Broncos pick up Jason Hill

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The Jaguars thought enough of Jason Hill last offseason that they re-signed him to a two-year contract and started him ten games.

The rest of the league thought so little of Hill that no one picked him up when he was released in late November.

Hill will be reunited with his former Jaguars head coach Jack Del Rio this season in Denver. Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post reports the Broncos picked up Hill on Thursday.

The former 49ers draft pick had career highs in 2011 with 367 yards and three touchdowns. His most noteworthy moment came when he called out Darrelle Revis, and then didn’t even play against the Jets. If Hill winds up starting in Denver, the Broncos have some problems.

They have Demaryius Thomas and Eric Decker slated to start, but Eddie Royal is a free agent. Denver’s depth is poor after that.

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  1. That is one thing that bothers me with the Tim Tebow criticism. I understand his accuracy is poor but his receivers are average at best. As a NY Giants fan I see Eli Manning make some great throws, fitting it through the smallest windows but then I see him toss it up and Hakeem Nicks brings it down because he’s talented. Tebow doesn’t have that blanket that all young quarterbacks need. Not a real tight end, or a possession receiver that he can target 10 times a game. The Broncos need to upgrade the WR position in the draft or they are really poor at judging talent.

  2. chalkruz1989 i would agree with you if the ball was anywhere near a wr. tebow throws in the dirt or literally yards away from his targeted wr. lots of his passes are not in the vicinity of any player in the same jersey.
    the broncos did have some dropped balls but getting a top free agent wr to sign in denver will be a tough sell. no wr will want to sign here with tebow at qb and the type of offense they are running. they will be stuck with guys like they have now. decker and thomas

  3. When you write about a team picking up a player, wold it kill you to add his position?

    For example:

    “The Jaguars thought enough of WR Jason Hill last offseason…:


  4. I know Jason Hill. That fool burnt Mike Huff in 2010 for a touch down, costing us that game and eventually caused us to miss the playoffs.

    Wow, Jag fans don’t even know their own players. No wonder why the Jags are Bagging their carpets and moving to L.A.

  5. Having played receiver for Blaine Gabbert, they brought him in for his uncanny ability to catch poorly thrown passes.

  6. “If Hill winds up starting in Denver, the Broncos have some problems.”

    Couldn’t you have said the same thing about Jeremy Lin and the Knicks a few weeks ago?

  7. If this is the Broncos idea of being aggressive in free agency then get ready to be 8-8 again. They need to quit signing these street free agents and actually sign some players that can play.

  8. It puzzles me why anyone would say that Denver needs help at wide receiver. Depth, sure, but help in terms of starters? No way. DeMaryius Thomas is huge, fast, and makes big plays. The only question about him has been “Can he stay healthy?” Late last season, after recovering from a torn achilles tendon, he played exceptionally well. Eric Decker is a very talented young receiver as well. He’s also big and has decent speed and good hands. The only problem with the Broncos’ passing game is #15. They need an upgrade at QB, not WR. With Captain 3-and-out taking the snaps and running a high school offense, Jerry Rice wouldn’t be productive.

  9. @trubroncfan07 – Free agency hasn’t started yet. The only players available to sign at this point are those that have been waived or cut. To be aggressive in free agency, they’ll have to wait for free agency to start on March 5. As for going 8-8 again next year, they won’t even get there with that schedule and Tebow at QB. And I’m a Bronco fan and season ticket holder.

  10. The Donkeys should cut all their WR’s and replace them all with TE’s.

    No need for WR’s when you have a FB at the QB position.

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