Raheem Morris wouldn’t change anything about his time in Tampa

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Six weeks after he was fired as head coach of the Buccaneers, Raheem Morris says he has no regrets.

Morris said on WDAE in Tampa that he stands by the way he handled his three seasons leading the team.

I wouldn’t change anything about it,” Morris said. You put yourself in a position of power, you put yourself out there and you want to go out there and want to be great and we had the opportunity and almost pulled it off. I take no ill will, no negative feelings toward those guys, toward the Bucs organization at all.”

Of course, the one thing the Bucs would like to change is the 10-game losing streak to end Morris’s tenure, and Morris said he completely understands why that caused the Bucs to fire him.

“Everybody wants to win a championship, everybody wants to be their best self — obviously that didn’t happen,” Morris said. “Whatever happened during the season you put directly on me. . . . I wasn’t able to get it done this year and I’ll take all the heat for that.”

Now Morris is an assistant in Washington, where he’ll work for Mike Shanahan, a coach who was fired after an unsuccessful head-coaching stint in Oakland only to win two Super Bowls in Denver. Morris said he hopes his coaching career follows a similar trajectory.

“I lasted longer than him — he lasted about three weeks in Oakland,” Morris said. “When you get your opportunity make sure you’re ready and go out there and do it.”

If Morris does get another opportunity, he’s going to have to change some things, even if he says he has no regrets.

32 responses to “Raheem Morris wouldn’t change anything about his time in Tampa

  1. Unless Morris learns how to properly discipline his players he will never rise above a position coach again.

    From everything I’ve read about him, that was his downfall in Tampa.

  2. What is wrong with people, admit that you made some mistakes and that you learned from it and you are a better person from this. Instead of taking the pig headed I am right approach.

  3. Affirmative action does not help the inferior, it only prolongs the damage. Raheem was never anything higher than an assistant coordinator before becoming head coach. All he did was wear the costume.

  4. @ jimmysimpson55

    Were you this upset when the Redskins let Jim Zorn run a team, if you answer no? Congratulations your a racist.

    Crazy idea that in a league where the majority of players are black, maybe a black coach might be worth looking into? Of course not, all head coaches should be white, QB’s for that matter too unless the black ones can run fast (Sarcasm).

    Great way of looking at life. Diversity is stupid especially in a sport with individuals of different colors. Don’t worry I’m sure you will always have hockey.

  5. How dignified and mature of him. You don’t think guys like Belichick and Coughlin regret some things they did in their first coaching gigs? That’s how you learn. Figure out your mistakes and correct them. With this attitude, I see no reason why a GM would hire him as a head coach ever again.

  6. young guy thrown into the fire a bit too early. he has stayed humble and hungry, or youngry. made a bunch of mistakes but that is the type of guy you want to go to war with – humble, young, hungry…will take that any day of the week.

    Good Judgement comes from experience, and a lot of that comes from bad judgement.

  7. Buc fans are going to miss Raheem when they find Greg Schiano is in way over his head.

    The Buc should have allowed Raheem one more year since this is a young team and they didn’t have training camp.

  8. How his Skins gig plays out will be interesting. A secondary without discipline is disaster waiting to happen. Some guys manage to get pushed to the head of the line for no apparent good reason. Morris made HC far too fast and without a record to justify the choice.

  9. Despite not being given the tools to succeed, he was just not ready anyway. It was a cheap-failed-experiment. I wish him the best but I’m glad he’s gone.

  10. .

    It wasn’t only losing their last 10 games, it was the fact that they were non competitive in most of those games. That shouldn’t be the case in today’s parity based NFL.

    All losses are not the same. The Patriots lost the super bowl to a good Giants team in a hard fought contest. The Bucs were taking beatdowns in their own stadium. It was an untenable situation.

  11. Say what you want abour Raheem but he is at least taking it like a man and not placing some of the blame on upper management. He wasn’t ready to be a head coach but the guy is a great DB coach

  12. I’m not a Bucs fan, but I thought he did a great job his first year. As a Falcons fan, the way he ended up in 2011, I wouldn’t change a thing, either.
    What’s up with Freeman falling off the edge of the table, too? I though by his third year he’d be tearing up the league.

  13. “Raheem Morris wouldn’t change anything about his time in Tampa”


    Seems silly to say that.

    If he could have avoided the mistakes he made,
    he’d still be there so why wouldn’t he do so?

  14. I’m gonna miss seeing a coach on the sidelines who wears his hat sideways. That was phat!

    Farewell Radio! I wouldn’t change a thing either. Your marbled mess of a press conference highlighted of your tenure in Tampa because on the field your teams were a disaster.

    Deuces Homie.

  15. @jimmysimpson55

    affirmative action has nothing to do with the bucs hiring a young black coach. He appeared competent enough. He got dumped after one bad season. Think about how many white coaches wash out. Coaching in the NFL has a steep learning curve. Attributing it to AA IS REPUGNANT AND FLAT OUT WRONG. Historically, black men have not even been the biggest beneficiaries of AA.

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