Dolphins sign CFL’s Jerome Messam


Three years ago, the Dolphins reached north of the border and plucked pass-rush specialist Cameron Wake from the CFL.  They’re now taking another shot at a Canadian standout.

The Dolphins announced that Edmonton Eskimos running back Jerome Messam has signed with the team.

A native of Canada, Messam became last season the first Canadian player to rush for more than 1,000 yards since 2000, and he received the CFL’s Most Outstanding Canadian Award in 2011.

At 6-3 and 245 pounds, Messam brings a bruising, between-the-tackles option to the Dolphins.  If he makes the final roster, Messam could chew into Reggie Bush’s touches for 2012.

21 responses to “Dolphins sign CFL’s Jerome Messam

  1. According to the photo, dude is dumb…he thinks he has to carry his helmet instead of wearing it…with tat said, he should be an Eagle.

  2. The guy is a stud. Only sorry he’s going to the fins. Chargers could really use a guy like this. Mathews from Fresno St. is a bust. He’s often injured, hasn’t busted off a big one and goes down without significant impact. He barely got 1000 yds this year. And that’s only cuz Rivers didn’t have anyone else with any speed to give it to.

  3. We’ll see. There’s a reason not a lot of guys come from Canada and play in the NFL. Sounds like he has the body but they don’t have defensive fronts like we have here.

  4. This guy carries his helmet when he runs, and Ricky Williams wore his during post game interviews… and we thought receivers were nuts.

  5. The only real question here is whether he’s an upgrade over Lex Hilliard.

    The answer is so obvious the question is practically rhetorical.

  6. Hey “flexingbastard” learn to spell before you go public. like to see you face vince wilfork one on one, your probably a puny little nerd never played sports in your life.

  7. It is quite obvious to me that Hilliard is on the hot seat. This is either a camp competition or Lex will be cut soon. Bush is a good back but can be better used. Thomas had a decent rookie year but was injured. Not having Polite killed the once dominant short yardage game.

  8. @babyhorsemorgan – I’m Canadian, and I thought that was brilliant! Well played.

    Messam is a stud, but he did have a rep here for being a bit of a problem child. He got cut from the BC Lions not because he couldn’t play, but because of discipline issues. The theory here is that getting cut by BC was a wake up call, as he seems to have cleaned up his act, but that red flag is there, as I’m sure the Dolphins know already.

  9. iminra6 says: Feb 16, 2012 12:13 AM

    Hey “flexingbastard” learn to spell before you go public. like to see you face vince wilfork one on one, your probably a puny little nerd never played sports in your life.

    If you are going to call someone out for their spelling mistakes you had better make sure you use the correct version of you’re in your post.

  10. It is tough to run the ball up there. Just ask Ricky Williams who spent a full season in Toronto and ran for just over 500 yards. So if Ricky is half as good as Messam, then Messam is twice as good as Ricky was. There are very few that get 1000 yards up there.

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