Ex-Ram says team’s strength coaches are cancers in the locker room

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A former Rams player had some unkind things to say about the team’s strength coaches today.

Ron Clements of CBS Sports passes along some comments on Twitter from former Rams fullback Mike Karney about strength coach Rock Gullickson and assistant strength and conditioning coach Adam Bailey, holdovers from Steve Spagnuolo’s staff who have been retained by new Rams head coach Jeff Fisher.

Regarding the news of Bailey staying on the staff, Karney tweeted, “not saying much.” When asked to elaborate, Karney wrote, “bailey n Gullickson are cancers to the lockerroom,fisher couldn’t get his guy out of Tennessee, it’s a quick fix 4 now.”

There’s no explanation from Karney about what, specifically, he has against the coaches. Karney has been out of the league since the Rams released him a year ago.

15 responses to “Ex-Ram says team’s strength coaches are cancers in the locker room

  1. ???? o….k…. ??? So someone don’t like the one of the several coaches on a team. And this is story worthy ???

  2. When you make vague comments like that, it would help to provide some examples. I wouldn’t have posted anything about this without them…seems highly unworthy of a post, even as filler. Is PFT desperately seeking content? Got me to read it, so…

    I am sure others would have complained if true. Maybe they behave like locker room Charles Haley while those guys are lifting. Whatever it is, I hope they stay as long as they’d like! They are doing a bang up job there, the Rams never seem to suffer injuries…

  3. @vegaskid21

    It’s the offseason and the combine hasn’t started yet. Beggars can’t be choosers. It’s either this or reading about how the HOF selection process needs to be revamped.

  4. Why,because they wouldn’t let you slack off and wouldn’t let you eat as much twinkles and ice cream and you liked?They aren’t there to be your pals they are there to get you into playing shape.That being said it does sort of explain the rash injuries for the Rams.

  5. There is a reason Rams players are always hurt, they must be purposely avoiding the coaches. I’ve been saying for years the strength coaches have to get the blame for all the injuries, now I agree.

  6. I’m interested in hearing more about this. Karney was also a player in New Orleans while Rock and Bailey were down there as well. I know there was a rift between Rock and McCarthy up in Green Bay before he got the Rams job. Maybe there’s something to it, or it’s a bitter player.

  7. Maybe there’s something to it but this Karney dude called Heath Evans outside his name a week or so back after something Heath said on TV but wouldn’t explain WHAT he thought was wrong with what Heath said.

  8. How does a player tear a pec on a fri before a game while these guys watching. Either pushing too hard with no rest time or players feel like popeye after the spinach??? Rams only had 20% of starting roster not hurt. Sounds like alot of inexperienced suport staff to me. Wau to go fisher you are on your way to your first excuse for yet another losing season.

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