Manning-to-Texans notion quickly shot down in Houston


A report emerged on the radio in Houston Monday night that Peyton Manning has the Texans on his list of teams that he’d like to play for.

Even if that’s true, it’s hard to see any possible marriage here.

John McClain of the Houston Chronicle wrote Tuesday “it’s not going to happen” for a variety of reasons.

The biggest reason: The Texans have a quarterback in Matt Schaub. They are confident Schaub will return from his foot injury, whereas no one really knows if Manning will play again. (The Texans have other big issues to worry about.)

Manning also doesn’t fit Houston’s offense, which relies so much on movement and the bootleg. McClain is as clued in as any beat writer around. If he says there is “no chance” this will happen, we’re sure that statement wasn’t made in a vacuum.

It makes sense for a desperate team like the Redskins to gamble on Manning. It doesn’t make sense for the Texans.

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  1. It will be interesting to see how many teams will put up huge dollars to sign a 35 year old QB that has just missed a whole season.
    Even though Manning was a great regular season QB (key word being “was”). I don’t see many teams takeing the risk. This will be interesting.

  2. The guy that wrote the original article on how he knew someone that knew someone that knew Peyton wanted to be a texan should get canned.

  3. I agree. Not gonna happen.

    The Texans do not need Manning. All they need is to stay healthy.
    If the Texans had a healthy Matt Schaub and Mario Williams, then we very likely would be referring to them as Super Bowl champions .

    No doubt in my mind that the Texans would have beat the Ravens and Patriots with Schaub on the field

  4. Foster and Williams are looking for money and they are already cap heavy enough, who said they’d even consider?

    And why would Manning want to go to DC with that bunch of losers?

  5. Again a nothing article…NFL news is hard to come by these days and the Peyton stories are getting like the Favre stories of years past…

    Also it’s you jugheads in the media who are drumming up all these crazy stories and to say the Redskins are desperate is just stupid…has any of you so called talking heads actually talked to and got any definitive word that the Skins would be in the Peyton market or is all this driven by the mere fact teams such as Miami, Washington, Seattle and the Jets are looking for a better option at the position so you link them all to whatever you feel would be a good story???

  6. Ok let me get this straight, because I feel like I’ve entered the Twilight Zone.

    Manning does not fit Houston’s offense because it relies heavily on movement and the bootleg, but a desperate team like the Redskins it makes sense for?

    1.) Last time I checked Washington’s offense is pretty much the same as Houston’s(I.E. rollout’s and movement).

    2.) Kyle Shanahan the Redskins coordinator(wasn’t this the same guy who coached the Houston offense?…..sarcasm)

    **In the future let’s try to actually examine things instead of just throwing the Redskins under the bus because it is east

  7. Also worth noting…McClain is a hoot to listen to regardless of who you root for. It’s like sitting in a bar talking to a friend.

  8. Well so much for that radio guy’s brother’s cousin’s uncle’s nephew’s former roommate that was such a quality “source”. There should be a “3 strikes” law for journalists. Go to press with 3 wrong stories and you’re banned from all team events and all access to the teams or their facilities. Or better yet, just take them out back and give them the Old Yeller treatment.

  9. I’ll take 80% Manning over a 80% Schaub.. they both injured.. but the the Texans are a goody two shoes organization.. they wouldn’t dare stab their QB in the back for a Super Bowl Victory… but if Manning came a calling they’ll be fools not to pick up the phone and kick the tires.. coming from a Texans Fan..

  10. “Manning also doesn’t fit Houston’s offense”.

    Washington uses the same offense.

    “The biggest reason: The Texans have a quarterback in Matt Schaub. They are confident Schaub will return from his foot injury, whereas no one really knows if Manning will play again. ”

    In 5-seasons he has finished 16 games just twice, and in one of those years the team had a 6-10 record. Schaub is in the final year of his contract and could be cut or traded with minimal cap considerations (they’d save money and wont have to deal with any dead cap in future years).

    They’d actually be pretty stupid not to do their due dilligence on Peyton Manning.

    Also Peyton might not exactly be rapid, but Matt Schaub isn’t exactly the most athletic QB around. Also, if you get a shot at a QB as good as Peyton you change your offense to make the most of his skills. You don’t walk away because he doesn’t quite fit what you were doing last year.

    If Peyton is healthy and can prove to the Texans that his neck injury has healed it would make a lot of sense for the Texans to sign Manning.

    Not least because they could probably trade Matt Schaub to Washingon where he could play for his form co-ordinator, Kyle Shanahan, and continue to play in the system that he has already had success in.

  11. It doesn’t even make sense for Washington. At 35 years old, the only sensical landing spots are teams that are exactly one franchise QB away from winning RIGHT NOW. Otherwise, all such teams like Washington, Arizona, Seattle and Miami are doing is wasting precious years grooming a franchise QB of their own and disserving the rest of the team/fanbase.

    The only team that may truly fit the description is SF and they still need a WR or two. Even SF should stay away unless it seriously thinks Smith is not the answer. Manning there makes sense because SF has already drafted Kaepernick who could use another year or two of seasoning before taking over from PM.

  12. The Texans offense does require a QB who can bootleg; ironically Matt Schaub’s leg always seems to be in a boot.

    Flynn looked pretty good running around outside the pocket, the Texans should try and make a run at him. I know it won’t happen because of the stupid salary cap but one can dream.

    Schaub gets hurt and misses significant time every year; last year when we needed him most. Matt Leinart can piss off and TJ Yates looked like a rookie against the Ravens in the playoffs. Houston, we have a problem, and it’s at QB. Rest of the squad is solid…

  13. Biggest non-story of the day. PFT usually scores that award with a Peyton article. Thats a BAD fit in Houston. They are up against the cap, they HAVE a QB, and news flash…. Dude cant friggin throw. I like Peyton. I do. But all this daily garbage/drama has got to stop. A healthy Peyton is an upgrade for most teams… We get it… Not every team is willing to bet the farm on it.

  14. @thatobnoxiousguy says:Feb 14, 2012 12:41 PM

    I agree. Not gonna happen.

    The Texans do not need Manning. All they need is to stay healthy.
    If the Texans had a healthy Matt Schaub and Mario Williams, then we very likely would be referring to them as Super Bowl champions .

    No doubt in my mind that the Texans would have beat the Ravens and Patriots with Schaub on the field
    woulda shoulda coulda…..nice try though obnoxious guy……

  15. This article is a crock. I think Manning to Houston makes a lot of sense. It’s a stable organization with a good balance of young stars and effective veterans. I think that’s what Peyton wants in his last few years. Also the Texans were a play-making quarterback short of the superbowl last year.
    But even if it doesn’t happen it won’t be for the 2 reasons in this stupid article? You mean to tell me the Texans would pass on one of the greatest qb’s to ever play in favor of Matt freakin’ Shaub?? Give me a break. Also, you think they wouldn’t alter their offense for a guy like Manning? Please…

  16. LOL at McClain being clued in…this guy is the biggest joke of a reporter. He’s the same guy that said the Texans have no room for free agents on the salary cap…then the texans went and got Joseph and Manning to shore up the secondary.

    Usually, whatever McClain says, expect the opposite. Ask any Houstonian.

  17. Name the last “franchise QB” who has switched teams at the end of his career and won a championship. Oh wait, it’s never happened.

  18. Not to mention if Schaub isn’t the QB i’d have to think they are pretty happy with TJ Yates looks like a steal there for the Texans…and to all my brethrean who were smart enough unlike the author of this article to realize that Houston and Washington run the same offense Kudos! Sometimes I think journalist takes Joe the fan as an idiot but unbeknownst to them we have a higher football intelect than they do…

  19. Take every cold city out of the equation. Manning has his choice and it surely won’t be somewhere cold, like jets, eagles, chiefs, skins. The cold bitter weather won’t feel good for a 36 year old man coming off three surgeries. Bank on that. Looking like Zona or Miami. I’m betting Zona. That division will be his easiest path to the playoffs.

  20. Come on. Don’t be so gullible. This is simply Manning’s agent trying to drum up extra interest to 1. make Indy make a decision and, 2. false market for Peyton.

    Certainly there will be teams that overpay. Skins, Jets and Dolphins. But why not add some more action into the mix if you are the agent.

  21. I heard on the internet or read on the satellite radio that Peyton was gonna be holding jockstraps in Carolina.

  22. Hey John”stuff crust”MClain go and stuff another bread stick in ur pie hole. He always has something to say…

  23. “McClain is as clued in as any beat writer around.”

    Not as much as you think. Coming from a native Houstonian, he bats around .500 with his Texans predictions. It’s not a surprise really, the Texans are a very tight lipped organization.

  24. Manning needs a stationary offense.. meaning very little movement from the QB (I.E. Great pocket protection). Not a lot of teams out there really run that.. I’m a niner fan and I am fully awere that our offensive style will just get him re-injured. The last thing anyone would want is for the man to end his legacy on a stretcher. with that being said, in my opinion he would make a great fit for lets say Denver, who really dont have an offensive style or Miami… This is only my opinion.. Just stay out of the NFC West if your not on the Niners Mr. Manning lol..

  25. It would have been a disaster for the TEXANS..they have a great hing going on and bringing in a QB that may or may not be a fraction of himself to run an offense he has never participated in would be assinine. This is not a knock against Peyton or what he can do, but not everything that’s great necc goes together well. I like making hot sauce and I home brew beer…doesn’t mean the two would be great in the same bottle.

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