Troy Aikman takes up Charles Haley’s Hall of Fame candidacy

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The latest person to weigh in on this year’s decisions by the Pro Football Hall of Fame Selection Committee is Hall of Famer Troy Aikman, who is wondering what his old teammate Charles Haley has to do to get in.

Aikman is obviously biased in favor of Haley, but he says is Bias is rooted in the fact that he doesn’t know if he’d have his three Super Bowl rings without Haley.

“I’ve been very outspoken as far as his candidacy and how much I think he belongs,” Aikman said on KTCK, via the Dallas Morning News. “If there’s a defensive player in the [Hall of Fame], I think Charles Haley should be in the [Hall of Fame], and I’ll leave it at that. Because as a teammate, he was a great player.”

Haley had 100.5 sacks in his career and was a key player on the three Cowboys Super Bowl teams with Aikman, as well as two 49ers Super Bowl teams. Aikman thinks it’s hard to justify excluding Haley from Canton.

“When you go back and you look at the teams that won those five Super Bowls, he was a big part of those teams that won those five Super Bowls,” Aikman said. “That’s meaningful to me. And having had him on my team for three of them, I’m not so sure we would’ve won any of them if it weren’t for him. I’m pretty adamant about the fact that I believe he deserves to be in and I’m pretty disappointed that it hasn’t happened.”

47 responses to “Troy Aikman takes up Charles Haley’s Hall of Fame candidacy

  1. I’m not sure he has enough sacks to get him to the hall. He was good, but I’m not sure he would fall into the great category in the voter’s eyes. I’m sure he’ll get some consideration because he was on five Super Bowl winners.

  2. 52-17, But you’re not sure you could have won it without Charles Haley?? That’s nice of Troy to say. Haley was a great player, no arguing that, but I think Haley knows why Haley isn’t in the Hall. So does Troy. And the time to lobby on Haley’s behalf was January, before the vote. The fact that he waited until after may mean something too…

  3. Aikman is spot on. The man played a significant role on 5 SB teams. Enough said.

  4. I Met Haley at a Signing Show in NJ. What a Nice Guy. Talked with everyone and spent time with the kids. He Was the Defense for the Cowboys… Get Him In…….

  5. Haley probably stuck his wang in Troy’s face and threatened him to do it, like he was so fond of doing in the locker room.

  6. Haley was very good on the field and his 5 SBs are impressive but there is no way the voters can ignore his off field stuff like peeing in a teammate’s car, masturbating in the locker room and all the other lewd, violent and psychotic stunts he has pulled

  7. blackqbwhiterb, I think you have to get to the Superbowl first before you can win it 52-17, goober. I’m just guessing that’s what Aikman meant.

  8. If they’re going blacklist Parcells because of personal reasons, Charles Haley and the Hall of Fame should ever be mentioned in the same breath.

  9. itsnotforme says:
    Feb 15, 2012 7:19 AM

    “I’m not sure he has enough sacks to get him to the hall. He was good, but I’m not sure he would fall into the great category in the voter’s eyes. I’m sure he’ll get some consideration because he was on five Super Bowl winners.”


    Dan Hampton; 57 sacks – Hall of Famer
    Cortez Kennedy; 58 sacks – Hall of Famer
    Howie Long; 84 sacks – Hall of Famer
    Andre Tippet; 100 sacks – Hall of Famer

  10. Cris Carter and his cohorts aren’t going to like this, as Carter likes to say “I know what I’m talking about….I did play this game!!”! Time for another 7 paragraph article about the HOF voting process. Time for change……..Bottomline, If LT is in there, Haley deserves to be in there based on merit only.

  11. Um, to FinFan68,

    Perhaps you should read former NFL Commissioner Paul Tagliabue’s letter to the Hall of Fame when it was time for Lawrence Taylor’s first candidacy and voters with Puritan like attitudes like yours (and those media types who are using that attitude to keep out Haley and others). Tagliabue basically said that this is a vote for actions ON THE FIELD, despite whether you personally approve or disapprove of the person’s actions off of it. Well , what do you know? Taylor was a first ballot HOFer, as he should have been.

    Haley should be in the HOF, and that’s that.

  12. 3rd don sackmaster. That was Charles Haley. When it mattered, Haley would deliver.
    That is a hall of famer,

  13. It’s the Hall of Fame, not the Hall of Impressive Stats. Haley was famous when he played because of the way he played; future generations deserve to know about him and other players who impacted the game when they played.

  14. @ FinFan68

    What difference does it make the guy was a jerk off the field the guy was dominate on it. This is why sports reporting dorks shouldn’t be voting on these players because they take into account things that have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with how the guy played on the field. Played a major role on 5 Super Bowl teams and he gets overlooked, please. HOF is a sick joke till they get this right…

  15. Not sure I’ve ever been called a goober before…. But I’ve certainly never pee’d in a teammate’s car, never played with myself in a locker room, or made a habit of always getting in trouble with the cops 2 days before the vote!!

  16. Haley belings in the HOF. Forget stats. All you had to do was watch him play. Plenty of crazy players out there. How many women or small animals did he hurt? Reporters are wannabees who think they are important and take things personal.

    P.S. Next time Aikman broadcasts a game, count how many times he says ‘ I’m not so sure’.

  17. The HoF has lost a lot of luster to me.

    I have followed the NFL since the middle fifties, not intensely, but knowing which teams were good and which teams were otherwise.

    I did not recognize the names of at least half the ones considered for this year’s induction.

    I think the HoF should be restricted to those who had a big impact on the game. “He was very good” doesn’t cut it for me, and, hence, I pay little attention to it.

    Same with baseball, altho I don’t follow it at all any more, except at the collegiate level.

  18. Charles Haley is the one of the top 3 players at his position. He was absolutely brilliant at what he did. There were games where he wouldnt make one mistake. When he played OLB/DE you could forget about running a screen to his side or a passing to the RB in the flat, he was all over it.

    Charles Haley is the epitome of a Hall of Famer. Man I wanted him to be a Raider instead of a Cowboy in 92. We would have had at least two superbowls.

  19. And “The Last Naked Warrior” misses Canton, again!

    It’s ridiculous that he can’t get in, but Chris Doleman can!!!

  20. All you people saying he should be in the HOF are not thinking clearly. He should be in jail for sexually exposing himself…he would rub himself in team meetings…WTF?

  21. Haley has fallen victim to the fact that he was a complete a-hole to the media during his career. I know the voters aren’t supposed to consider those type of things, but they ARE human. If a player was a total dil, it isn’t easy to forget. Haley will get in, he might have to wait a bit longer. There are still members of the media who covered Haley and the Cowboys during the early and mid nineties who found him to be the most repugnant, disgusting creature they’ve ever been around (none are HOF voters). You can forgive, but you NEVER forget.

  22. as much as i hate the cowboys, there’s no way you can honestly say Haley doesn’t deserve to be in the HOF based on what he did ON THE FIELD. he was definitely a whack job, but i don’t think he’s a “bad guy”.

  23. dutchman1350 says:
    Feb 15, 2012 9:58 AM
    All you people saying he should be in the HOF are not thinking clearly. He should be in jail for sexually exposing himself…he would rub himself in team meetings…WTF?

    – – – – – – –

    Aikman doesn’t seem to mind.

  24. There was an indirect effect of Charles’ off-field behavior which benefited his teammates. They were afraid of him. I remember Emmitt Smith making reference to it…even Emmitt was wary of Charles!

    If this is true, then Charles masturbated himself AND his teammates to 5 Super Bowl victories. Hey…whatever works, I guess…

    Sometimes I wish Charles would threaten to jerk off on Rolando McClain… 🙁

  25. I went to school with Charles at JMU. He hung out with my roommate a little. Big man. Bigger ego. But he was never rude or crude as he’s been described. I guess there’s no telling what money will do to you…

    I’m biased to want to see a JMU alum in the HOF. But it seems like we’re always arguing over character vs results. Either make an absolute guideline, or come up with another method.

    For example, if the HOF committee deems him questionable due to character, let his former teammates vote up or down. They would know best whether his antics were really so distracting that he was more harm than good. (I wonder what that idea would mean for TO?)

  26. Randy White was an inside linebacker first, then a defensive tackle. Neither position is judged by sacks. Get a clue.

  27. I don’t agree with Haley’s off the field actions either. But this isn’t graded on things like getting a star on the wall in Langley, or being honored at West Point or the other military academies of the US.
    Haley’s play on the field was top notch, and extremely influential in the biggest game of the year. He’s Hall of Fame, period.

  28. It’s like no one thinks of simple solutions to simple problems.

    Next time around, Haley should do a show for the judges. That oughta seal the deal.

  29. Haley’s one of those guys like Deion Sanders, Brett Favre or Randy Moss that you absolutely hate when he’s the opponent. But you love him when he plays for your favorite team. He was absolutely a game changer, the definition of an impact player. He belongs in Canton.

  30. Haley is HOF’er, no question. He changed the way that offenses prepared for and played the defenses he was on. The only possible reason that he hasn’t gotten in is because of the off-field perception of him, which is complete BS! I can understand if a guy was a known juicer, or committed crimes (not 100% sure on this, but can’t think of anything major), but the fact that he was crazy and twisted shouldn’t matter (he was nasty though…reportedly).

    I grew up hating Haley as a Cowboy, but that doesn’t change the fact that I think he is a first ballot HOF’er.

    Yeah seriously, Chris Doleman, but not Haley???

  31. Remember Buddy Ryan’s comment about Haley?

    “All he does is win Super Bowls.”

    Or something like that.

  32. I’m surprised no one has mentioned that Charles Haley suffers from bipolar disorder, which could easily explain his erratic and inappropriate behavior as a player.

  33. genericcommenter says: Feb 15, 2012 10:05 AM

    He had a huge locker room presence.


    Maybe he should have kept his “huge presence” in his pants.

  34. What we need are unbiased HOF nominators. Fix that problem and Haley will have his bust hand delivered next time around and that’s a sure thing (this doesn’t sound quite right but you get the point).

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