Texans celebrate their 10th anniversary

Time flies in the NFL: The Houston Texans’ very first game, a Sunday night win over the Cowboys, feels like a fresh memory to me. And yet the Texans sent out a reminder today that they’re celebrating their 10th anniversary this year.

The Texans’ announcement noted that the players will wear a patch on their jerseys with a 10th anniversary logo, and they’ll commemorate memorable events from their first year in the NFL, starting with a celebration today of the Texans’ expansion draft, which took place on February 18, 2002.

In the expansion draft, the Texans selected 19 players from 14 other NFL teams, and today Aaron Glenn, a Pro Bowl cornerback who joined the Texans via the expansion draft, will be at Reliant Stadium to kick off the Texans’ 10th anniversary season. (There probably won’t be much mention of the fact that aside from Glenn, the Texans had more misses than hits in the expansion draft: The top two choices in that draft were tackles Tony Boselli and Ryan Young, who played zero and nine games, respectively, in a Texans uniform.)

Whatever else they do to celebrate in 2012, the Texans have already started the year off by doing what the Texans’ loyal fans waited 10 years for them to do: Reach the playoffs.

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  1. 10 years? I’m surprised they lasted that long. One and done playoff games. They might get another one in the next 10 years.

  2. Fun fact: the Texans are 6-0 against the Dolphins and 2-0 against the Bears. Every other team has defeated the Texans at least once.

  3. As the most logical tie in to commemorate the Texans becoming the NFL’s all time record holder for being sacks allowed (David Carr / 2002 / 76 sacks), the team will be hosting a Red Cross blood drive before the second home game.

    From the website–

    “All blood donors will be rewarded with signed Davd Carr jerseys (we’ve got plenty!) and one lucky winner of the accompanying raffle will get to have lunch with former team mastermind Charley Casserly*. Charley will give you the insight into the game as only a man who drafted Carr (as well as other busts such as Travis Johnson, Jason Babin, and Bennie Joppru) possesses. As a bonus (and if time permits) Mr. Casserly will discuss how Shannon Sharpe still has a job on network TV.”

    * Winner agrees to pay all applicable taxes and tips involved. Winner agrees to not discuss what Mr Casserly may or may not say about reaming Bill Belichick “a new one”.

  4. So the texans have as many playoff wins in their first ten years as the cowboys do since 1997? Sweet

  5. It’s fascinating how the futility of the first ten should contrast sharply with what appears to be the stability of the next ten. Stable ownership with focused, consistent management and a coaching staff that garners respect amongst the players from within the Texans locker room, as well as throughout the league are the keys to this team’s longevity. It will have been well worth it to develop such a strong foundation as one of the NFL’s most stable and respected franchises.

    Well done Mr. McNair, and thank you.

  6. Seems like just yesterday Dominick williams or w/e his last name is now, was the only offensive weapon on the team. I’m happy that 10 years ago was my first year of starting to enjoy football because picking the brand new expansion texans to be my team of choice was a great idea. Through the ups and the downs i’m very pleased with where they are now. I think Kubiak and Phillips will be a great tandem for several more years and wanna thank Mr. McNair for being a great owner.

    Now just make it to the playoffs next year and I won’t be stupid and decide to buy tickets too late.

  7. Should we tell the Texans that this will actually be their 11th season? Or should we let them go on with their little celebration?

  8. The Houston Texans: Mediocrity since 2002

    Seems like Manning’s neck injury and loss of a season tied in rather nicely with the Texans only divisional title and playoff game. Listen to a Texans’ fan though and they’ll tell you it was their “great defense”. Newsflash fans:that “great” defense still lost to a Manning-less Colts team.

  9. So what raqaiw. And the Giants were swept by the skins. Who cares about one single game, where the Texans sat virtually everyone. I betcha the Colts will both of the games against the Texans next season, maybe the next 2.

  10. The Texans care about 1 single game, because the Colts still own the Texans. I’m not even a Colts fan, it’s just true. They came back to win when down by 17(the Rosencopter game) and still beat them without Manning. The Texans are the Colts punching bag.

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