Slauson says he played in 2011 with torn labrum, rotator cuff, bicep


In 2009, former Jets quarterback Brett Favre talked repeatedly about how a partially torn biceps tendon hampered his performance during a late-season free fall that saw the Jets go from 8-3 to 9-7 to end the 2008 season.  But the Jets hadn’t disclosed the injury, and the NFL eventually was compelled to fine the Jets, G.M. Mike Tannenbaum, and former coach Eric Mangini the total amount of $125,000.

Now, Jets guard Matt Slauson says he played the 2011 season with a torn labrum, rotator cuff, and biceps in his left shoulder.  But the Jets never disclosed that Slauson had a labrum, rotator cuff, or biceps injury.

“I knew something was wrong, but I was like, ‘OK, I’ll keep on playing as long as I can play,’ and I was able to get through it all,” Slauson said Thursday, according to Jenny Vrentas of the Newark Star-Ledger.  “I felt like I had a fairly successful year personally with it.  So I’m really excited about next year without having pain.”

Slauson had full-blown surgery after the season ended.  He believes he suffered the injury in November 2010 against the Patriots.

But he claims he never got the injury checked out.  Presumably, that would insulate the Jets from scrutiny; if they never knew Slauson was hurt, they would have had no reason to disclose the injury.

Still, the Jets knew in Week 10 that Slauson had a neck injury that didn’t require full-blown surgery; he was listed as probable that week.  And the Jets knew in Week 11 that Slauson had an ankle injury that didn’t require full-blown surgery; he was again listed as probable.  And the Jets didn’t know in Weeks 12 through 15 that Slauson had a knee injury that didn’t require full-blown surgery; he was listed as probable for each of those four games.

Slauson never was listed on the injury report as having anything wrong with his labrum, rotator cuff, bicep, or shoulder.

So, yes, it seems more than a little implausible that Slauson could have, for more than a year, a torn labrum, a torn rotator cuff, and a torn biceps and that neither he nor the team knew anything about these conditions.

It’ll be interesting to see whether the league office takes the Jets’ and Slauson’s word for this one, or whether the league asks to inspect any relevant training-room records that would reveal whether or not Slauson received treatment.

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  1. I’ve had a ‘strained’ rotator and a have permo labrum problem. NO WAY he/they didn’t know.

    Range of motion is severely limited with the labrum and sleeping on and reaching with is nearly impossible with the rotator issue.

    Pain is bearable because you basically can’t use your arm.

    Torn Biceps is supposed to be worse than both.

    He/they knew.

  2. I wonder how many players really do just suck it up and play because they fear they might get placed on IR for even the most minor injuries if you look at it every season teams IR players they know won’t make the roster simply to retain their rights the next season and so no one in the division or outside the division snags them off waivers for information.

  3. .

    ” He injured it against the Patriots ”

    As always Belichick is a the center of the controversy. Mark “think tank ” Schlereth will be reporting tomorrow that the injuries were intentional and Danny Woodhead physically restrained Slauson while attempting to report his condition to the league ..


  4. Players play through/hide injuries because they fear they’ll lose their job. MJD admitted this when he said players will still hide concussions. This has been happening since the nfl was around.

  5. The shoulder is a pretty amazing joint and depending where the rotator cuff tear is at matters alot. If its on the front of the shoulder, you could prob wear that restrictive brace and keep it from dislocating. However tue biceps onjiry is agonizing and zaps all your strength. Especially on a OG. He may have torn it later on from the stress on the arm from the rotator cuff n labrum. You could hide the shoulder. i tore my cuff/lab in april and didnt go to the doc til june he didnt preform surgery til oct.

  6. Why would they hide an injury to Slauson? He’s not the qb or even a vital player.

    Brick Ferguson was playing with an undeclared injury too, fwiw, as was Eric Smith.

  7. I had surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff and labrum (cartilage). The injury was excruciating, and surprisingly most painful at night, making sleeping difficult. There is NO way Slauson and the Jets didn’t know about this.

  8. This guy just loves talking to the media. It’s not something I have a huge problem with.

    There’s no doubt in my mind that he was the “anonymous source” behind Manish’s story. At least McElroy had the stones to call out the team publicly and put his name to it.

    Slauson’s not exactly indispensable. Probably best if he just shut up for a bit.

  9. Can we just for once acknowledge that the Patriots are far from the only team that ever does sleazy/dishonest things? People act like they have the monopoly on stretching the rules, but every team finds ways. And between this & the coach deliberately tripping players last year, maybe the dirtiest team is actually in New York? Would that really be that shocking when their HC learned from the Ravens system?

  10. I also had surgery to repair my torn rotator cuff and labrum and it was no big deal. you guys are just crybabies.

  11. I’m currently recovering from a torn labrum and rotator cuff surgery in October. Just got clearance to lift again..
    I went from benching an easy paperweight 250 multiple times to not being able to press 40 lbs without feeling like someone was sticking a rusty nail in my joint.. It was impossible after the injury.

    No effing way Rex and the trainers didn’t know.

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