arm strength and right now he’s still not back to what he was, but it’s still early. And then there’s Matt Schaub to factor in as well.

    All that aside, be it a long shot or reality, I know for a fact that Manning does have a definite interest in the Texans.

    It is certainly an interesting development and an interesting thought. Manning’s mentoring of the young quarterbacks in Houston would be invaluable and if he is still a viable threat to be a starting QB week in and week out, this could be the key addition to put the Texans over the top as a serious contender.

  2. I don’t want Manning here. We got to the playoffs with Matt Schaub. Yes we had injuries but we can do it without Mannings help. I want Schaub to take us to the SB. He and our team can do it without Manning.

    GO TEXANS!!!!!!!!!!!

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