Jaworski calls departure from Monday Night Football “bittersweet”

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The news came as a surprise on Wednesday.  After five years on Monday Night Football, Ron Jaworski is out, and a two-man group of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden will call the games.

Jaworski told Richard Deitsch of SI.com that the move is “bittersweet,” given that he’ll be trading his time on MNF for more “expansive” duties with the network.

“I’m excited and thrilled with some of the projects I’ll be working on moving forward,” Jaworski told Deitsch.  “I have an opportunity to do some things that can be creative, so in that regard I am excited about the future.”

The removal of Jaworski came suddenly; Jaws says he was told about it on Monday.  And yet by Wednesday he had finalized a new five-year contract with all sorts of other new duties.

If it’s true that Jaworski first learned of his removal from MNF on Monday, it looks like the powers-that-be made Jaws a non-negotiable, take-it-or-leave-it offer on Monday, and within 48 hours the offer was signed, sealed, delivered, and announced.

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  1. It’s cool, now we only have to listen to one announcer, tell your every QB is God’s gift to the world.

  2. Gruden is pretty freaking annoying as an announcer…or in any capacity really. During draft week when they sit him down with the hot QB prospect and he grills them on game tape and such it makes me want to puke.

    Always thought Jaws was pretty insightful actually…though most of the time this is one of the crews I will mute on my TV.

  3. They should have fired Gruden instead (I know he just got a new contract but he’s terrible). Jaworski is like the king of film study, and his insight, pure passion for the game, and enthusiam when talking about even the most mundane things was infectious. He was by far the best analyst of the three.

    ESPN needs to seriously bring NFL Matchup back.

  4. Just when they have a half way decent crew, the mothership screws it up again. Jaws is the best analyst. Tirico puts me to sleep…good golf play by play but too boring. He could use more in the passion bucket!

  5. I liked Jaws insights and the entertaining banter he and Gruden shared. Gruden has got a great sense of humor. Tirico is a bit dry but ok. I don’t see him sharing any banter with Gruden though. And that is going to change the dynamic dramatically and make the commentary less entertaining I think. MNF works with a three man team. I believe the network is going to regret the move.

  6. What does MNF need 3 people calling a game for? The days of Howard Cosell and company are over. They only need 2 voices and they picked the best. He should be thankful he has a job at all.

  7. I don’t think most of you get it, Jaws wasn’t fired, he was given a new job that takes his type to do. He has more experience and for Gods sake he signed a new 5 year deal. Sounds like a firing most everyone would take.


  8. Gruden simply says any player having a great game is the best. He is just horrible. Once again ESPN chose the wrong guy to fall in line with. Jaws is much better color guy.

  9. stercuilus65 says:
    Feb 15, 2012 7:24 PM
    “Gruden’s real analysis”

    When did Gruden ever give real analysis?

    Why doncha just shut it….?? Huh?

  10. ESPN’s staff is nothing more than a tool shed. The reason for moving Jaws out that lineup was probably because he cursed on live TV. I thought it was cable, anyway! Bunch of Fantasia-minded idiots!

  11. One down, two to go.

    All due respect to Tirico, but he’s not a mood-killer like ‘Grueling’ but zero personality.

    Also, that was Tony Dungy’s team Grueling won a SuperBowl with.

    (drop the mike, exit, stage left)

  12. They should’ve canned Tirico instead. Brad Nessler is a much better announcer, he already works for ESPN and does a great job on the NFL Network games.

  13. @Vols84, way to go against the grain with your comments. Occupy Monday Night Football booth.

  14. Jaws is all blow…. as are his companions in the booth.

    the sad state of sports announcing is that there are very few competent, engaging personalities…. most of those on-air folks rely on their alleged reputation as a former jock, their massive jock stained egos or their gift for non-sequitors to keep them in the chair.

    can them all and replace them with Bob Costas and Beth Mowens.. at least these two know what they’re doing.

  15. Janwarski saying “s**t”on the air during the first game this season propably didn.t help his case any!!!!!!

  16. Great! Now a double-dose of Gruden’s fawning over every player who makes a play.

    Which raises the question…….how is it possible for Jon Gruden to call EVERY PLAYER on every team “one of the best player at their position in the NFL today…”????

    Let’s exhume Howard and Dandy Don…..even they would be better at this point than anything that game/tv package has had since they left.

  17. I never liked Jaws, and Gruden’s days may be short lived too…make room for the retired Payton Manning!

  18. Remember “Madden ’88” or whatever year it first hit?

    And how the commentary was limited to about 3 sayings that were repeated ad naseum…over and over and over? And how they were merely white noise, devoid of any real value or purpose?

    That’s Gruden in the booth.

    Cue 1,000 variations of…”I like this guy, this guy’s a FOOTBALL PLAYER”.

  19. Typical of ESPN’s handling of MNF…get rid of the best guy and keep the mediocre talent of Tirico and the annoying Gruden.

    My dream is to have one of the (future draftee)college QB’s he insults and belittles in the pre-season stands up and punches the smart @ss runt in his squinty face.

    “So Cam what were you thinking when you threw that incompletion? I mean come on!”


  20. I don’t get this move at all.

    Gruden and Jaws had good chemistry and both could take it and dish it out when the other one was vulnerable. Atleast it was entertaining, and having a former pro quarterback in the booth, (other then Theisman), is usually a good play.

    It’s played out, this whole bashing on the announcers thing.

  21. and that’s how it happens in the NATIONAL……FOOTBALL………LEAGUE…..

    Peace out Jaws!

  22. In a decade or so Aaron Rogers will own a lead analysts position if he wants to bother working at that point. The guy is money in front of a microphone. People just don’t appreciate how hard it is to be on point, speak clearly, work live with others in front of millions of people, and take direction off-camera all at the same time. He’s already good at it and he’s still playing ball.

  23. The MNF announcing just gets worse and worse. I thought the worst was over when they finally dumped Tony Cornholer, but now I’ve really got to find a radio station that broadcasts it – if that still happens. Sigh.

  24. does anyone speak for those of us that have cancelled cable/sat because of the huge bill every month? i cannot believe that more people have not complained about mnf going to pay tv. i can afford it but will not pay for something that use to be an nfl institution on TV for FREE. screw espn.

  25. Does it really matter? Football stopped being football when GODell took over so the announcers may as well be script readers. ESPN and football have never made it for me. Chris Berman’s act is so stale, He could go…shut up. And his stupid nicknames that he must stay up and night with his kids and think up are terrible. And what is up with his voice. Sounds like he has to clear it constantly. Oh and did I say it doesn’t really matter>?

  26. I like Gruden, he’s knowledgeable, speaks his mind, isn’t afraid what the network or pc minds think about it, isn’t shy to criticize the officials when they’re wrong, he’s gutsy, funny, and breaks x’s and o’s into a science. Every other damn analyst I heard is too afraid to speak something truthful. I felt Jaws was sometimes one of them, respected his study and knowledge of the game though. Tirico is very reasonable. But don’t understand the complaints on Jon Gruden. He’s a cool guy in my book.

  27. bagadeez04 says:
    Feb 15, 2012 7:12 PM
    Gruden is pretty freaking annoying as an announcer…or in any capacity really. During draft week when they sit him down with the hot QB prospect and he grills them on game tape and such it makes me want to puke.

    There is no escaping Chucky.

    If he was so terrible, he’d be replaced, right?


    On the other hand, i’d prefer Gus Johnson, or Kevin Harlan to do MNF or the NFL Network. Have no problem with Gruden – Mayock is great on NFL Network, btw.

    Gruden IS and always has been telegenic. Those who dislike him, thats ok – you’re going to see him anyway whether you like it, or not.

    Once A Raider…ALWAYS A RAIDER
    Jon Gruden 1998-2001

  28. Jaws belongs in the booth. Kinda annoying, but he knows his business.

    Gruden belongs on the sideline. Any sideline, or anywheres else, just not the booth.

    Tirico belongs on the back nine at Tallgrass. Decent announcer, but jeez a pulse, maybe?

  29. Jaws had lapses where he could go on a weird tangent, or be a little too effusive, but Gruden has never seen a player he didn’t want to openly tongue-kiss.

    Regardless, neither is worthy of holding Al Michaels’s jock strap.

  30. It’s played out, this whole bashing on the announcers thing

    A long time ago, for those of us that have been around for a while.

  31. I use to love madden and Summerall on fox and where ever else they were all those years. Most Favorite Duo right there. But…

    Gruden has to tone down the the NFL Bromances man. I know it is for family entertainment but I would prefer some grid Iron talk.

  32. Yes, that makes sense if you also watch soap operas and the cooking channel. Reading these comments are making me understand the move. Real sports fans no longer go to ESPN, which is why they are making this move. To cater to the “please make football flag-football” crowd. Please Illuminati, kill us all this December!

    MNFF (Monday Night Flag Football) can’t wait! Then you can have two morons talking about everything but sports and no one will care. I’m moving to Australia.

  33. A dwarf that has never played real sports and an ex-coach too cowardly to coach again. Turn the volume down and listen to Glee during the game, you will hear more sports talk and feel more manly now.

  34. I’ve heard of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, but ESPN just threw out the baby and kept the bathwater. Cannot stand Gruden. I don’t mind Tirico, and Jaws was probably the best of the three.

    Nice job, ESPN – you’ve succeeded in making MNF even more unwatchable than ever, or at least more unlistenable.

  35. Who cares. Every ESPN announcer talks too much. Like the others, I mute most of their games. NEVER watch their “experts,” either

  36. Methinks this had something to do, as well, with the fact Jon Gruden signed a new contract to stay with ESPN instead of going back to coaching. There’s only so much money to be spent on production(guys in the booth) and ESPN management is likely looking at the bottom line. The number of viewers is said to be dropping and that’s not a good sign, especially this time of the year when they are setting up this fall’s advertisers for the broadcast.

  37. with the carousel it has become…how about if they just fully embrace it. and with that, i mean, change up the team week to week, bring back some of the old guys every now and then…i’m even including dennis miller (i may have been the very few who actually liked his archiac trivial non-sequitur ramblings, hey i loved him on SNL)kornheiser, Fouts, etc…it would be neat and nostalgic.
    actually, the idea just came to me from reading the comments here…seems like everybody has their favorites.

  38. Jaworski calls departure from Monday Night Football “bittersweet”

    He then took a sip of his chai tea before quietly launching into a heartfelt version of Edie Brickel and the New Bohemian’s “What I am ” on his acoustic guitar…

  39. After five years on Monday Night Football, Ron Jaworski is out, and a two-man group of Mike Tirico and Jon Gruden will call the games.

    So basically, it’s going to be Tirico calling a play here and there then 5 to 7 minutes of Gruden blathering on about how he loves the way “that guy” plays the game.

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