The Colts to do list

A certain all-time great quarterback has been dominating Colts news of late, but dealing with Peyton Manning’s future is only one of the many issues that Indianapolis faces this offseason.

Robert Mathis is a free agent and may not fit the team’s new defense. The team has no reliable receivers under contract next year and a lot of difficult salary cap decisions.

2012 figures to be a difficult transition year in Indianapolis, no matter who plays quarterback. Florio broke down their offseason to do list on Tuesday’s PFT Live below.

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4 responses to “The Colts to do list

  1. The Polians really left this team in shambles. The Peyton contract, even if healthy, is killer.
    No playmaker at Rb. Weak o-line. Dbs are average. Even a healthy Peyton couldn’t overcome all of these weaknesses. I’m first to say Irsay is a ‘bag, but Polian and son don’t get a pass.
    They’re Gna need Luck next year and I don’t mean just Andrew

  2. They are not in shambles…

    All teams that win for 10years have an end to their run. Moving on from Manning will free up 10 mil in cap space. They re sign Garcon and likely Mathis. They let Wayne walk cut Dallas and Brackett who they don’t need…they either redo Freeney at a cap friendly deal or cut him also which would free up 15mil…

    They hopefully will spend any money on the OL and then in the secondary…since they have good draft positioning they should get 3-4 legit contributors in this draft. They will probably be a 4-6 wi. Team next two years and then should be set up once Luck matures or another 7-8 year run

    The key is getting out of the Manning deal. This proves that no QB can make 1/4 of your cap regardless of how good he is. You need a line and a defense to be a dynasty

  3. I would say that no team has been left in worse condition after 10 years of winning than the Colts. That is on the Polians. If Brady is injured, there are currently two backups that could fill in as capably as Matt Cassell did in 2008 when Brady was injured. Mallett was a luxury pick due to Belichick’s stockpiling of draft picks. (I don’t understand why the backups aren’t playing more in mopup duty during many of the convincing wins the Patriots have. ). Bill Polian certainly tarnished his legacy by doing such a poor job building a competent roster in Indy.

  4. This Colts pile-on is a bit much.

    Sustaining success for that long in the NFL is nearly impossible and somehow they were able to do it. It can’t last forever and the Colts are experiencing that.

    This is the great debate of the Colts right now… do they try to hang on to this era and pay to keep their Vets OR try to setup the next era?

    Even as a Colts Fan I realize the difficulty of the situation. There really isn’t a right or wrong answer. Actually, some would argue that overpaying a bunch of Vets just to keep a team intact knowing certain holes would be hard to fill with the Cap status would be a short term band aid with long term consequences.

    This isn’t a “mess” as one has stated, this is a pretty successful Era coming to closure and the Colts trying to determine how best to proceed while keeping an eye on the Cap.

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