Kevin Kolb shrugs off Peyton Manning talk: “Anything is possible”


If the reports that the Cardinals want to sign Peyton Manning are true, that doesn’t speak well for the Cardinals’ faith in Kevin Kolb. But Kolb says he’s not too worried about all that.

“I know how the NFL works,” Kolb told the Arizona Republic. “Anything is possible. I just try to keep my mind clear and do what I can on my end. I plan on having a great year and being a Cardinal for a long time.”

The Colts are expected to release Manning before March 8, when they would owe him a $28 million roster bonus. The Cardinals owe Kolb a $7 million roster bonus on March 17. So the Cardinals will have some time to check Manning out and see if their doctors think he’ll be able to play in 2012 before they have to decide if they want to pay Kolb or release him.

However, cutting Kolb after only one season would be a tough pill to swallow for the Cardinals after giving up a second-round draft pick and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to acquire him. Kolb thinks the Cardinals still have faith in him as their franchise quarterback.

“Every indication on my end shows me that I’ll be there,” Kolb said.

Then again, it wasn’t too long ago that Kolb had every indication he’d be the long-term starter for the Eagles.

26 responses to “Kevin Kolb shrugs off Peyton Manning talk: “Anything is possible”

  1. “Anything is possible…” – Scott Mitchell er..Kevin Kolb. Terrible trade, he won’t be AZ’s QB by the end of the year (if not beginning) whether they get Manning or not. Too many teams fall victim to these short resumes. Beware, Matt Flynn suitors…

  2. what a poor front office staff the Cardinals have.
    anyone with half a football brain saw Kolb wasnt good.
    then you trade your top CB & 2nd round pick for him!!??

    imagine if they just kept DRC & added Peterson…..WOW.

    only thing worse than wasted talent is wasted money.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!
    thank god we have a solid front office staff

  3. Wrong system for kolb in arizona. If Arizona can come up with an alternative, be it Payton or Flynn, I’ll bet Kolb ends up a Brown and performs moderately well there.

  4. I love when players say the reason they hold out is because “the contracts aren’t guaranteed and we can get cut at any time!”

    Well, that’s true… but such is life. If you don’t perform, or you no longer justify your salary, you can and should get cut.

    It happens to us in the realworld all the time… it’s called “getting fired”. We don’t complain about the possibility of getting fired. We know if we don’t perform to our expectations, then we get let go. Same goes for NFL players… Only difference is we don’t get $5 million signing bonuses when we start our jobs…

    Kolb should have ZERO complaints. He had an opportunity to prove his worth, and he stunk it up. JD Skelton did a much better job than did Kolb. He should not be mad at the Cardinals, he should be appologizing for sucking so bad that he put them in the position to be looking for a QB after they spent so much to get him last year.

  5. Everyone except the Cardinals knew that Kolb was just the latest washed up QB the Eagles were going trade to sucker someone out of a draft pick.

    Congrats to Arizona for being the most recent team to fall for that old gag.

    Perhaps this year they could trade their 2013 #1 pick to the Patriots for a 2012 #2. Chumps.

  6. I think Cards must have been consulting with Adam Schein when making the Kolb decision. Schein has a serious mancrush on Kolb.

  7. I personally think Kolb sucks. He is horrible under pressure, and he tucks his tail in whenever he plays a top 15 defense. Not a franchise QB in my opinion. The Cardinals are dumb for giving up DRC and a 2nd rounder for him.

  8. If Peyton Manning came to Arizona Kolb would be the 3rd best QB!!!!

    At least Skelton can help you win more!!!

  9. As a long time Cardinals fan, I say it is time to cut Kevin Kold and his time in Arizona was a success.

    Because of the Kolb signing, we were able to lock Larry Fitz up long term.

    We need to cut Kolb and go after Peyton. Even if Peyton can’t perform, we still have John Skelton who can at least stay on the field and remain competitive…unlike Kevin Kolb who simply enjoys making lots of money and watching NFL games from the sideline.

  10. I also found myself looking around and saying “wtf” when people (including football knowledgeable friends) said Kolb was the next great QB. Now theyre looking to upgrade. Great job Cards. This is why they’ve been a perennial loser.

  11. This is no endorsement of Kolb and if I’m AZ I have him on a very short leash next year now that you know Skelton gives you a decent chance to win….

    But, is it me or did DRC hardly sniff the field in Philly last year before he was injured? The guy wouldn’t tackle an old lady trying to take his first born son and on top of that he was injured as well.

    The only way Philly is salvaging this Kolb deal is how well they draft with the 2nd round pick. Otherwise, the Cards didn’t roll the dice as dramatically as everyone thinks they did.

  12. I’m sorry. What? It doesnt speak well for their faith in Kolb that they would rather have Peyton Manning if healthy? Almost any team in the NFL would take a healthy Manning over their current QB. Not every team can reasonably do that though.

    Why is that a reflection on Kolb?

  13. @truthfactory:

    That’s an awesome comment about an article that made absolutely no mention of:

    a) anyone holding out,

    b) anyone complaining about being able to be cut,

    c) Kolb being “mad at the cardinals” or,

    d) Kolb complaining about anything at all.

    Just another one of those posters who can’t conceal their jealous rage over the amount of money players make.

    No one is making you watch, pal.

  14. Considering the amount of money that he’s been paid for the number of games he’s won in the NFL, I don’t think that Kevin Kolb is in a position to complain about ANYTHING.

  15. I love people who said, “Kolb sucks, bad trade” and now say, “See I was right, Kolb sucks, bad trade.” What were the Cards other options during the offseason? McNabb, Palmer for a first round pick, Skelton and wait for Denver to dump Orton, Gabbert, Ponder, Locker? Kolb was the best option available, therefore, he was the most expensive. DRC didn’t fit the system Horton was implementing, a system that was clicking at the end of the year.

    There is a better QB in the 2nd round of the 2012 draft? Kolb will cost the Cards $20 million, if and when they dump him, Manning cost the Colts $28 million last year. Now, if Kolb develops this offseason, his first full offseason, where will all the “I told ya so” people be.

    The Cards have expressed no interest in Manning, there is no “source” saying they are dumping Kolb. Manning is under contract, so the only people speculating that Kolb will be dumped for Manning are the people that are paid to speculate and are never held accountable to their incorrect speculations.

    Lest you forget the Cards were competitive at the end of last year. They were one play from beating the Giants, one play from beating the Bengals, and blew leads against the Ravens and Steelers. That’s a 12-4 season kids, and sure reality is they were and 8-8 team with flaws. What was the Giants record again?

    Continue to fear the Cards America, they like it.

  16. The egirls FO stuffed it to the Redskins then the Cards. I hate that club but I will be the first to admit that we got jobbed. Especially when there was plenty of information out there to evaluate the talent. Somebody shoulda got canned and the egirls should be giving somebody a raise.

  17. He won TWO games with Larry F. in the weakest division of the NFL. The guy is a bust.

    He was also playing with a defense that struggled badly throughout the first half of the season, and blew four leads (Redskins, Giants, Seahawks, Ravens) in the 4th quarter.

    NFC West is also a hell of a lot better than it was last season. Going to be pretty solid next season.

  18. So far the only talents fragile flower Kolb has shown are the abilities to cash a paycheck and to get hurt, lose his job and miss most of a season. Hell, maybe that’s what the Cards look for in a QB.

    I hear there’s a good-looking backup in Houston by the name of Leinert, maybe the Texans can follow the Eagles example and trade him to the Cards for some draft picks and Pro Bowlers!

  19. DRC was a top corner? SINCE WHEN?!

    Seriously, anyone who says the Kolb-DRC trade was bad for including “their top corner” please enlighten us as to when DRC has ever been a top corner?

    He’s lazy, he can’t tackle, he gets burned by 3rd string scrub WRs…not the sort of attributes which make a top shutdown corner and regular Pro Bowl selection. You must be getting him confused with Darrelle Revis

    On the subject of Kolb. People are being too hasty. He had a limited off-season (hello, remember the lockout?) and was in a completely new system. The real NFL is not a Madden video game where you can get a guy in a trade and he’ll instantly make an impact.

    As a Cardinals fan, I’m willing to give the guy a chance. He had a bad 2011 seasin which was made worse by injuries. Not something he could have done anything about at the time.

    Hopefully, with a FULL OFF-SEASON (in other words, not 4 weeks) he will come good in the 2012 season and we will see the QB the Cardinals traded for.

  20. In the last 24 hours this site has “reported” unsubstantiated speculations of Manning going to Houston, Arizona and Kansas City. If I scroll back farther I bet I will also find speculations involving Washington, Miami, New York and San Francisco. I bet I may also find “reports” speculating that those speculations are incorrect.

    See a pattern people. What if March 8th comes and Manning is still a Colt, what if he retires, fails all his physicals, has his rights traded to John Guden (I think he still has Jake Plummer). It’s the offseason, stop the insanity.

  21. There were a lot of hating fools and idiots here in Carolina that didn’t want to draft Cam Newton. They wanted to either trade with Philly for Kevin Kolb or draft Blaine Gabbert. Glad that didn’t happened.

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