Rams 2012 to do list

We’re currently devoting a bonus segment of PFT Live to each team’s offseason to do list, offering up some advice on the things each team needs (wait for it) to do in order to be more successful (or, as the case may be, less unsuccessful) in 2012.

And since we’re working through the draft order and since the Colts already have been posted and since the Rams hold the second pick, here’s our take on what the Rams should do in order to be more competitive (or, as the case may be, less uncompetitive) in 2012.

The good news is that they have a quarterback.  The bad news is they don’t have a whole lot else.

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5 responses to “Rams 2012 to do list

  1. 1) Start looking for Gregg Williams eventual replacement in 2-3 years when his defense becomes the worst in the NFL, again.

  2. I hope Jerry Jones reads this and yells “DO ME NEXT- Mike; DO ME NEXT”. But he won’t. Damn – it sux being a Cowboys fan now. I’ve been one since 1966 and never seen such a poor foreseeable future. On the positive side, it’s a great time to hate the Cowboys though…

  3. The best scenario for the Rams is to trade down their # 2 pick to another team in the top 5-8, and get an extra 1st round pick in 2012, as well as a basket of mid-round picks this year and next year. The Rams should take WR Blackmon with their earliest first round pick, and a left tackle with their next 1st round pick. 2nd/3rd/4th round picks should go to Guard and RB first-it is way past time to draft a decent RB who can be groomed as an eventual Steven Jackson replacement, as Jackson probably only has a couple good years left, at best. The interior of the Rams O-line has been a liability for several years, despite free-agent additions. Fisher wants to have a strong running game so expect a lot of draft picks to be spent on the O-line and finally, an early/mid-round RB pick.

    Later picks can address the rest of the positions-basically every position but kicker needs an upgrade so the ‘best player available’ philosophy can work for them later in the 2012 draft. Providing Sam Bradford a WR with field stretching speed (almost totally missing for many years), improving the O-line to pass protect better, and improving the running game will likely be their top priorities. The Rams should pursue at least one more deep threat WR in free agency-they will have to overpay but Bradford desperately needs weapons.

    Everyone likes to dump on Bradford, but he had a porous offensive line and WR/TE that could not catch the ball, and no deep threat. Joe Montana could not have succeeded with the Rams last year.

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