Don’t expect any deals soon in Green Bay

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The Packers have a number of intriguing free agents: Jermichael Finley, Scott Wells, Matt Flynn, and Jarrett Bush.

Flynn figures to fly the coop, but the Packers will try to retain the other three. Finley looks like a strong candidate to get the franchise tag.

Packers fans want to know how possible contract talks are going with Wells, who is coming off his best season. Tom Silverstein of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel says don’t expect any deals anytime soon.

The Packers traditionally don’t re-sign potential free agents until very late in the process. This is usually just before or after the start of free agency.

While Green Bay does this more than most teams, it’s something to keep in mind with all teams. I’ve seen a lot written lately reading into the fact that certain players haven’t started contract negotiations. That’s the norm.

It’s easy to forget that free agency is still almost a month away. It begins March 13, and most contract talks around the league don’t start in earnest until the Combine.

Essentially, we shouldn’t expect many big moves in any city until March. This is annually one of the quietest times of the NFL calendar year.

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9 responses to “Don’t expect any deals soon in Green Bay

  1. I don’t know if I’d put Jarrett Bush in the intriguing category unless the intrigue is why the heck they would pay alot to retain him.

    He’s a very valuable gunner, so as long as they pay him what that position is worth I’m OK with resigning him. Don’t pay him for his cornerback “skills”, though.

  2. Where else would we go for our hourly Peyton Manning updates? :-p

    This is the worst part of the year for football fans. Free agency will be here before you know it though.

  3. It’s easy to forget that free agency is still almost a month away. It begins March 13,

    If it was almost a month away then it would be more than a month away. C’mon now Rosenthal, how are you a writer?

  4. Thats how TT does it, let the market develop. I also believe a player like Wells, may get similar treatment that Clifton got a few seasons ago as a FA, He had met with Snyder in Wash, they showed him a deal.

    He brought the numbers back to GB and they gave him comparable $ and chose to stay.

  5. Bush got an unexpectedly huge offer elsewhere a few years ago, and there will probably be some interest again. And actually last season the whole secondary was so poor that Bush didn’t seem much worse back there than anyone else.
    Wells is the top priority, in any case.

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