Stevie Johnson, Bills exchange contract proposals

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We mentioned earlier Thursday that the majority of teams take their time working on contracts for their impending free agents.

Most of the work is done after the Combine, but there are exceptions. Like the Bills and Stevie Johnson.

Rodney McKissic of the Buffalo News reports that the Bills and Johnson have exchanged contract proposals over the last week. They have a meeting schedule at the Combine to continue the conversation.

This is a strong sign that progress is being made and the Bills view Johnson as a priority. If they keep up this pace, they won’t have to use the franchise tag to retain him.

21 responses to “Stevie Johnson, Bills exchange contract proposals

  1. Adam Schefter reports:
    Stevie Johnson was about to sign contract when it suddenly slipped out of his hands.

  2. There is absolutely no truth to the rumor that as SJ handed the proposal to the Bills, he dropped it.

  3. The contract will be signed two days after the combine. I think the Bills want Johnson to see the promising young talent coming into the Draft this year. Stevie J will sign a 4/yr $28 million dollar deal with $15 million guaranteed.

  4. Stevie Johnson is someone you want to pull for. 7th rounder. Ran a 4.6 at combine underrated. Just one of those players that worked his self up. Given a shot and produced. At times crucial drops and antics kinda makes one undecided.. but I think he’s a good guy with very good potential to be a perennial pro bowler very if he can just correct those issues.

  5. Hey has anyone made a joke about him dropping the contract yet? It would be really funny and original and not retarded at all if someone would finally do that

  6. This guy is an absolute stud, no one can cover him. If the Bills are stupid enough to let him go, which I doubt, pats should pay him.

  7. Smart move by the Bills
    I was hoping the Niners might make a play for him

    The Niners should learn from the Bills ans start negotiations with their FAs: A Smith, C Rogers, D Goldson, A Snyder, T Ginn…

  8. Im loving the early aggressive attitude by our front office to start getting the deals done for our key players, and actually keeping them unlike the past (fletcher, spikes, peters, clements, winfield, fat pat, etc, etc, etc,). In my opinion, it is a necessity that they bring Stevie back AND ADD a #1 wideout. Stevie is a very good WR, but when asked to be the only guy, and fight off double teams, he simply wont do that. We need a big play receiver on the opposite side. A TO or Moss type guy minus the attitude. Then this offense would be scary! Maybe Alshon Jeffery in the 2nd or 3rd round?? Stevie went missing for much of the game quite often this year, and that is due to a lack of other weapons IMO.

  9. I also find it funny that the niners fans are clamoring for Stevie Johnson in SF, however Kyle Williams is receiving death threats for blowing the playoff game. They mustve missed the Steelers game last year, and the Jets game this year if they think they are getting something a whole lot different. Young players make mistakes. Thats part of the game.

  10. Hoping this means that Stevie and the Bills are on same page as to value. Not sure people are “hating’ ” … But I don’t believe Stevie deserves #1 stud-WR type money … Good player, great long term potential … Fun to watch …

    The Bills need to put some $ down on a Cliff Avril … Or Mario Williams ( one can dream ) …

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