Cowboys sound ready to spend

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The Cowboys cut a number of big-name, big money players before last season. That pushed a lot of dead money into 2012, which was supposed to create salary cap issues this year.

It hasn’t worked out that way.

Dallas already has roughly $12.3 million in cap room, and that’s before the expected release of cornerback Terence Newman (due $6 million) and other potential cost-cutting measures.

Add it all up: The Cowboys are going to be aggressive this offseason.

“I give Stephen [Jones] a lot of credit for taking a year we thought would be Armageddon for us, and we were able to do some things last year with the cap that puts us and gives us some viability,” Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Stephen and a lot of the crew he works with regarding the caps, regarding the contracts, all of that has given us a chance to have some room to improve this team this year.

“And we will use it.”

There are always creative ways to get around cap problems. Dallas finds a way to spend even when they are tight to the cap.
With so much room this year, it’s safe to expect the Cowboys to (over)spend plenty in March.

81 responses to “Cowboys sound ready to spend

  1. If spending money equalled Championships…we would have 9 or 10 rings already. Making SMART moves…building through the draft…and establishing discipline in the locker room wins trophies… So the cowboys will be sitting home next February again. That is unless Jerry decides that he ACTUALLY ISN’T a FOOTBALL GUY.

  2. Cowboys not taking it lightly that the Eagles are trying to win the offseason championship, 2 years in a row.

  3. Unlike Snyder or Lurie. Jerry has never gone hog wild in FA, the closest was 2005, and those were all Bill Parcells signings, Jerry has always hosed up the cap by overpaying guys already on his roster that he felt were irreplaceable, but weren’t (Marion Barber, SS Roy Williams, Terrence Newman, Marc Columbo etc).

  4. Hopefully they get Vince Young so he can say the dumbest thing to ever be repeated on this website 868trillion times about them.

  5. Unlike last years self proclaimed “Dream Team” the Cowboys will be using the cap money to fill out the roster on role players and depth.

    No reason to over pay for top free agents like some teams (Eagles, Redskins)

    For once I think the Cowboys are finally being smart with how they build and manage their roster.

  6. So much room? Compared to who or what. The Cowboys better spend their time on the draft because they maybe have enough cap space for one impact player or possibly two middle range signings. The top five teams with cap space each have over 43 million compared to the Cowboys 13 million.

    Has Jerry become infected with Bob Ryan disease? The cure is the same for both of them; Shut your pie hole.

  7. Giants’ fan here. This is music to my ears. Washington is only now digging out of free agent hell. The Dream Team….well…need I say more? Now, our chief rival is preparing to “buy a championship”?

    LOVE IT!!

  8. Haha… Funny pic. Dan Snyder front and center on a Cowboy article. So what you’re trying to say is… Which owner will overspend on washed up free agents this year? Since the Skins have Bruce Allen with his tight wallet approach, my money is on Jerrah.

  9. If Dallas would only go out and hire a real fooball GM, Dallas may have something, but leaving the GM duties in the hand of a snake oil salesman in Jerry Jones, nothing will change, just more over paying for over the hill players gets another failed season…nothing new here in Cowboy land, move along!!!

  10. Please cut Keith Brooking!

    Tired of seeing his lame pre-game speeches on Nationally Televised games.

    Not that I care as a Texans fan, but he is Embarrassing himself and the Cowboys.

  11. OG Nicks
    CB Carr/Grimes

    Watch for those names.

    OLB Spencer will get franchised one more year to see if Butler can handle more than nickel. Not worth $8M, but also not worth uncertainty and other people available.

    Draft will bring CB, S, LB, OL

  12. Payton to BIG D… I’ve been saying for 3 weeks… watch Jerry pull it off! Payton, a few db’s and 2 addional Ol men will be all that’s needed. Super Bowl in 13!!!

  13. The two top things on the cowboys wish list

    A General Manager
    Metal Polish those Trophies have to be showing age at this point.

    Also reported today the Giants traded a shop vac for the Egals trophy case.
    Nothing in it but dust bunnies and all those preseason championships

  14. Jerry jones is a moron who will blow the money. I love the cowboys but they are done winning regularly with him at the helm. He brought in JJ before his ego got too big. Who fires a coach who just won back to back super bowls?

  15. With a whole bunch of teams with 30, 40, even 50+ million under that cap and needing to spend in preparation of the upcoming floor it isn’t a good year to be able to finally spend. I know the floor isn’t here until 2013 however trying to bridge a 30 or 40 million dollar gap in one year won’t be easy. The perennial cheap teams will be out to spend this year!

  16. Brent grimes if he is available, maybe a Mario Williams, but he would be the only free agent… Have him on the other side of ware.. Wow. I-Line help and then draft d-Line like crazy.

  17. zack2482 says:
    Feb 16, 2012 5:18 PM
    Go get a damn defense to support Romo! An offensive lineman or two would help also!

    Romo seems like a really nice guy. Heck, he’d probably be a lot of fun to go have a beer with. However, Dallas will NEVER win a SB with him as their starting QB.

  18. harrisbd99 says: Feb 16, 2012 5:06 PM

    I hear Roy Williams is going to be available again.
    Maybe BOTH Roy Williamses are available again.

  19. bigbluefan –

    re: trade to Eagles, shop vac for trophy case.
    This has got to be the dumbest comment that I have ever read on this site. How on Earth are the Giants supposed to clean out all those dust bunnies (has there been a funnier term) in the Eagles trophy case now that they have traded away their shop vac???

  20. eaglesnoles05 says:
    Feb 16, 2012 5:12 PM
    Hopefully they get Vince Young so he can say the dumbest thing to ever be repeated on this website 868trillion times about them.
    Giants fan here giving rare kudos to Eagles’ fan. This was one funny comment. Well done.

  21. I still haven’t stopped laughing at the amount of draft picks and the contract he gave WR Roy Williams, as long as he is the GM, Cowboys will never win, and I LOVE IT! GO GIANTS!

  22. It’s amusing to see Cowboys fans fawning all over the idea of getting a broken Peyton Manning and thinking it’s the answer to their woes.

    Yeah, that will your problems, LMAO.

  23. bayoubauer says: Feb 16, 2012 5:56 PM

    zack2482 says:
    Feb 16, 2012 5:18 PM
    Go get a damn defense to support Romo! An offensive lineman or two would help also!

    Romo seems like a really nice guy. Heck, he’d probably be a lot of fun to go have a beer with. However, Dallas will NEVER win a SB with him as their starting QB.
    This is BS. Romo is good enough to get the job done. If the guy had a decent O line Cowboys would of won like the Saints, patriots, and Packers by outscoring everyone. All of those teams had sorry defenses but have the offensive lines to allow their Qbs to score at will. Romo didn’t have that luxury.

  24. Peyton Manning in Dallas? He would be on the IR after the first series he plays in. Romo is getting killed in there as it is, and he iss in great shape compared to an elderly (in football years) Manning. Dallas needs a decent O lineman and some DBs. Anything else will be a failure again.

  25. It isn’t Cowboys fans that want Peyton, real ones don’t.

    Romo is not the reason the Cowboys did not make the playoffs. Peyton is not going to make the defense better. They guy can’t even throw across his body yet.

    Real fans understand that if the Cowboys signed Manning, not only would he come with a massive price tag but the subsequent release of Romo would absolutely cripple the Cowboys for the next 4-5 years.

    The guy went 30/9 last season, playing in several games with injuries such as broken ribs and punctures lung, as well as a game where his hand looked like a purple grapefruit. Those that ride the bandwagon believe that the Cowboys should go after Peyton, others know to spend money and draft picks where needed (OL, DL, CB, S, LB).

  26. It’s funny, you can really tell who watches the team and who doesn’t. Too many people just remember what was said back in the 90’s and think that it still has any bearing on now. Kerry hasn’t spent real big in Free Agency in years. T.O. And Roy Williams are the biggest names he’s brought into the team in a long time. So for those saying “Here’s Jerry overspending again blah blah blah” the only over spending he’s done is on his own players. As for the Tony Romo comments, he lost the detroit games for us and probably Jets week 1. That’s really it, he’s a great QB and we have a top offense practically every year with him there, it’s our defense that sucks. You got Ware, Ratliff, and that’s really about it. If we spend money in need to be places, we’ll be ok.

    It’s funny, a cowboys writer said the other day “If I told you there’s a GM available to hire that had won a NationL Championship as a player, won three super bowls as a GM and had been a GM for 20 years”. You’d probably say “yeah, he’s a football guy”. Well that’s Jerry Jones resume’. It’s hard to win a super bowl Ozzie Newsome is a genius GM and how many rings does he have as a one?

    Teams get lucky and over achieve and make a super bowl randomly, it happens. Teams get hot, and they play great. I bet SF isn’t as great next season, they’ll be good, but not in the NFC Championship. The Cardinals did it recently, Marv Lewis is still riding on one real good season. Tennessee did it. The Cowboys even had few decent seasons, but when push came to shove, none of these teams got it done on the end, no matter how far they made it. We need some work, but we aren’t horrible and Romo isn’t the reason we stink.

  27. Cowboy stories dominate when it comes to humorous comments. Absolutely just crush it. Well done everyone !

  28. The picture on this post is right on. The two remaining owners who think they are football guys and know how to judge NFL talent. Much like Al Davis, Jerry had some success and figured he was very much responsible for it. My guess is that much like Al, Jerry will throw money at the big names who have splash value but no game left to give. His free agent pickups with all of the cap room will be a disaster. As for little Dan, he has no experience with success, but his free agent choices and the cash he coughs up for them are absolutely priceless. Man, these two guys are a blast to watch, running their once proud franchises into oblivion with their own two hands. Hillarious. Best part of it is, they get all of the credit for doing so.

  29. The Cowboys will spend money this offseason. SPOILER ALERT! They might challenge the Washington DanSnyders for the coveted title of Champions-of-the-offseason. Good for Dallas. Spending briefcases full of money to collect players has worked well for Jerry.

  30. Jerry Jones is a good GM, get over it already.
    He’s brought in tons of good players, one Roy Williams trade doesn’t take everything away but fans and haters of the Cowboys are incapable of being rational.

  31. Doesn’t matter. Giants lost like 6 in a row and won the SB. Eagles were a mess this year. Their QB was constantly injured and they still ended up with a better record than the Cowboys.

    Redskins will end up having a better record than the Cowboys.

  32. Eli was able to win with a beat up oline. The giants were shuffling the oline every week up until the end of the season. So I don’t think you can place all the blame on Dallas oline.

    I have heard plenty of analyst say the talent on Dallas is overrated and that is a reflection of ownership. There is probably only one player on their roster that would start on most teams and that is Ware. Maybe Whitten but he is getting old.

  33. Take the best Guard in the first round and continue to build a massive line…

    Then get Finnegan and Mario Williams on the FA market, draft a safety in the second round, and continue to draft defense.

    Get Austin and Murray healthy…

    That alone will make a huge difference….

  34. if D Jackson’s get’s away from us . as much as I hate to say it he will be wearing the star. if that happens ( yea eagle fan coming out in me) then I can only hope he will actually be hurt like so many people think he has been for us…. he reallyhas NOT. Keep 10 in Philly at least one more year! don’t listen to the haters hated on this talent!!! sign the franchise tag please action jackson.

  35. Playing against Eli would be one of the reasons he would, and of coarse leading America’s Team to the Super Bowl:-)

  36. Not much to say about the article. 90% of the league is ‘ready to spend’. Doesn’t mean they will.

    To some of the posters on this site allow me to explain something for you…PEYTON is the quarterback, PAYTON is the coach. I have seen this on several articles now. I know it is difficult seeing as how they are both so new to the league.

  37. Cowboys282: says. unlike last years self proclaimed Dream Team . Hold it right their a nothing ass back up quarterback said that who in a few weeks won’t even be on the team . The media ran with it . Then he says ( the Eagles spent money to feel holes not needed ) I find Babin, Jenkins, Aso, and Drc ,Evan Mathis was needed to fill each one of their positions. I do agree the rest including the idiot Young who opened his mouth was not needed . Hey guess what the ones that weren’t needed signed one year contracts therefore won’t be on the team next year . All that without giving up all our draft picks like the deadskins so don’t put us in that category. Next he says ( no reason to overpay for top free agents like some teams) Isn’t that what you talking about your team doing this year ? Your team has too many holes to fill they are just plain garbage . Another thing the difference between Philly and the Redskins we got just as much cap as yall do this year It’s called good money management, and like I said before football has been played long before this superbowl era . Last year is over, your championships of the past are over in fact the only team that is allowed to talk is the Giants . Fact the eagles overpriced free agents might not have won the championship but they beat yall twice last year , and killed your playoff hopes by taking Romo out kind of hard to throw The ball with your hand looking like that isn’t it. I know the last time philly won anything they were called championships not superbowls ,but isn’t championships what the call the superbowl now .Hmm funny all these cowboy fans thinking they can win the division hyped up again. Every year yall are suppose to win the NFC east . So jerry says he’s going to spend money and you think he can fill all the holes on that team . He would have to keep Ware ,Murray, and Sean Lee then scrap the rest of the team. Not going to happen this year or for years to come period.

  38. Omg people learn how to spell peyton’s name. Its Peyton not Payton he ain’t never going to play for a team who’s fans can’t even get his name right

  39. bison4me says:
    Feb 16, 2012 7:17 PM
    Dear Jerry,

    Please do not cut Terrance Newman.

    Thank You,

    -This Redskins fan and all of the fans from every team in the NFC East.

    Wow coming from a deadskin fan, how did you enjoy hearing Andre carter and Carlos Rogers in pro bowl or devin Thomas winning super bowl. Skins always sign wrong talent and let great player leave, oh yeah has Portis doing cause bailey is Also still a pro bowler

  40. Dallas will not be looking to steal anyone’s Wide Outs, or other skill positions on offense except maybe back up QB.

    Saints should worry that we steal Nicks and that’s about it.

    We will prob draft Decastro and Barron in the 2nd round, and look for us to trade back up for a corner.

    FA isn’t that exciting this year.

  41. maddenisfordorks says: Feb 16, 2012 7:52 PM

    Spend it all on surgery to keep JJs face on!


    They tried that, and just like in the movie “Face Off” Romo is Jerry and Jerry is really Romo.

  42. They made the sacrifices this year in the offensive line by playing a bunch of rookies and it showed. So what was “reported” to be cap problems for next year were really this year.

  43. Jerry always knew he had made the right move when he brought Stephen along to “take your kid to work day” a few seasons ago. Good work little Stephen!

  44. patsbruin1021 says: Feb 16, 2012 5:14 PM

    Sounds like big D is getting ready to pay Payton

    mrslay1 says: Feb 16, 2012 6:13 PM

    Payton to the Cowboys…Go Jerry go!!
    How many screen names do you have?

  45. chico54 says:
    Feb 16, 2012 10:54 PM
    bison4me says:
    Feb 16, 2012 7:17 PM
    Dear Jerry,

    Please do not cut Terrance Newman.

    Thank You,

    -This Redskins fan and all of the fans from every team in the NFC East.

    Wow coming from a deadskin fan, how did you enjoy hearing Andre carter and Carlos Rogers in pro bowl or devin Thomas winning super bowl. Skins always sign wrong talent and let great player leave, oh yeah has Portis doing cause bailey is Also still a pro bowler
    Oh boy this cowgirl fan wants to go there. I don’t know what impact if any Devin Thomas had in the Super Bowl, in the game before the Super Bowl he recovered two fumbles that got them there true. Same could be said for Flozell Adams whom y’all cut and the Steelers got one year out of him in which he landed more playoff wins than he ever got playing in Dallas and he even played in the Super Bowl.

    How did you like Chris Canty tearing it up for the Giants in the Super Bowl? I bet you want Anthony Fasano back instead of Bennett. And as much crap as he talked, T.O. even now, is still better than Roy Williams, that was just dumb.

    Now, I know our owner has done some bone headed crap to our franchise, but he’s finally turned it over to football folks. Your drunk owner is still running the draft board, whom to do this day, has only had one good personell move, and that was hiring Jimmy Johnson. To put it in perspective, with all the jacked up things Snyder has done to the Redskins, the FA, the coaches, the trading away of draft picks, etc. Since Snyder has taken over the Redskins, he’s won more playoff games than Jerrah. The Eagales and Giants are the beacons of the division, but we’re climbing out of that pit we dug ourselves and will catch up in a couple seasons. Only thing is, as we’re climbing out the cowgirls are climbing down further and further. At some point you have to realize you’re going in the wrong direction and that you have to stop, turn around and even ask for directions. Snyder did just that, will Jerry?

  46. cowboys282.and who is also sitting at home during have to be somewhere to talk crap and the cowgirls are no better than the eagles or redskins.Dallas by far is the dumbest team next to washington there is in the NFL.Why?Because the owner needs to back down and let a GM take over.this guy knows nothing about football.sort of like the Dearly departed Al Davis.The GIRLS will never be more than a middle of the division team until mr jones decides to back off.No longer Americas team.No longer even a playoff team.

  47. First off can we get some people that really know football 2 comment. I think what Jerry needs to do is stop listening to everybody else and do it his way. We fielded better teams when he was calling all the shots. I’m tiered of hearing the Jimmy Johnson thing because how much success did he have when he left the Cowboys!!! Jerry said himself that one of the worst things he did was listening to Chan Gailey n not drafting Randy Moss. Don’t get me wrong, you have to have a good team to make it n go deep n the playoffs but u also need a little luck also. IJS!!!!

  48. Just to clarify, does this story refer to 2012 cap space only?

    I ask because I also read the Cowboys have $17 million in unused 2011 cap space that they can roll oeer into 2012.

    $29 million sounds like a decent budget to address a couple of major deficiencies as well as signing Laurent Robinson to a new contract.

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