Tebow works on throwing motion in L.A.

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Two years ago, as Tim Tebow tried to get himself in position to be taken in the first round of the draft, he embarked on an effort to change his throwing motion.

Today, the effort continues.  According to ESPNLosAngeles.com, Tebow is working on his mechanics with UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone.

“He just came out here to throw and work on a few things and see if we can just become a little more efficient in what he’s doing,” Mazzone said.  “Throwing motion, footwork, everything I work on with all my quarterbacks.”

Mazzone said that Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers and Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder are expected to join the workouts soon.  Mazzone was Rivers’ offensive coordinator at North Carolina State.

“Obviously I wouldn’t do anything that would go against what their beliefs are,” Mazzone said in reference to the Broncos’ plans for Tebow, adding that Mazzone regularly talks with Denver’s quarterbacks coach, Adam Gase.  “I know after coaching quarterbacks for a long time, they’re like girlfriends.  You don’t like other guys messing with them.”

Tebow completed 46.5 percent of his throws during the regular season, and only 40.4 percent in two playoff games.  If he can improve his accuracy, he can become a dangerous dual-purpose weapon.

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  1. Was the UCLA coach keeping a straight face when saying you don’t mess with Tim 3 : 16’s beliefs, or mess with”I’m saving myself for marrige” Tebow and any girlfriend he has?

  2. “I know after coaching quarterbacks for a long time, they’re like girlfriends. You don’t like other guys messing with them”

    So by this logic it is safe to assume that Rex Ryan will let any one mess with Mark Sanchez.

  3. Do people still think he carried that team??

    what a disrespect to the defense who really carried them.

    If you cant throw a spiral by the time you reach the NFL …..uhhhh….. aheeem, thats not good.

  4. He worked on changing it coming out of college and last off season also, the problem is muscle memory. He game situations he goes back to his old motion. He need to learn how to throw into tight windows.

  5. Good luck. His ridiculous “windmill” follow through with his leg generates most (if not all) of his throwing velocity. That’s what happens when coaches tweak a RB/TE caliber player and try to make him a QB. Front row seat this season for the end of Tebow, and I got my popcorn ready.

  6. I think Mazzone was making a real subtle religious joke when he mentioned not doing “anything that would go against what their beliefs are,” in reference to Tebow.


  7. Tebow’s throwing mechanics were “worked on” last preseason–and it all went out the window under game conditions once he had guys trying clean his clock.

    Tebow throws the way he throws. He might improve his accuracy and decision-making, but I don’t think anyone will “fix” the slow, elongated throwing motion he’s been able to use his whole life.

  8. WOW……you mean to tell me that this guy…. who is a STARTING NFL qb is still trying to figure out how to throw a football. WOW

    Maybe it is time that Tebow goes to Elway and admits to him that he is just a fullback pretending to be a qb.

  9. I can’t wait to see this kid play in 2012. Whether you like or dislike him, you must admit he’s possibly one of the most exciting athletes in all sports.

    Man, I miss football already!

  10. Goodness I can’t wait until week 8 of the 2012 NFL season so I will never have to hear about this dude again. Watch the New England playoff game if you’ve forgotten how bad he sucks.

  11. Wish the best for the guy, but you can’t just teach a guy to throw a football effectively. If that was the case a good quarterback wouldn’t be so hard to find. 46.5% is an atrocious completion percentage so he has plenty of room for improvement but its going to be a long road for the young man and I’m not sure he will ever be considered a good or even an average passer.

  12. I do get irritated with the media’s love/hate affair with Tebow, but I can’t hate the guy because the media continuously brings his name up.

    From everything I’ve seen from him, I like him. He knows and accepts that he has many places in his game that could use some improvement.

    From all the ME ME ME athletes and entertainers out there, he sure is a breath of fresh air.

    I wish Tim only the best.

  13. Wow, we’re back to the “Tebow need fixing” thing again huh?
    This messed up abomination of a QB went to the second round of the playoffs after his team started 1-4. Meanwhile, Rivers, Palmer, Newton and Romo got to watch him beat Pittsburgh while sitting on the couch.

  14. As a Raiders fan, I would love to see Tebow convince the broncos that he is a starter and not to draft the ‘QB of the future’. WoooooooooHoooooooooo!

  15. If quarterbacks are like girlfriends, then Noel Mazzone and Tebow are going to make a baby together. I’d like to apologize to my family for that joke. Terrible. Just terrible. I’ll do better next time.

  16. The fact he was in a photo with Arnold should boost his accuracy to 50%. I hope he improves though, Tebow is good for football. I’m not a Bronco fan but he’s fun to watch, he makes the Broncos fun to watch when I otherwise would skip to another game asap.

  17. Mazzone looks an awful like Douglas Quaid…

    Maybe it’s just me.

    Either way its nice to know that Tebow is “walking the walk” so to speak about how hard he said he was going to work in the offseason.

    Been doin PR and charity ops since the loss to NE and while most NFLers are in the Bahamas, Timmy is taking reps.

    A new and improved Tebow in 2012?

    As Bart Scott would say, “CAN’T WAIT!”

  18. I never trust mechanics…seems like every time I bring my car in to be fixed something else breaks down shortly there after.

  19. This guy developed Phillip Rivers at NC State and Tebow thinks he can improve his mechanics? Rivers throws like his arm is broken in three places.

  20. “Obviously I wouldn’t do anything that would go against what their beliefs are,”


    LOL, “beliefs”.

    “Who is this Tebow that you speak of?”

  21. What he needs to work on is actually being a Christian. This guy claims to be such a devout christian, but attends the premiere to the propaganda film “Act of Valor”. What hypocrisy

  22. “I know after coaching quarterbacks for a long time, they’re like girlfriends. You don’t like other guys messing with them.”

    might sound funny but that’s probably the truth :p

  23. Tebow took a team from the dump to the playoffs completing 46.5% of his passes.

    Love him or hate him, with the rest of the intangibles he possesses, bring that number even close to 60% and this kid will dominate.

    John Elway only completed better than 60% of his passes in three of his sixteen seasons, and retired with a career 56.9% completion percentage.

  24. “Tebow is working on his mechanics with UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone.”

    Jim Mora may want to reassess his own QB’s needs before lending his assistant to fix ‘ol catapult cannon’s throwing motion.

  25. What was Hauser’s advice to Tebow in that picture?

    Teebs: HOWSA what have you been feeding this thing?

    Quaid: BLONDES! Get your ass to mars…Get your ass to mars….get your ass to mars….Get your ass to mars….feed a rat a snickers….feed a rat a snickers….Get your rat to snickers

  26. i don’t get what is so exciting and entertaining to watch a guy throw wide by 6-8 yards or into the dirt like a bounce pass for 56-57 minutes then have him actually make some plays that a starting nfl qb should make in the last 5-8 minutes of the game. that is not entertaining to me

  27. 1) What is Gase, chopped liver? If he’s incapable of teaching Tebow how to throw a football, why is he the QB coach?

    2) We’ve all heard the “I’m working on my mechanics” song before. Tebow’s rendition isn’t very good.

    3) I always think of Randall Cunningham and Byron Leftwich when inefficient throwing motions come up in discussion. One had many years of great success, the other not so much. Neither has any rings…

  28. Hey Broncos.

    Have you seen that guy Rob Gronkowski play? Huge kid, athletic as heck, runs like a deer in the open field, a mismatch for LB’s trying to cover him? Setting records for the TE position like every damn day?

    Wouldn’t you love to have a guy like that on your team?

    You do. For some reason, you have him playing quarterback.

    Please wake up before you squander any more of this kid’s career.

  29. Wait, this Noel Mazzone coached Phillip Rivers in college and Tebow is going to HIM to work on his throwing motion??

    Rivers had the goofiest throwing motion in the NFL until Tebow showed up……so going to see Mazzone is like Jeremie Lin going to Shaq to work on his free throws!

    You can’t say “Oh, just let Tim throw his way!”
    Tebow’s motion has two HUGE problems in the NFL – its slow, which is deadly in itself, and he loops the ball low which will make him a fumble machine. Either one is bad – together, its hopeless.

  30. frenchy121212 says:Feb 16, 2012 12:26 AM

    Goodness I can’t wait until week 8 of the 2012 NFL season so I will never have to hear about this dude again. Watch the New England playoff game if you’ve forgotten how bad he sucks.

    …And while youre at it, check out that awsome defense everyone is saying carried the team all year!! Im one of the biggest Bronco fans alive, and I can tell you, Tebow is only one of the MANY problems the team has. He will make it, I still stand behind my belief on that issue, but Denver doesnt have a WR that is fit to be a starter, with the exception of D. Thomas. His heart and desire has already proven he is a winner.

  31. Wow, completion % UNDER 50. How is that even possible? We’ll see how he does this year with a full camp. Seems like a smart, dedicated kid. He’s got to get rid of the “windmill” release, though.

  32. Some people are so stupid on this site. 1st off, how bad are the rest of the starting QB’s in the league for this “tight end” to have so many NFL records? Notice when anyone talks about Tebow they only bring up his completion % because nothing else would hold water. FYI look at Elways 1st year Completion %.

    Also I have never seen a 21 ranked defense, which gave up 4 games of 40 plus points, “carry” a team. Are you kidding me?

    I just wish people would do their own research, or watch a Broncos game before they start regurgitating anything they hear in the media.

    If you did watch the Broncos you would have seen CBS compare Tebow’s and Brady’s throwing motion. They did a split screen and reversed the film on Tebow to make him seem right handed. Guess what? Their throwing motion was almost identical!

    Does Tebow need to improve? Of course, so does every QB with 16 starts. He needs work on his foot work and anticipation(which comes with experience). People seem to forget that the Broncos led the league in dropped passes since Tebow became starter with over 30. Not to mention the passing offense which for the most part will have 2 receivers go deep and max protect.

    I love the Broncos and I love Tebow and if you want to really know what happened this season here it is. We were an average team rushing the ball, horrible qb play with the game on the line and an average defense. We were 1-4. Tebow starts, gives the defense confidense that if they keep it close he will close it. Takes a bottom half of the league rush offense to number 1. Then in the games they one the defense stepped up and Tebow finished games. The offense is predictible and the passing attack is all or nothing. Aaron Rodgers, while probably still having a better completion % than Tebow, wouldn’t do much better if that many throws were deep routes.

    If they can throw in some bootlegs, get him to check down, and cut down on the drops he will be a 60% passer. He needs to complete 3 more passes per game to be there. Which is also about the number of drops he had each game.

    Is Tebow great? No. Is he horrible? No. Is he a great young QB who has performed under more pressure and criticism than any athlete I have ever seen? Yes!

  33. Is there something wrong with him wanted to improve? Half of these comments make it seem like he should just give up. No one does that, we all strive to get better at what we do

  34. He can tweak it all he wants, but when the game time adrenaline is front and center, he resorts back to his tucking and running or his same old loopy motion.

  35. alot of you mensas are missing the point

    rivers has great stats on a team infamous for not being able to deliver (fouts and even brees know this)

    now you get rivers and this oc to work with tim on his completion pct , not his mechanics

    rivers has great stats without changing his throwing mechanics, so tebow can be improved without any major overhaul

    that’s the point of this.

  36. Actually tebow is dating a girl who is sexually active. He decided it was finally time to give up his virginity. She was “wide open”, Unfortunate he hit the wrong receiver if you know what I mean

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