Lofa Tatupu visits the Saints

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Lofa Tatupu wants to get back into the NFL, and at least one team is interested in his services.

Tatupu, a free agent linebacker who sat out the entire 2011 season, visited the Saints on Monday, Jason La Canfora of NFL Network reports.

The demise of Tatupu’s career has been a surprising story: He was drafted by the Seahawks in 2005 and made the Pro Bowl in each of his first three seasons, and at one point he looked like one of the most promising young players in the NFL. But in 2008 his play started to decline and he was arrested for drunk driving, in 2009 he missed 11 games with a torn pectoral muscle, and in 2010 he returned to play all 16 games but didn’t look like the same player.

Shortly after the lockout ended Tatupu asked for and received his release, and he never surfaced anywhere during the 2011 season, amid reports that he was dealing with a knee injury. It’s been several months since we’ve even mentioned Tatupu’s name.

But if the 29-year-old Tatupu is healthy and focused on football, he could be a good addition to some defense. The Saints think he’s at least worth a look.

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  1. Sounds like a great low-risk move for an NFL defense. Will probably get a few offers if he’s healthy.

  2. Also a bit scary to think how good the Seahawks defense could be if this guy continued to get better or at least stay at the level he was.

    Some good low-key drafting going on over in Seattle.

    And I’m a Jets fan so there’s 0 bias there.

  3. mike83ri says:
    Feb 14, 2012 8:01 AM
    I went to High School with Lofa, he’s a class act and a hard worker. He’ll be a steal for whoever picks him up.


    is that Paris??!!

  4. Yeah, the Seahawks have been drafting really well. The NFC West is getting pretty damn strong right now. I can easily see in a year or two not having any teams with a losing record.

    Everyone forgets that even the Rams… their season fell apart due to injuries and if they make a few really good moves and don’t blow the thing up they’re not that far away.

  5. Yea, it’s really, umm, weird when a player comes out of nowhere to dominate for a short amount of time and then disappears succombing to a plethera of injuries.

    That never happens…

  6. I sign him in Madden all the time and I can say the Saints are making a good move here.
    Lol. Suffice to say, Madden is not a good judge of skill/talent. I used to roll with the Raiders team when they had Chaz Schilens as a number 1 and JaMarcus Russell throwing. Would beat the pants off people online.

  7. As a hawk fan we did see lofa hurting the last few years but this guy is special. he has the it factor. i think the year off was important for him to get healthy and if he is , the saints will get a bargin because he has ray lewis brains. The dui was a mistake he owned up to. the guy is all class i wish him well.

  8. It’s a damn shame that he was out of football in 2011!!!

    Do you know how many crappy linebackers there are in the NFL?????

  9. –A DUI didn’t derail merriman. A positive test for roids did–


    But with the attention from the league office and the classes that come with a player getting a DUI would pospone the roid usage… HENSE the huge decline and NO ONE even kicking the tires on MR. Tatupu… (unless u play Madden)

  10. As a Saints fan, I’d love to see this happen. Sometimes all it takes is a change in surrounding and a player’s mentality can be renewed.

  11. Yeah, the Seahawks have been drafting really well. The NFC West is getting pretty damn strong right now. I can easily see in a year or two not having any teams with a losing record.

    I’m a 9ers fan and I think the NFC West is getting better, but let’s not get crazy. Seattle has dumped almost all of their draft picks from the previous regime, so I wouldn’t call that “drafting really well”. They are getting more out of their free agents than expected and cutting dead weight faster than most teams, that’s why they look promising. And the Rams are, well, the Rams. they’re pinning their hopes on an oft injured QB with an OL that is borderline pathetic. Ariz is a Manning away from being good again, otherwise they’re looking at 8-8 as a good season for the next few years (until they draft a good QB).

  12. The NFC west needs to get better because that division is bad. I just don’t see that division getting too much better soon.

  13. If Vilma still has his speed from before this season’s knee injury, then he’s more than quick enough to slide out to the weakside if necessary.

  14. people keep saying the nfc west is garbage even thou they had a no.2 seed 13-3 team with a top ranked defense, 3 other teams in that division with better defenses than most of the rest of the NFC… idk, right now the NFC east imo is the garbage division, weak offensive lines, soft runningbacks, only thing making the east competitive are franchise QBs with WRs and a pass rusher or two.

  15. I’m shocked the Pats didn’t give him a look. Seems like a perfect fit

    If he was on the juice, Bill probably knew it, which explains why they never sniffed.

    I wondered too during that draft.

  16. Over the last few seasons the Saints have acquired some questionable personalities, and they have worked out well for the club.

    They help bring the Saints a Super Bowl victory.

    If Tatupu’s talent is still there then he really would/ could help the linebacker core , and the defense overall.

    ( I still think Williams sandbag some game’s with weak easy to key tendencies. ) but that’s so 39seconds ago.

    Before I go I would like to welcome Steve Spag’s to NEW ORLEANS.

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