Seahawks ship fifth-round pick to Buffalo in Marshawn Lynch trade

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The Marshawn Lynch trade has worked out well for the Seahawks, and as a result it got a little bit better for the Bills as well.

When the Bills traded Lynch to the Seahawks, the compensation was originally reported as a fourth-round pick in 2011 and a sixth-round pick in 2012. But the sixth-round pick could improve to a fifth-round pick if Lynch met certain incentives, and today the Bills confirmed that Lynch did reach those incentives, and they’re getting the Seahawks’ fifth-round pick. The pick will be either the 11th or 12th in the fifth round, depending on the Seahawks’ coin flip with the Chiefs.

In addition to the extra fifth-round pick, Buffalo will also have an extra pick in the fourth round, having received the 29th pick in that round for trading Lee Evans to the Ravens. The Bills have all seven of their own picks, so they’re heading toward the draft with at least nine picks, before any compensatory picks have been awarded.

Lynch is coming off his best season, with 1,204 yards and 12 touchdowns, so the Seahawks think he’s well worth the price.

34 responses to “Seahawks ship fifth-round pick to Buffalo in Marshawn Lynch trade

  1. With as good as Lynch has been in Seattle, I had almost forgotten how he went to crap in Buffalo between hitting that woman with his car and completely disappearing on the field. I guess people can change after all.

  2. RB Marshawn Lynch (Mr. Skittles) is only 25 years old and running well for the Hawks. Well worth it!

    We need to find some Lightning to go with that Thunder……

  3. this is a perfect example of a player that wanted nothing to do with the buffalo bills or the area at large. you cannot fault the front office for this trade. they knew they had a player that was never going to be happy in western ny. sad but true.

  4. @redskinsnation21:
    Saints recieved Safety Jonathon Amaya and 2012 6th round pick
    Dolphins recieved Reggie Bush and 2012 6th round pick…. phins made out damn well in that deal!

  5. hmm so the bills get chris hairston (lineman, who started from week 11 on) and a 6th round pick for a guy who rushed for 1200 yards in 2011……so how did the bills not make the playoffs with such a genius front office????

  6. Rare example of a win for both teams. Seattle got the bigger win but Marshawn wasn’t doing much for the bills. And Fred Jax CJ Spiller have been top notch since he left. Love all 3 of these backs

  7. The Bills really got over on this one! Why don’t the Falcons trade Turner for a 5th rounder…or wait. Why don’t the Vikings trade Peterson for a 5th?

  8. Jackson is a lot better than Lynch, and Spiller is just starting to come on. Hairston is a fabulous lineman who should start many years and the Bills need him a lot more than they need Lynch. Lynch is still a bad sneeze away from a years suspension, and if history is any indicator, will get it soon. You guys don’t know half the mess he made here that got swept under the rug. Advantage Buffalo.

  9. At some point Seattle, the other shoe will drop, and you’ll see this when Marshawn becomes nice and comfy in your home town. By 2013, you’ll have seen enough.

  10. ^An O linemen who started from week 11 on and a 5th round pick is not a bad haul for a running back especially if that linemen who played well enough to keep his job 6 weeks pans out. THey had Fred Jackson who is better than Lynch, and same with Spiller.

  11. This was a win/win for both teams. With jackson and CJ, the backfield was crowded. I have always liked him and as a Bills fan, have been cheering him on with the Seahawks. Will make an interesting match up next season, as we are playing the Seahawks.

  12. Actually, word is that the Packers and Patriots also wanted him.

    Also, I hope we get a 5th round pick, we found Richard Sherman and Kam Chancellor in that round, and I think we also traded a 5th for Leon Washington. Definitely found some value there.

  13. just another wasted first round draft pick by the bills, great… another fifth round pick, they rarely hit on first round picks so a fifth rounder is nothing, it’s getting harder and harder to be a bills fan

  14. Hey trevor123698 –

    CJ Spiller is NOT in the same atmosphere as Lynch. Fred Jackson is a good to very good back, but right now we’re talking about arguably the best back in the league in Lynch.

    He singlehandedly won several games this year, and will continue to do so long-term for the Hawks.

    I take Marshawn right now over both Jackson and Spiller…HANDS DOWN.

  15. I reckon the 2011 season will be the best the Hawks will see of Lynch… He played against porous run defences last season. Under Fisher the Rams will be plugging some holes this off-season so he’ll not be racking up as many yards and having career games against them twice a season for the foreseeable future….

  16. 1200 yards in 2011 and a 67 yard run to go down in history and you’re saying that the Bills have got better guys. Let’s wait and see. So far Mr skittles is winning every part of that comparison.

  17. “Played well against porous defences”? Go find another back who can fake out Ray Lewis point-blank & head-on and break that first TD against Philly. Good luck with your search…

  18. Any other team that did want him was willing to give up less for a guy who hits people with cars.

  19. i disagee @dabreesknees. after seeing spiller finally connect this season at the end, the Bills didnt need lynch. i dont think any team got the better end of the deal. i think it has worked out well for both sides..glad to see marshawn doing well. i always liked him

  20. Let’s get real people it does not matter how many yards Lynch runs for. It’s kind of ironic that he posts those numbers in his contract year. Just another sleeper that decides to only awaken when it benefits himself. Guy goes out and gets busted for weapons in his trunk. The guy carries himself like some bum you would see hanging out in some ghetto. Lynch is not better than Spiller and he sure is not better than Jackson. People need to watch some tape on Freddy and get educated before making such dumb comments. If you would project Freds numbers out after he got hurt he would have had the most yards by a running back in the NFL.

  21. So, you’re telling me that Spiller’s 560 yards and 4 TD’s is better than Lynch’s 1,200 yards and 12 TD’s? Riiiiight. I’ll take Lynch over Spiller and a 30 year old Jackson any day.

    Jimjames2, you actually sound like the one making dumb comments…I’ve seen BUF games, I like both backs, but neither are as good as Lynch (especially right now). Isn’t football about results on the field? I could care less how he speaks, as long as he produces and is a good locker room guy (which he is). Denying Lynch his due makes you sound like a bitter Bills fan, not an educated football enthusiast.

  22. Those are not dumb comments those are facts. Do you realize that spiller hit those numbers in like 6 or 7 games after Fred got hurt. Sorry but spiller has allot more upside to him and he can be placed just about anywhere on the field. I’m very satisfied with our back field and in two years we can let spiller be our feature back. We are set for the next seven or eight years. What a problem to have had. We kept the rite guys. To bad it wasn’t enough to get the gulls to the dance. We will enjoy our draft picks from him and lee Evans. By the way nice drop in the playoffs. He could of went to the superbowl:(

  23. Let’s go a little further. Jackson was injured early in game ten so let’s put up his numbers through nine games. He rushed for 917 yards 6 touchdowns and around 5.5 yards a carry. The man made 39 receptions for 442 yards with 11.3 yards per catch. Freddy had 6 100 yard games out of 9 games played and a 80 yard run. Not bad. Let’s say Jackson continued those same numbers not breaking his leg against the dolphins early in week 10. That puts Fred at 1630 yards rushing for the year crushing Lynch by 426 yards also a better 1.3 yards per attempt. His receiving yards would have hit a staggering 785 yards putting his total yards at 2415 just shy of the record held by Chris Johnson in 2009. Fred put up 121 yards against the superbowl champs with a avg of 7.6 per carry. I’ll take Fred into battle any day. He did it all for under 1 million dollars. Not to shabby. Go Buffalo.

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