Rex Grossman wants to stay with the Redskins

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As the Redskins ponder their options at quarterback, it’s fairly safe to say that the 2012 starter won’t be Rex Grossman.

Grossman has yet to get that memo, however.

Appearing today on SiriusXM Radio’s Movin’ the Chains with Pat Kirwan and Tim Ryan, Grossman said he wants to stay with the Redskins.

“I definitely like the situation,” Grossman said.  “I like playing for a team that has that much history and tradition and a fan base that cares that much and a coaching staff that is determined to get this thing right and an offense that I feel like suits me.  A dream scenario for me would be to go back there and play consistently and play the way that I always thought I could for a whole season.  That would be the dream scenario but I also know that I’ve got to do what’s best for myself and take the best opportunity that’s out there.  So we’ll see what happens March 13.”

Mentioning “the best opportunity that’s out there” implies that there’s another opportunity out there.  And it would be pretty out there to think that Grossman has another opportunity out there.  Or anywhere.

52 responses to “Rex Grossman wants to stay with the Redskins

  1. Groundbreaking. As if he’ll be in such demand that it will matter if he wants to come back to the Redskins or not for them to be able to re-sign him.

  2. Like Tony Romo, he’ll one day be able to tell his kids how he beat the great Eli Manning twice in the year he won the Super Bowl. And then, also like Romo, he’ll get to explain he didn’t win much else.

  3. As much as it bothers me to say this; I would not mind him as the back up. I am not a Rex fan by no means, but at least he moved the ball unlike Beck. Rg3 starting and Rex as his back up. Who knows rg3 might be able to develop Rex!!!! Wishful thinking I guess. Who am I kidding I have been a skins fan for 25 years. What they will probally do is trade all of our picks for Randy moss,Ochoa and t.o and beg mark brunnel to come Back. …hail to the skins. Jb from norfolk

  4. He is a loser. He is quite satified with his mediocre to poor play. & almost everything that comes out of his mouth is loser talk.

    A leader of a 5-11 team should be saying that it was an unacceptable season, not trying to say how good of a 5-11 team you were.

  5. I live in the DC area. It’s well known that Kyle and Rex are friends. There was a story on the radio about how they have matching tattoos. As much as I don’t like it, it’s not that much of a stretch for him to return to the team.

  6. Rex, they’re gonna offer you a good sized pile of money to hold a clipboard and I hope you take it. I love your attitude, you just throw too many picks and you’re 4″ too short.

  7. A dream scenario for me would be for Rodgers to be our starting QB with Brees serving as his back-up, and you starting for the NY Giants. However, we don’t always get what we want!


  8. After glancing at all 32 teams, I’ll say he’ll be signed at least as a backup somewhere. Assuming the Redskins offer him bottom-dollar, some team could come up with more backup-qb money.

    He’s not going to be out of football until he permanently stays as Bad Rex or Delhomme-the later years. Sorry folks, that hasn’t happened (yet)

  9. There aren’t that many back ups that have played in the playoffs let alone a Super Bowl. He’ll get signed on someplace and get a million a year for watching. Rex is not a starter. He can come in for short relief.

  10. Hey bluntsmokinskinsfan

    Drop the blunt and get the story straight. The tats on Kyle’s leg is the initials of Chris Simms and 3 other guys that all played together at Texas.

  11. LOL I’m sure everyone remembers the game where Re Grossman threw 4 INTS in the MNF game vs the Cardinals in 2006, and the BEARS STILL WON! THE BEARS ARE WHO WE THOUGHT THEY WERE!!!


    So if anything Rex is good for comic relief.

  12. Redskins would be dumb not to re-sign him. He’s a veteran QB that knows this offense like the back of his hand. He can’t execute it, but he knows it. The Redskins are a rebuilding team, if they don’t get a FA QB then let Rex start for part of the year while whoever the QB the Skins drafted learns the offense. While Rex isn’t good, he still has a knowledge that he can pass on to the next franchise QB.

  13. The Eagles are going to sign Grossman as Mike Vick’s backup……which means that Grossman will see lots of playing time, with Vick’s injury history.

  14. well… maybe no one else will take him.

    but they probly would have played better in the games beck played if… someone else had played.

    wash would have won at least ONE of those 3. maybe 2.

    put beck in after they were eliminated from playoff contention. which probly means for week 17 only. they lost that game anyway.

  15. Nice photo of Rexy by PFT. I bet if it was a Tebow story they would have found a studly photo, even though we all know ex-Gator Tebow will never have the career of ex-Gator Grossman.

    Go Rex!
    Go Gators!

  16. They talk about the big arm, accuracy, mobility; but what everyone forgets in a QB is- the ability to make good decisions and taking care of the football and Rex can not do either to save his life which is why he needs to be holding a clipboard.

  17. based on history , if the redskins draft a QB Rex would be a good starter until the Drafted QB is ready. So if Rex goes 3-1 ..Oh Wait. Yeah Idk I like the Guy, but Im a redskins fan in Indiana.

    BTW Please DONT DRAFT RG3 Noooo Anyone but him

  18. Let me translate the title of this article for anyone who is simply taking it at face value:

    “Rex Grossman will do anything to continue to receive an NFL paycheck, even if it means drudging on for the lowly Redskins”

  19. Grossman, a great backup, hope he has fun backing up whatever QB we bring in, if the Redskins are lucky, they get RG3, even if they have to trade up.

  20. I think Rex will be a fantastic BACKUP QB for us. He knows the system and has shown that he can win a few games. He creates too many turnovers to be consistent as a starter but if my starter goes down for a half or a game im perfectly fine with REX coming in for a game.

  21. Rex is barely a good back up. Shannahan should be fired for that decision alone but obviously the owner being Snyder, he don’t know any better. From this eagles fan, keep doing what you’re doing.

  22. thats great to hear as that secures this poorly run org for last place again for the 5th yr in a row….shanny n co have who make all the decisions and have been giving everything they want and need are 1 game worse than zorn who had no say in anything and no control…..BTW…grossy has more wins than romo on another team dopey. lmao.

    what does that tell us? I am so glad my boys didnt take these knuckleheads to our proud org as they are where they belong…soon to be added to the unemployment numbers next year…LMAO.

  23. Both Shanahans stink.
    Grossman has 2 chances
    Slim and None and they both left town. That whole organization from Snyder to hot dog vendors needs to go

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