Moss TV heads to the Bahamas

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Three days after discovering “Moss TV,” the question remains whether I’ll lose interest in watching it before unretired receiver Randy Moss loses interest in doing it.

After last night’s one-hour-or-so excursion, I’m getting close to losing interest in whether he loses interest.

The novelty quickly is wearing off, even as Moss tries to change things up by using a piranha tank as his background or introducing new Klump-style characters, starting with his “brother” Jacob, who was Moss wearing Coke-bottle lenses and talking in a deeper voice.

Things could get a little more interesting (or a little less uninteresting) with Moss promising to do his next show from the Bahamas, where he’ll be vacationing with the “Wilforks” and the “Faulks” (presumably, former teammates Vince and Kevin and their spouses).  And maybe Vince will be a guest on the show.  And maybe it really will be Vince, and not Randy with a pillow under his shirt.

Anyway, here are a few of the very few noteworthy things Moss said last night.

1.  He says he has “no clue” where he’ll play in 2012.  “Let’s just keep our fingers crossed and wherever they fall, let ’em fall,” Moss said.  He later added that he’s “looking for a team that’s gonna want me to come in and do some damage.”

2.  Moss said he thinks Bill Belichick is “the greatest coach in NFL history.”

3.  Moss said he won’t be doing a made-for-TV workout, like T.O. did last season.

4.  Moss said he “thinks” he ran a 4.3-second 40-yard dash on Wednesday, and that a “buddy” clocked him.

5.  His fondest memory of Pats owner Robert Kraft is playing $1 liars poker in the locker room with him.

6.  On the topic of Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, Moss said that Suh needs to be in better control of his emotions, but Moss acknowledged that emotions sometimes get the better of a player.  “I’ve squirted a damn referee before,” Moss said, referring to an incident from the 1999 playoffs against the Rams, when he squeezed the contents of a water bottle in the direction of an official.

7.  Moss said that Darrelle Revis is the cornerback who gave Moss the most problems.  And Revis apparently is the only one.  “No one else gave me a problem in my NFL career,” Moss said.

8.  Moss essentially promised double-digit scores in 2012.  “I’m not coming to give you no seven, eight, nine touchdowns,” Moss said.  “I’m coming to rock.”

20 responses to “Moss TV heads to the Bahamas

  1. “After last night’s one-hour-or-so excursion, I’m getting close to losing interest in whether he loses interest.”

    We’re already there. How about a story on a current NFL player once in a while?

  2. “Moss said he won’t be doing a made-for-TV workout, like T.O. did last season.”

    You don’t have to do that. Instead of coming up with wacky characters, post a video of you running a 4.3. Do it at a track with documentation from pros so nobody accuses you of faking. I 100% guarantee you’ll get a call or two if you can do that.

  3. “looking for a team that’s gonna want me to come in and do some damage.”
    Doing some damage is one of the many reasons 3 teams got rid of him in 2010

  4. Man there’s a WHOLE LOT of talking going on. There’s been a whole lot of talking and not nearly enough sprinting & catching since “The Greatest NFL Coach of All Time” released him.

  5. if you dont like moss quit reading the damn article and quit commenting. does it make u feel better to just hate on someone?..

  6. So why is the United States slipping into incompetency and insolvency???

    Terrell Owens
    Ocho Cinco
    Moss TV
    The Great Race (whatever it is now)
    Barney Frank

    How much more useless can we get with our time?

  7. Give Moss a rich incentive laden Contract, as mentioned with Peyton and see what he can do. he and any team would be much better served if he had something to work for.

    although, when i heard that Peyton was interested in this approach i wondered if any agent would even consider this???? wouldnt contracts like this essentailly change the system completey????

    Although,,, i think every fan would like to see it.

  8. If you can’t beat them, join them. Moss should play for the greatest coach in NFL history… Tom Coughlin.

    BB is the second greatest. In order to be the best, you have to beat the best. 0 for 2 versus TC.

  9. Please don’t suck Wilfork into your nonsense, man!

    Randy… my man… all you need to do is post one video of you running 40 yards < 4.4 and you're golden.

    I could be wrong, but I recall Moss being in "the best shape of his life" and lots of puff pieces coming out of Pats training camp about how amazing he was at the beginning of the 2010 season (the one where they traded him a few games into it.)

    After a few forced balls to him where he didn't make much effort to break up the INT (they were, admittedly, not accurate throws… I'm hoping there is not anything to the "Brady can't throw it deep accurately stuff")… and then the press conference held by Moss, it was all over.

    Randy needs to be in a dome, on some nice turf, with a team that has a veteran-no BS- QB and coach. Best fit = New Orleans.

  10. WE DONT NEED MOSS!!! I just read a something that said Rams looking at TO also. Anyone else hear that! What a mess if they decide to go with either one of them!

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