PFT Live: Do the Colts want to keep Peyton?

Mike Florio breaks down the contract negotiations for three premier quarterbacks in the NFL. Peyton Manning’s value may be going down after news of an unreported fourth surgery, Joe Flacco believes he should be paid like a top-5 quarterback, and Drew Brees may be receiving the franchise tag in New Orleans.

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5 responses to “PFT Live: Do the Colts want to keep Peyton?

  1. I think Peyton’s days in Indy will soon be over. Irsay is not going to force him into taking a reduced contract.

  2. I certainly agree. Why should Payton take less than what he was promised by a owner and a team that say’s they love him so much. No man is a island, but Paytom manning MADE the Colts, and everything they have done for 10 years. Irsay and the whole city owe him and that may not be good business, but the truth. If I were Payton I would go to a team that he would put in the Super Bowl and take less than the Colts offer. Lets face it, he has to have more money than any one in football for the indorsements alone. This is about respect, and he deserves better than what irsay is doing and saying about him.

  3. Irsay knows in hindsight that he made a bad deal with Peyton and he wants to move on while saving some face.

  4. irishking… irsay has already lost face!!! Players on the free agent list as well as rookies looking to sign ( Luck) is watching close to this process.

  5. mrslay1
    I can’t help it if Irsay is the most hated man (owner) in the NFL. The man thinks he is Jerry Garcia and is half spaced out much of the time. He is still trying to save some face and probably won’t succeed. Peyton doesn’t have to say a word from this point forward and can resume his playing career elsewhere. Bill Polian probably won’t cry about it either.

    Indy fans owe Peyton a lot for all the great teams and seasons he brought to Indianapolis. He created an exciting atmospehere in Indy which will probably never be matched, not even by Irsay playing Jerry Garcia’s guitar.

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