Tommie Harris “overwhelmed” by support

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The Bears organization and the ex-teammates of Tommie Harris are doing everything they can to support Harris following the devastating loss of his wife over the weekend.

“Tommie has been overwhelmed by the support of his former teammates, the Bears organization and the city of Chicago,” family friend Bill Horn told Sean Jensen of the Chicago Sun-Times. “Please continue to pray for him as he and his children grieve the loss of his wife.”

Jensen writes that Johnny Knox, Anthony Adams and Israel Idonije flew to Norman, Oklahoma to offer their support to Harris in person. Bears coach Lovie Smith has also reached out to Harris.

“Our hearts go out to Tommie and his family. When I first heard [Ashley was in the hospital], we all started praying and hoped there would be a different outcome,” Smith told “At times like this, what can you say except to try to be there for him in any way you possibly can.”

The funeral for Ashley Harris will take place in New Orleans on Friday. Our condolences go out to Tommie Harris, his two children, and the entire Harris family.  Ashley Harris was 29 years old.

16 responses to “Tommie Harris “overwhelmed” by support

  1. I cannot imagine losing my wife and we don’t have any children. Losing your wife and having young children is extremely difficult to deal with. I had a friend of mine die last year at 48 with kids 11 & 7. My deepest condolences to the Harris family.

  2. My prayers and thoughts to the entire Harris Family.

    “May the sorrow you feel in your heart lighten by the love that surrounds you”

  3. They were a cute couple. I can’t imagine what he’s going through, and my heart goes out to the Harris family, particularly their newborn child.

  4. Wow,only 29 that is so sad.Those poor kids thoughts with you and yours Tommie.whatever punk is thumbing down these comments grow up you pathetic loser.

  5. It always makes me wonder what d-bag comes through these kinds of articles “disliking” positive statements. That being said…

    ‘Tommie Harris “overwhelmed” by support’ – ‘Tiki Barber still flabbergasted by the lack of’

  6. This is a real tragedy, not some entertainment biz star who drugged or drank themselves to death. RIP Mrs. Harris and I wish the best for Tommie and his baby and the rest of their family.

  7. I hate when someone posts something really nice and thoughtful and 70 people thumbs up it, and then you get 1 tool that thumb downs it… your life that pathetic that you have to be a negative tool and leave your imprint, like is that funny to you?

  8. What a horrific tragedy just four months after giving birth to her daughter. My heart breaks for Tommie Harris, his young children, and their extended family. May God bless and keep them in the long, difficult days ahead.

  9. Tough, tough break for anybody, not just those in the NFL. I wish I didn’t know this happened, I do not like to even think about it or have it in my head. Happy to see his friends backing him up.

  10. People thumbing down comments are probably some Westboro Baptist lunatic types that think any death is related to God’s wrath because of our culture. What a bunch of tools

  11. RIP Ashley Harris. My deepest thoughts, sympathies, and most of all prayers are with you Tommie, and all of your family and loved ones. God Bless You.

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