Jeff Fisher loves Randy Moss, “too early to say” if Rams are interested


Randy Moss received a ringing endorsement from his last NFL head coach, Jeff Fisher, today. But Fisher wouldn’t say if he also wants to be Moss’s next NFL head coach.

Fisher, who coached Moss in Tennessee at the end of the 2010 season, told Jim Thomas of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that he enjoyed the experience of coaching Moss and never saw any sign of Moss being a troublemaker.

I thought the world of him over the six or eight weeks that I think we had him,” Fisher said. “I thought he was a terrific teammate and he did a great job in our locker room.”

The problem with Moss in Tennessee was on the field: He just wasn’t very good, catching six passes for 80 yards in eight games. And that may be why Fisher, now the head coach of the Rams, seemed hesitant to say that the Rams would have any interest.

“If he wants to come back, obviously he’s going to need to find a home,” Fisher said. “At this point, it’s too early to say.”

36 responses to “Jeff Fisher loves Randy Moss, “too early to say” if Rams are interested

  1. That’s right Jeff, take Moss. Then you can try pick up Peyton Manning to throw to him and your wet dream will be complete.

  2. Oh, I hope the Rams get Moss.

    That way they won’t be tempted to take Justin Blackmon, and the Vikings can scoop the OK State stud with the #3 pick.

    Little bit of irony there.

  3. I could see Randy on the Rams. They need a receiver and if he still has the ability to play and they can get him for cheap then why not?

  4. The same Jeff Fisher that practically buried Moss on the bench during his career as a Titan?

    The same Randy Moss that may or may not have called local sports radio shows under the alias “Woody” to complain about what a pitiful coach Jeff Fisher is?

  5. hmmmm, I thought all the internet trolls were convinced he wouldn’t get any interest? I thought he was a cancer in the lockerroom? Now somebody with first-hand knowledge is saying different.

    Ready to admit you were wrong?

  6. For a team that has no WR’s to speak of – this is excellent news. Nobody is going to pay him top tier dollars and if all the reports are true – perfect downfield threat for Bradford. If he wanted to he could come right in and set the tone in the locker room and change the perception about him.

    Don’t see how this would be a losing scenario for the Rams.

  7. I think it is ironic that when Moss came out of college, a bunch of teams passed on him in the draft because of character issues, and because they didn’t want to have to explain to their owner why they “wasted” a pick on him. Now, some team will sign him because some GM will be afraid of having to answer to his owner about why he didn’t sign him on the slim chance he comes back and plays great. Afraid to take him back then, and afraid to pass up a chance now.

  8. Randy loses his motivation when things go poorly. There’s no question about it. And, there’s no excuse for quitting when things don’t go well. But, he’s the most physically-talented receiver in the history of the NFL and if you listen to his former coaches and teammates closely, he was never a problem in the locker room or practice field. There is but two questions for Randy. First, do you still possess the speed necessary for you to be effective in stretching the field? Second, will you put forth your maximum effort with the team and the talent you’re being offered? If the answer to those two questions is in the affirmative and can be demonstrated through a physical, workout, and interview, any team needing a wide receiver with deep threat ability would be foolish to overlook Randy.

  9. Jeff who?

    You mean the same guy that sat on the competition committee when they came up with the tuck rule?

    You mean the same Jeff that hasn’t won a play-off game in almost 10 years?

    Yeah… that Jeff really knows what he’s talking about LOL!

  10. So Moss is going to get open now? 2-3 years older? I dont think so. Even IF, and I stress IF, he can run a 4.4- 40. Is he going to run a one-route tree? Can he cut? If he couldn’t do it for the last team, he’s not going to do it for any new team.

  11. In other words, when I signed Moss after he had been dumped by two teams in the same year, it really wasn’t a bone-headed move.

  12. Jeff, you’re a lil late! If you would have drafted Moss instead of Kevin Dyson, …. you might have a Superbowl win on your resume’. Jus sayin’!!!

    Oh snap ….. and now you’re coaching the very same team you lost to that year. … now that’s irony!!!

  13. “I thought the world of him over the six or eight weeks that I think we had him,” Fisher said.

    I think you had him, too.

  14. I would say Fish knows more than you do about Moss…also if you listen to Brady and Belichick they never said anything bad about Randy either..

    In fact he was at the home of Robert Kraft when his wife died. Maybe, just maybe….you all are WRONG when it comes to Moss being a “cancer” in the locker room?

    Lets look at OAK, they were a cess pool where NO ONE thrived during those years…then in MINN the WHOLE team already turned on Chilly, wasnt just Moss, it was Favre and many others too…then in TENN the team wasnt good and they barely threw the ball so…

    All I’m sayin is this, if he can play then sign him. His former teammates say he was a cool cat in the locker room and sure he may not be the best route runner or go inside but he’s behind Rice in the major categories…not bad for a half time player with only 1 route (sarcasm)

  15. Fisher is just being polite.
    what he really wants to say is… “it was a mistake to pick him up in TN, a mistake only a complete idiot would make again”

  16. profootballwalk says:

    In other words, when I signed Moss after he had been dumped by two teams in the same year, it really wasn’t a bone-headed move.

    This. Fisher “thought the world of him” but hardly used him when he was with the Titans? Yeah, that makes total sense.

  17. Hey Michael, why don’t you talk about the great QB’s that was throwing him the ball!! And you can’t say Vince Young because he was on IR when he got there

  18. I give Fisher credit here. You’re ALWAYS better off taking the high road. He could have said negative things about Randy, but he chose to be positive. It would have done no good to knock the guy. Even if it were just to talk him up so another team takes the flyer on him…. better to say good things about others.

    I personally believe that in the right system, Randy can still be a very good player. If he wants to.

  19. I really hope that we don’t pay for Randy Moss. He seems to give up and quit way to easy! A quitter /pessimist on a team that is rebuilding will be like a big tumor sitting on everyone’s shoulder. Let’s get some positive and talented players on the field, not people who need to stroke their own ego one last time!

  20. I don’t want it to happen, but I would like to see it: Let’s suppose Moss still has it. What would it be like if he went to Detroit with Johnson?

    Heck, even if he went to Zona with Fitz on the other side.

    If he still has it, those would be some tough offenses to defend. Could potentially be fun to watch.

  21. FISHER IS ALL ABOUT running the ball (3 yards & a cloud of dust!) & keeping it close to win with a field goal. NEVER stretched the field; hardly ever let McNair play up to his ability (even though McNair won co-MVP one year). And the Titans NEVER possessed a killer instinct, just trouncing a team. Never did put any opponent away for good. I was there for all but 2 games during his tenure in TN. I wasn’t in the locker room, but still, what I saw on the field was way beyond conservative. And when we got Moss (with Britt out) I thought, even at that point in his career, Moss could help. But the Titans HARDLY, if ever, threw to him! Hardly ever targeted Moss?! Used him strictly as a decoy And they couldn’t even do that very good. All being said, I generally liked Fisher but I’m glad he moved on. I think Munchack is going to do fine. Fisher will do ok in weaker NFC West, but I wouldn’t get too excited if I lived in St. Louis.

  22. Amendola is a good slot guy, hopefully Kendricks has a productive second year, and hopefully they Draft Blackmon at number 2. So you throw in another WR not Moss but maybe a Maeques Colston or Dwayne Bowe and suddenly Bradford has got some weapons…. So I don’t think investing in Moss who wants to play for a ring at this point makes much sense for both.

  23. I’m not a Randy Moss apologist, but have some serious (unbiased) questions:

    1) Why does everyone assume he can no longer play?
    He did not “slow” down in New England OR Minnesota. I saw NO evidence of that.

    2) Why does anyone quote his statistics with the Titans as proof of inability?
    He was never on the field. You can’t catch passes when you are on the sideline.

    I guess it’s possible that there was some ability related reason that Fisher never put him in the game, but it seems silly for people to assume he has “lost” his speed/ability when he was simply not utilized on the teams he played for after NE.

    I’m betting that he still has 9/10 of the speed he had in NE, and that will make him good enough to be receiver that a corner or safety still has to commit to for any deep route he runs.

    I get it that people hate him for his often childish behavior, but that doesn’t translate into facts regarding his ability.

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