Could Moss TV cancel Randy’s comeback?

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Lost in the fascination with the unfettered and unfiltered access to Randy Moss via Ustream, including but not limited to Moss picking his nose and answering the Pulitzer-level question of whether he has “smelly poops,” is the impact of Randy’s candor on his intended comeback.

Mike Freeman of writes that Randy’s antics could keep him from getting a chance to play again in the NFL.

“Everyone is watching, including NFL team executives,” Freeman says.  “I spoke to one who said he has seen the Moss videos and believes Moss is utterly obliterating his chances of returning to the NFL.”

Indeed, some teams will be inclined to steer clear of Moss (and/or feel better about their choice to do so) based on “Moss TV.”  But does this really raise a new red flag about Randy?  Moss has always been wired a little differently.  Moss TV is simply the latest manifestation of that.

And so if he can run (which still may be a big if) and if his head’s pointed in the right direction, someone will give him a chance.  And if Moss comes back and has a big year and the owner of a team that didn’t get Moss wants to know why the G.M. didn’t pursue him, the G.M. can say that he didn’t sign Moss because he picked his nose on the Internet.

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  1. Mike, all I want to know is this, do you already have an ending before you start your post or it just comes naturally to you? At times I read your pithy conclusions before the post themselves lol.

  2. Teams are down right dumb these days. Bottom Line. Randy Moss and T.O. should be on rosters this year. Who cares if they talk, act stupid on videos, or what have you. If they win games for you, SIGN THEM. If they act up CUT THEM. Point Blank Period.

  3. Moss TV could derail his chances?

    How many players in the NFL have appeared on the Police Blotter on this site and are still in the NFL?

    What’s worse? Admitting your crap stinks and picking your nose, or beating the crap out of your wife/girlfriend and getting a DUI?

  4. This isn’t 99′ or even 07′ for that matter when WRs actually needed skill to shake a CB loose to get vertical. Any WR coming out with sub 4.4 speed can do exactly what Moss could do maybe better.

  5. Rex Ryan is still employed, any team would be stupid not to kick the tires. Randy may be labled a “Quitter” but he doesn’t turn on teammates like a rabid dog. Moss has about 2 years left of solid Football, I’m sure he can stay content till then.

  6. So folks like Lawrence Phillips, Ndomunkong Suh, and Michael Vick get more chances after beating on people, trying to break necks, and electrocuting dogs- but Moss might’ve hurt his chances by picking his nose and addressing smelly poops?

    You gotta love the Goodell NFL.

  7. Hey Randy, the Allen Wranglers of the Professional Indoor Football League are calling. You can team up with TO.

    You heard of Two Men and a Truck? You two can be Two Has-Beens Out of Luck.

  8. Really? Is this that much of an issue? His off-field baggage (weed and traffic cop incident) and on-field effort are already huge red flags. A GM willing to take a chance on him despite these glaring problems is not likely to be dissuaded from a couple of online videos. Let’s pick our battles here.

  9. kblakes…its different when I your cutting these checks. they aren’t coming back for peanuts either

  10. Seriously? A self-promoting TV thing that most fans (at least the fans I know and myself) haven’t even tuned in where he isn’t bad mouthing former team execs, cursing, using as Eddie Murphy once said that Bill Cosby said, “Filth flarn filth”…and this is “utterly obliterating his chances of getting back in the NFL?”

    I swear. NFL execs are all the same. They want NFL players & perspective players alike to be seen in NFL helmets and then not heard at all. There is always talk of X player’s radio show getting in the way of him studying the playbook (when the player does the radio show for an hour in his free time), or X player’s reality show getting in the way/being a distraction (when, you guessed it, the player does the radio show for an hour or so in his free time).

    Any player that does this or uses his free time for any activity other than football is a distraction or ruining their chances at an NFL career. Damned near every celebration other than the one Barry Sanders is famous for is flagged because players aren’t supposed to get happy because they scored because, you know, it’s not hard to do at all. I can see if a player does a two minute celebration/dance routine in the endzone, but Vernon Davis’ jumping/standing on the TV stand and posing for 3 seconds other than running into the damned thing that was in his path. I don’t in the NFL stands for Not For Long as Jerry Glanville said or No Fun Left.

  11. realnflmaster says:
    Feb 15, 2012 11:32 AM
    Who cares. The guy’s having fun and interacting with his fangirls.

    As long as he’s not doing it during the regular season why is it such a big deal?

    Fixed it for you.

  12. Look people. It’s not the smelly poop comments that are preventing him from getting back in the NFL. It’s his cancerous attitude and the recent “TV” show isn’t helping. At his age, you’d want a veteran WR who can be a role model for younger guys on the team to play the right way. You don’t want an over the hill player who complains about touches and minutes, has alligator arms, and then makes a fool out of the organization with an immature TV show.

  13. could you please put up a link to Randy TV? i tried yesterday to find the videos and was unsuccessful in that venture.

  14. It really stinks when these guys have absolutely nothing worthwhile to write about and we get this! Let him act silly online…maybe he wants to join Saturday Night Live when he retires from the NFL. Someone said he plays when he wants to play. Dead on. What a team/coach needs to do is make him want to play. Belichick did that with no issues for three years. But he let Randy know up front there was to be no “funny business”. They also had strong leadership in the locker room. Moss would be a disaster as a Jet! All this if he still has the speed. Those are things a GM needs to consider when contemplating taking on such a player. As a Patriots fan I’d sure have loved to see him on the field in Indy! It will take a strong coach and disciplined players to make it work. And winning helps as well…though I can’t see Moss choosing a team like the Bucs, Browns, or Redskins! I’m sure one or two personnel guys will let this junk be considered in an evaluation. But why should they care what he’s done while out of the league? He’ll just have to take a hiatus if he joins a team. I cannot wait until FA so at least the articles you read are something relevant and intelligent!

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